Thursday, April 21, 2011

Somewhere I’d Love to Travel?

So today wants to know the answer to the title’s question and of course the customary photo must accompany the answer. Didn’t I just cover this a couple days ago in my Bucket List? I did but I guess other people’s lists include stuff like paragliding, swimming with sharks or chasing a tornado.

All stuff I failed to actually put on my Bucket List unfortunately, but all stuff I really must do. I’ll definitely be alone for the sharks, after that episode of “When Vacations Attack” the other night where the shark actually broke through the cage, I think Matt will be holding some rosary beads, and praying for my safe surfacing, while firmly planted on the boat. And he’s not even a Christian. And has no idea what rosary beads even are.

Anyway, in order to do those couple things there are clearly some places I’ll need to visit -- a mountainous region for the running & gliding off, a tropical local where sharks swim and I won’t freeze in the water and of course Oklahoma. I’ll be getting OK out of the way on the drive out to Phoenix and though seeing a tornado from the rental truck isn’t my most ideal situation I certainly won’t turn it away if it happens to happen.

Like 10 miles from where we’re driving, close enough to get good photos but far enough away that we don’t have to dive into a ditch or something.

Funny though, I think we actually lived through a tornado once. We were living on Long Island at the time, and if the thing wasn’t one then it was the strongest, most lightning filled, windiest thunderstorm I’ve ever experienced in my life. We were off to run errands and had to go back to the house for something. Next thing you know the camper down the street is showing signs of lift and we’re watching as a whole bunch of tree limbs go sailing down the street. The lightning was OVER the sun roof and though we’re both extreme weather freaks it was a pretty terrifying 5 minutes even for us.

Of course when it was over we were both yelling ‘that was AWESOME!’

So since we’ll be living among the mountains to do the parachute glide thing, driving through tornadoes on the way to the mountains, and I put it on my list twice the other day, I’ll go with Hawaii as my want to see travel destination of choice. Mostly for the beach but hell if I won't do the shark dive there too!  Ah paradise!

And maybe I’ll add volcano exploration to the bucket list too…

Photo taken by Vincent Khoury Tylor - please click the link to access the artist’s website. No seriously, do it right now because his photos are so stunning I FEEL like I’m there!

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Almost Precious said...

This world is such a large and diverse place there is so much to see that it would be hard to list just one place where I'd love to travel. But yeah, I think Hawaii would be up there at the top of my list...along with Fiji.

Not sure about the shark thing though, I'm more of a mild mannered Dolphin type. :)

Anonymous said...

Hawaii would be great.
I will be looking forward to all you photos on your move west!
Cranberries and apples sound so good.
I guess my thoughts are pretty ramdon tonight. :)