Sunday, March 13, 2016

Never gonna say Goodbye

Day seven. Already? That’s so crazy. It feels like just yesterday it was day six!

Honestly though, I actually enjoyed taking part in this challenge for many reasons.

  • I was essentially forced to write something every day.
  • Writing creative non-fiction every day helped me to work on fiction.
  • Music always inspires me.
  • I’m glad I never tried to be a songwriter, I need way more words to convey my message.
  • I started to understand which writing I enjoyed doing and which I want to let go.
  • The battery in my laptop doesn’t last very long at all.
  • Living room is better for writing blogs but the office cuts more distraction for fiction.
  • I looked at everything with a different eye: one on telling and publishing the story.
  • First thing in the morning is when my ideas are freshest.
  • I sneeze a lot in the morning.
  • Food is important but sometimes less so than getting the perfect words down.
  • After the refinance check was deposited I pretended it was a royalty check.
  • Now I’m just talking about random shit that has nothing to do with anything.

Ending a challenge like this is always a little weird. Mostly because I never really know how to “end” something like this. Especially because of the third thing in that list up there. And like I already told you on day 1, I wake up with a song in my head almost every day. So to me it seems weird that I’d abruptly stop writing like this. Because it still seems to hold value.

Then again, I’ve been known to stay too late at the party once or twice in my life and certainly don’t want to do that this time around. Which got me thinking about endings.

There are so many songs about the finality of something. Here are some better known tracks documenting a few different types of endings:

♪ Last Dance (Donna Summer)
♪ The End of the Innocence (Don Henley)
♪ It’s the end of the World as we know It (and I feel Fine) (REM)
♪ In the End (Linkin Park)
♪ Goodbye to You (Scandal)
♪ End of the Road (Boyz II Men)
♪ The Party’s Over (Nat King Cole)
♪ Wild World (Cat Stevens)
♪ Closing Time (Semisonic)
♪ I Heard it through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
♪ Fade to Black (Metallica)
♪ My Happy Ending (Avril Lavigne)
♪ When the World Ends (Dave Matthews Band)
♪ Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
♪ The End (The Doors)

In fact I anticipated that last one on the list being today’s post inspiration. Yes, I planned to use a song by The Doors as my last hurrah.

There was no real reason for that other than a brief inspiration I had last night before going to bed. Scrawled a note on a scrap of paper, stuck it under my mouse and everything. It would be ready for today as soon as I woke up and started clicking keys.

My intention? Write a whole post about the lizards coming back onto our patio already. Temperatures being warm enough for their return.

Equating that to the Lizard King.

Doors tie-in.


But now that I’ve looked up the lyrics I kind of realize that shit is creepy. Not that “creepy” never makes an appearance here but for my last day’s challenge I’d rather leave things on a high note.

Plus I hate goodbyes.

So in the spirit of that I leave you all with the determined anthem of everyone who ever wanted to pretend the end wasn’t real. And I know if there’s anything I can do about it, I Won’t Give Up on this daily writing.

To be fair, it may not happen every day but I’m sure as hell going to give it the old college try.

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Launna said...

I'll have to look the words up for that Doors song, I know crazy I don't know the words, The Doors weren't my genre growing up but I do know they were/are iconic ... have a great Sunday Jenn xox ♡

JudisJems said...

Of course Jason is the perfect ending to this series and today's post. Loved it all! And happy to have more of your writing to read!!!

Love you, Mum xoxo

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

You know what Launna, I felt the same way about The Doors. I really like them and figured I knew the lyrics but once I looked them up it was like, nope, didn't remember that!

But of COURSE Jason :-) Thanks for reading along mum, hopefully I can keep it going at least M-F for a while. It has been fun!