Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Can Not Let BTPTh Pass By

OK, I know. I said something about not being here very often over the next few weeks. So isn’t a gal allowed to change her mind? Geez. Guess I just felt compelled to post something today because my thought process is very broken right now. This post should be a plethora of random, inane wackiness.

So I have been thinking. Why are there no stars right next to Earth? Why do we have to go light years outside our own Solar System to reach them? OK, I know the Sun is technically considered a star but then this makes me think even greater thoughts like I wonder if every single star is a sun and if tiny little Solar Systems spin around each of them. It isn’t like we can get to them to find out so how can we really know? I hope so. I hope other beings exist in other systems and treat their own rock the way we should be treating ours.

I have been smoke free for twelve days. Matt is using the patch. I only smoked 1-2 a day and the patch makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack so I’m going cold. Not sure how I’m doing. I want to be quit because seriously smoking is so last decade but for some reason I’m having a way more difficult time this time around. I really wanted to quit last year. But if I don’t just stay quit this time I’m never going to get around to doing it later so that is that. I need to totally reprogram my brain.

With the advent of quitting Matt & I estimate we will be able to save upwards of $3000 a year. Yeah, no joke. Collectively we smoked a pack a day and at about $8.50 a pack that is over 3k a year. There are many things we are both looking forward to putting that money towards.

First off, we’re joining the Trustees of Reservations and getting a fairly chunky membership at that. At the Sponsor level we’ll be supporting the over 100 locations across Massachusetts that the Trustees support. Free entry into many of the beaches alone makes this well worth the cost, but they also have historic register properties and lots of great hiking trails to explore too.

I am going to admit that I need some structure toward working my literal ass off and will join the gym. The one right down the street offers a whole bunch of cool classes like yoga and Pilates and some aerobic stuff too plus just having access to a treadmill is going to be the golden ticket for me.

We both plan to get our butts out to see a whole lot more live music again. We used to be super duper concert goers, discovering new and local acts all over the Boston music scene but let that slide in recent years so it is going to be nice getting back into music again.

Matt is probably going to upgrade his bike to one that is a bit sturdier for mountain biking and he’s going to buy a season pass to a local ski area.

While he’s off doing that, if I’m not at the gym, I plan to be taking drum lessons or getting my first tattoo. Finally.

The tat is tripping me up a little bit. I do not want something that anyone else has so it can’t come from the wall, and it has to be something that really means something to me; otherwise why would I permanently mark my body with it? Anyone know any phenomenal artists who will let me just tell them the stuff I love and then they will whip up something amazing that is no more than a few inches square? Then anyone have other suggestions of a tattoo artist who can interpret it and adorn my hip with it?

One of the awesome products that was sent to me to review is a “cook” book called Raw Energy 124 Raw Food Recipes…. I have been hearing more and more about this food movement lately and although I have long admitted to being an omnivore some of the stuff in this book sounds way too good not to try. When grocery shopping tomorrow I have to pick up a whole bunch of stuff to make some of these and a few of Ginger’s vegan yummies.

My ex sent a friend request on Facebook. WTF? We’re not talking the “oh its so good to hear from this person because we haven’t spoken since we broke up when both of us went to college and there were no hard feelings” ex. I’m at a loss what to do.

Well off to dinner and ice cream with a good friend.

Why not go ahead and check the fun stylings of KC, Bree, Bridgete, Ginger and Kate for more randomly sprouted thoughts.

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Bridgete said...

I believe all the stars are light years away from each other. Anything large enough to be a star would have such a great gravitational pull that they can't be too close to each other. I think...don't take that as an absolute rule or anything. Anyway, I too often wonder about little solar systems around other stars. I think they're out there, and I think there's other life too. I think we just don't know because the inhabitants aren't any smarter than us so they haven't figured out space travel beyond their own systems any more than we have.

Regarding the tat, the more elaborate it is, the bigger it has to be, so keep that in mind. Little detailed swirlies and such cannot be on a small tat. As for the design, if you bring in a drawing most tattoo artists can copy it, they usually put it on some kind of special paper which transfers some kind of temporary stuff to your skin, then they just trace over that with the needle. So all you need is someone to come up with the design for you, then just check in with the tattoo parlor to make sure they take custom designs.

ginger said...

the stars aren't really that close. we're not that far away, but it is amazing to think about and i do so often, just like that little thought train you were on.

tats! it will come to you...don't rush it. i have a 4th one swirling in my mind and it's been there trying to come together for about a year now. first the design and then the placement. oh, the decisions!

hurray for the no smoking! you can do it!...did you read jason's post from yesterday yet? nice, right?

i'd ignore the friend request. if it feels hinky it probably is.

Chris said...

Thanks for coming back, Jenn! You may be number 34 on my Followers, but you're number two in my heart. Theresa would kill me if I didn't qualify that.

Rosebud Collection said...

You know Jenn, I never even think about the stars being so far away..I just sit and look at them and wait for a shooting star or maybe a UFO to go by. You made me realize just how far away they are. Whew.
Your doing good with kicking the cig. habit..Good for both of you..
Have a great weekend.

Almost Precious said...

Jenn - Great to hear your trying to kick the nicotine addiction. It's not an easy task, just hang in there, you'll be glad you did. Wow 3K a year ! Can you imagine what heavy smokers must blow away, literally, every year ?

Can't believe your ex would invite you to join his facebook friends...maybe he's desperate for a following ? Know my ex sure would not invite me...nor I him...LOL !

Theresa said...

Hey Jenn, don't ever apologize for posting. We all look forward to them. I too quit smoking recently. I'm on week 7. I quit on this drug called Chantix. I'm not promoting it, although it does work. It's pretty expensive though $130 for a 4 week supply. But if you can do it without help, that's the best way to do it. No matter how you do it though, stick with it and stop.

spottedwolf said...

On the stars....too far fer this fig Newton to give a s!#*%.

On the smoking....quit for 13yrs in '84 by recognizing EXACTLY what the 'button' was everytime....and moving away from it. Quit in '96 by just quitting.......but I have a lot of willpower when I want it.

On the 'tat'....I volunteer to draw on your hip....any time!! hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suldog said...

Wow. That's a busy bunch of stuff there! Good luck on the smoking thing.

Chris Stone said...

Good luck with quitting smoking and exercising! The one might help the other.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

For health reasons I had to give up gluten. You can't imagine just what that entails. Gluten is in everything and I do mean every damn thing! I have been gluten free for two weeks and it's actually not hard once you set your mind to it. I applaud you for giving up the cigs. My son has been smoking forever and every time he quits he starts back up. I'd do anything if I could quit for him.

I worry that too many people feel obliged to post, or not to post. I suppose it's easy to form a love/hate relationship with one's own blog. ;-]