Saturday, April 9, 2011

As Seen on the Road

I need to come up with “a picture that makes you laugh” for today’s adventure in photographic exploration. Feeling kinda basic, like Rob, today so you’re getting the picture and not much else.

There’s no funny story behind it or anything that I can remember, just driving in the car somewhere at some point and saw this bumper sticker. I’m positive that I had to grab a picture of it because I’m a really big fan of irony. I forgot it was even in my collection to be honest but when I opened it I chuckled so it fits just perfectly with the theme. And honestly I got a whole bunch of nothing else today anyway.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed, see you for tomorrow’s adventures.

Oh and by the way, if you want to read back over this 30 day challenge from last week there’s a brand new shiny tab up at the top of the page and I’m also linking to that tab at the bottom of each post. So now you have no excuse not to read them all mwah hahahaha!

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Almost Precious said...

Funny. :D Do horse buggies have horns ?

We have a small community of Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites in Sarasota. We used to see them riding their bicycles around town, which was cute as the ladies wore their crinoline caps and their ankle length calico cotton dresses while bicycling and the men wore dark suits (yes with their jackets on and with long sleeved shirts in 98 degree heat and 80% humidity) the men always wore their hats and the older ones always had a beard. Guess times have changed as now we see them behind the steering wheel of cars. Maybe they're not as strict as the Amish?

Green Ayer News said...

Mennonites do have different rules, I believe. They're allowed a little more leeway with things like cars and other modern stuff, I think. But they're still pretty similar, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It gave me a chuckle too. :)