Friday, February 23, 2018

Trying New Things

I wish I could tell you the new things were related to current work.

That I flew off to an exotic location to do a book signing because they just had to have me. Or how I singlehandedly wrote the next book in my series in a surge of inspired greatness overnight. Then again, it could be The Coast on the phone with the details of the option to turn my book into a movie.

But, none of those things are true. At least, not yet.

The new things I’m talking about are all pretty much makeup products.

And here’s where I lose most everyone…


Okay, now that there are only a few of us left, let’s talk about the pretty colors and tropical smelling goodness!


But first, some backstory for those who are new here.

Quite a while ago, my sister got back into makeup. She got me interested in trying a bit of war paint again after many years of giving the thumbs-down to most all makeup. You can read all about that story here.

Then I found the whole industry so fascinating (wait, I can buy organic skin care, products that are good for my skin, and they have shades complimentary to translucent people now?) I wrote a book, with a main character striving to become a freelance makeup artist, called Makeup Your Mind.

And I figured that would be that. My interest in makeup would basically fade away and I’d be left with a few nice things to use until two years (ahem, five years, ahem) past their expiration date like usual (don’t judge me, I’m not a beauty guru).

However, that’s not what happened at all.

In fact, now that I’ve discovered there actually are products that work with my skin tone, skin type, to enhance what I already have, I’ve become even more interested.

If I were a beauty guru, this is the time I’d say either, I’m shook, or, I’m obsessed.

Are they still saying that? Probably not. Anyway…

Just call me a consumerist and call it a day. Yup. I’m brainwashed. Hooked. Whatever.

I’m still not a full glam, false eyelashes kind of girl and the likelihood that level of makeup will happen in my life is slim to not-a-fucking-chance (glue near my eyes? Uh, no thanks).

But a light wash of colorful prettiness that makes my cheekbones and eyes stand out, as opposed to my jowls and age spots? Uh, sign me up!

And over the past few weeks I’ve found three holy grail things I don’t want to live without.

Here they are.

Yes, technically this Pacifica palate is a 4-in-1 product but that could be why I love it so much.

Here’s why I love them all. And, no, this blog isn’t sponsored or whatever those YouTubers always have to disclaim. I’m not an affiliate and I don’t make money if you decide to purchase these items.

(Unless you go buy Makeup Your Mind <-- shameless self-promo, but I digress)

Eyeshadow was one of those things I basically stopped using because I have loose old-lady skin on my lids now and by four hours after application the creasing and wearing was so bad it was easier not to deal at all. But I’ve secretly always loved doing really dramatic stuff with my eyes to make the blue-green color pop. And I missed that.

So when my sister gave me a NYX shadow primer that didn’t work for her I tried it. Um, can someone say game changer? If I apply and immediately set with a powder I can get a full ten hours out of my eyeshadow now and it Will. Not. Budge!

Thanks sister!

Then there’s the Palate from Pacifica. Swoon!

So I’m an Ipsy subscriber and they often partner with Pacifica. In my first year with Ipsy I got two things from the brand in question. First, a duo with blush and bronzer. Then a five shadow mini palate. When I say I hit pan on all but the gold shadow I’m not exaggerating.

It was like the skies opened and heaven sent down these items just for me. Designed for a more natural look, the colors were perfect for me. Buildable but pigmented. All the things I wanted without the most chemical crap. Plus, they are planet and animal friendly.

Cruelty free? Check. Made with coconut oil and other skin benefiting ingredients? Check. Vegan? Check. They even have a recycling program when you hit pan and empty out a product.

Like I said, this post isn’t sponsored or affiliated, I just think they have a nice thing going. The BB cream, not for me (but it smells like vacation, like all of their products do), but look at this palate.

I mean, beautiful, right?

The blue shadow was new to me and it has a golden-green shift on the lid. So pretty. The highlights are cream and only one of them is a little too unicorn on my 44 year old face. Otherwise, I intend to use all of these up. And hopefully it will be available to re-order when I do!

Finally, the setting spray.

So, I bought this last summer to give it a try. Tried it and hated it. I felt shiny, not dewy. Kind of greasy. And I have super dry skin. Which is why I love it now. It too has coconut oil (though the full ingredients list isn’t all natural, it isn’t super sketchy either). And bathing in coconut oil still might not be enough to hydrate me in the winter in the desert.

I literally turn into a lizard at this time of year.

So, when my Wet ‘n Wild setting spray started to itch my face off I had the makeup epiphany.

It’s okay to be a little extra.

I really don’t like being high-maintenance. A little concealer under the eyes, mascara, mineral lipstick and out the door. That’s what I used to do. But Cherry Davis got me into learning more and now here I am.


A girl with two different setting sprays. One for each season in Phoenix. AKA: monsoon and plants-survive-because-all-the-moisture-is-wicked-out-of-humans.

The one with alcohol (I know, I know, but I’m cheap and it works and I only do my face like twice a week in the summer) works during the humid season and this Hard Candy one is like a dream come true for my face in the winter!

So there you have it. A girl once into makeup (in junior high/high school) went basically bare faced and has now come full circle back to trying out some enhancers.

And the real beauty of the thing is that, whether I love my look or hate it, I wash it all off at the end of the day.

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