Fiction Titles

Reckless Abandon Shaw McLeary Mystery #1

Young Adult fiction Author, Shaw McLeary, returns from Whole Foods to discover her husband, Danny, is gone. So is their stash of cash, his clothes, passport, and her wedding rings. He took off in a hurry and left her behind. While trying to piece it all together Shaw witnesses a cop’s murder in her home. Determined not to become the next victim, she flees. She fears dirty cops are involved in Danny’s disappearance. There's only one person she can trust to help her - JJ Anderson, Private Investigator. Also, her ex-fiancé.

A retired Phoenix cop turned PI, Shaw hopes JJ will be inclined to take her case. Despite his resentment for how their relationship ended, he agrees to help her track down leads on Danny. They chase the clues from Phoenix to Manhattan to upstate New York. In such close quarters Shaw finds it difficult to maintain a professional distance from her first real love. Then what happens if she finds Danny? Can she still love a man who abandoned her or is she too drawn to fixing her past mistake to let go of JJ again?

• • •

Reckless Hearts Shaw McLeary Mystery #2

YA fiction author Shaw McLeary is finally settling into her new life, alone. Recently divorced from Danny, now out of her life forever, Shaw tried to rekindle the spark with her old love, JJ. But the secrets he revealed forced them apart last year and Shaw knew it was time to re-focus on her life and burgeoning career. When her best friend surprises Shaw with a much-needed spa weekend, the burned-out writer finds it impossible to say no to the getaway. However, Shaw’s relaxation is cut short when the untimely death of a young, beautiful employee locks down the entire resort and she finds herself helping the detective solve the crime. That is, until JJ is standing in front of her, dividing her attention with his latest surprise. Shaw needs to figure out if she has time to solve her personal conundrum before she solves the crime, or will the killer get away while she's distracted by her lost love?

• • •

Reckless Mind Shaw McLeary Mystery #3

Author Shaw McLeary’s life is starting to read like a sad Chick-Lit novel. Her love life is stalled, her career is starting to suffer, and her sister, Michelle, isn’t making anything easy. Shaw gets out of Phoenix to renew her inspiration, sea-side. In Seattle, she can see her mom at the assisted living facility and make nice with Michelle. A win-win. When her mom’s next door neighbor dies, Shaw thinks nothing of it. That is until a detective at the scene starts questioning her mom about her involvement in a robbery of a ring belonging to the victim. As well as her death. But signs of dementia are showing in Betty’s answers and Shaw is afraid the detective is on a beeline path to arrest her mom. If she wants to prove her mom didn’t kill anyone, she’s going to have to explain that ring. And she might just get more help than she bargained for in proving her mom’s innocence when an old friend from home show up on her doorstep…

• • •

Carol + Chad 4-eva! California Dreamin' Series #1 

Life doesn’t end in high school. But for Carol Williams, a shy girl more comfortable with numbers than boys, her love life started sophomore year. When Chad tells her it’s over after only one month, her heart is broken. She wonders how she’ll ever fall in love if things end before they even begin. Sad and smoking way too much, Carol learns some harsh lessons about life and love at age fifteen. When Chad shows up again, years later and looking to reconnect, Carol has to make a decision. The choice will set her on a course she never would have predicted back in high school. Is it a case of fate? Or will she make a fatal mistake?

• • •

Alternate Plans California Dreamin' Series #2

When Deb Martin moved away from her childhood home six months ago she swore to herself two things. First, she would always be there to help her family in times of need. Second, she would make it on her own. Without their money. Without using her given name to get ahead. But life has a funny way of backing up on a person and when Deb finds herself in a financial jam she knows her dad will help. If only he would call her back. While she waits, Deb meets a town full of people who love to help each other. Including one available, attractive guy, Adam. Despite her finding Adam moderately annoying, Deb has no choice but to accept his help. Could her unfortunate circumstance make her realize that on her own doesn’t have to mean alone?