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Shaw McLeary Mystery Series

How far would you go for love?

YA author, Shaw McLeary feels like she's been around the world and back again trying to find out. But she still doesn't have any answers. After all, what woman could possibly figure out her love life when she's: been shot at, kidnapped, almost killed, and witnessed multiple murders? Not to mention facing the scariest thing of all-- her sister's scathing judgement.

If Shaw ever hopes to find love again it's going to be with someone who has a thick skin, unwavering loyalty, and absolutely no desire to kill her. A tall order in this writer's life but she's determined to search until she finds him. Luckily, she may not have to look too far.

Reckless Abandon (book 1) Between witnessing a murder to asking JJ, her ex-fiancĂ©, to help find her missing husband, Shaw McLeary is having a tough day. But she’s not sure which scares her more – the guys with guns catching up with them or her returning feelings for JJ?

Reckless Hearts (book 2) Author Shaw McLeary is burnt out. A spa weekend sounds relaxing until a murder locks things down, trapping her inside with someone she planned to never see again - JJ Anderson. But does Shaw have time to solve her personal issues and the crime, or will the killer get away?

Reckless Mind (book 3) Shaw McLeary needed out of Phoenix to finish her book so she takes off for Seattle. Blending work with a family visit seemed smart until someone at her mom's facility dies and the detective pin-points Betty as a suspect. Shaw wants her mom's name cleared but her sister is making investigation difficult. If only she had help from back home...

Missing Miles (book 4) In the forthcoming Shaw McLeary Mystery, our heroine is in the midst of a personal crisis. Nothing new there. Except, this time, aspects of her future may be at risk of disappearing. Just like the woman in the case she and Mr. Anderson left town to investigate. Will Shaw get over her fears to discover if something lost can be found again, or will she lose everything for the sake of her career? Again.

California Dreamin' Series

The Mamas and the Papas sang about it in the 60s and warmed us all up. Led Zeppelin made it the perfect place to find love in the groovy 70s. Tupac rapped about the southern half in 1996 and solidified it as the perfect place for a baller.

What is it, you may ask? California baby!

And this group of ladies all moved to SoCal in the 1990s with a dream in their hearts. Some went for love. Some for a better opportunity. Some simply wanted to be as far as possible from their hometown. Carol, Deb, Cherry, Jess, Lara, and more. Read each of the stories of this group of women who cross paths on their way to achieving their California dreams.

Carol + Chad 4-eva! (book 1 ) Shy girl Carol Williams meets her dream guy in high school but her heart is shattered when Chad dumps her after only one month. Years later, Chad wants to reconnect. Is it a case of fate? Or will Carol make a fatal mistake?

Alternate Plans (book 2) Deb Martin is in her early twenties and finally making a go of it on her own. That is, until she feels derailed by life and calls home for help. But a whole town offers  help instead, including Adam, who will literally fix things that are broken in her life. Deb isn't sure but wonders if that might include her heart.

Makeup Your Mind (book 3) When Cherry Davis dreams, she dreams big. She wants to be a makeup artist. Instead, she finds herself, stuck, at the counter of a department store in the mall. Even with the distraction of the hot new stock guy, Rob, she still imagines starting her own business, far from the confines of commerce. Will she go for it and live her dream, or will Cherry settle for a life of retail servitude?

Reference Titles

All these titles are designed to give a nudge to anyone writing a fiction story.

From a short story to a full-length novel, I hope the advice and suggestions in these books helps you to write the words 'The End' on your book!

30 Chapters in 30 Days Authors and aspiring authors, learn how to write up to 50,000 words in just 30 days using this chapter by chapter guide to increasing word count through story, setting, and character development. Get your messy first draft written by the end of the month!

Creative Writing Kickstart Vol. 1 A fiction writer's dream - over 365 writing prompts focused on: dialogue, setting/scene, character development, plot, and writing with 5 senses. Buy a copy today and get started on your best fiction!

Creative Writing Kickstart Vol. 2 Over 365 writing prompts in this new volume will help get your fiction going for another full year's worth of stories. Using character development, plot devices, setting/scene, dialogue, and all 5 senses you can bring your stories to life.