Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Long and Torrid ♥ Affair

I have to confess. I’ve had a one sided love affair going on for well over a decade now. In fact, since about the summer of 2002 I’ve devoted my listening ears to one particular songwriter and (it won’t be a shock to anyone who has been around this blog for more than, oh say, about 10 minutes that) the name of this lyrically limber lexicon lover is Jason Mraz.

Told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. Most of you are probably sick of me writing about him at this point (too bad this is my blog and I’ll fan-girl geek it out if I want to!). Other than a brief mention of a new album here or there would you believe the last post I wrote about Jason was back in 2009 when I saw him in Hershey,PA opening for Dave Matthews Band? Yeah, I wouldn’t have believed it either except I just did the research and it’s the stone-cold truth.

I like that I was a fan years before anyone knew who he was. That I got to see him at Irving Plaza in NYC with only about 100 other people in the place. That Matt and I drove all the way to NJ from MA. Then the two of us, my friend Trayce and her daughter took off for Susquehanna, PA to catch Jason on the ‘Music, Magic and Makepeace Tour. That Matt and I drove all the way to Hershey, PA (also conveniently close to Centralia, PA [yes I filmed this documentary]) for that above referenced show that I wrote about.

Then about 11 days later my mom and I caught Jason headlining the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston with the smell of the harbor wafting into the enormous tent as we danced our butts off all night long (all night).

And then Matt and I made our way to the Life Is Good festival to see a whole slew of amazing artists (Emily Elbert, OK Go, They Might be Giants, Brett Dennen) and of course Jason headlining the whole night.

That was the last time I saw him perform live.

In freaking 2010.

What a sad, sad shame.

But a lot has happened since September 12, 2010 and as a grown up with big girl responsibilities it wasn’t like I could chase the guy all over the country or anything. No matter how much I really wanted to.

And now we’re in Phoenix, a five hour journey to San Disco Raggaefornia (give or take). And I just looked up the last time Jason played here. It was October of 2012. And we were recently moved into our house so there wasn’t much extra to go around; meaning I didn’t get to the show.

But now this morning I was wasting some moments scrolling through Facebook and came across this:

Um, yes please!

I’d say it’s about time he released something new because waiting between releases has kind of been the norm – Rocket in 2002, Mr A-Z in 2005, WSWDWST in 2008 and then love in 2012.

But we’re only talking about a year since love. And believe me, knowing every lyric on that album front and back (because frankly there hasn’t been another disc in my car’s player since the day I got the album), I’m already ready for more.

But aren’t all the former Sexheads? I mean seriously. The guy’s music is like a drug. A sweet and melodic drug that plays on your mind, body and soul. Best. high. Ever!

Thank god that shit is still legal. 

I just hate that part where I have to wait for it. Especially now that I know it’s on the way.

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Suldog said...

Isn't it neat knowing about a really cool artist before he gains big-time notoriety? I was sort of that way about The Ramones, at least in my neighborhood.

(Granted, extremely different sorts of artists.)

Chris said...

I know this post was all about Jason Mraz, but I have to say that I'm super jealous that you and Matt went to Centralia. I've been fascinated by 'Life After People' type-places for years (and Chernobyl, or more specifically Prypiat, is a little farther from NJ, lol). You got some great footage on on that documentary, btw. Was it dangerous to be there at all? If it's uninhabitable I'm guessing there are limits to how long you can breathe the air, or how close you can get.

Anyway...I'm glad your boy Mraz is releasing some new stuff. Maybe you can't chase him across the country but at least you can see him at one concert. The Mrs. and I agree on very few bands and when someone we both like comes to town we can't justify spending $100+ on concert tix and leaving the girls with Grandma for one night.

Tom Petty was right, the waiting is the hardest part. That was Tom Petty, right? Hell if I know! All I know is I've been waiting for Catching Fire and Divergent to hit theaters for what seems like years, and the 9-10 mos in between seasons 1 and 2 of The Newsroom seemed like 9-10 years.

Btw, you were the only one that commented on the death in my family. I know I sorta buried the lead, but still. It was my wife's cousin, btw. And her sister had a stroke not too long ago. My family's health isn't much better; my aunt gets more and more frail every time I see her and now my mom might have some health issues (she wont know until her doc comes back from vaca.) It scares me when I stop to think about it.

Perhaps I should chill out with some positive tunes. Do you know of any group or artist that plays happy, feel-good chill music? ;-)