Thursday, July 23, 2009

Makes Me Wanna, Makes Me Wanna

The oil change is complete, cabin filter and all other filters in perfect shape. Tires and all subsequent fluids under the hood have been filled. I am about to go make a big honkin loaf of applesauce bread for breakfast tomorrow. Tickets are in my purse and laundry is in the dryer. My camera, video camera and hotel reservation are safely tucked in a bag pocket.

I wanted to start packing clothes three days ago. And I would have if it wasn’t for having to do laundry today. Well that and Matt talking me out of it by chuckling and shaking his head at me. What? I asked. What is wrong with that?

We are off to Pennsylvania, more specifically the cocoa flavored part of the state, for the pinnacle of all experiences. Well at least for me. At least in the past sixteen or so years since purchasing Remember Two Things and immediately realizing there would be a musical revolution of love through the revival of brass instruments in lyrically pertinent pop. Then less than a decade later, a similar wave of auditory joy washed over my little ears when I heard the laid back and chill folk/bluegrass/pop/rap stylings on Waiting for My Rocket to Come. Now seven years later some amazing force of awesomeness has brought these two acts together.

Jason Mraz is opening for Dave Matthews Band in the land of chocolate Friday July 24, 2009 and we are road trippin’ all the way to the front row, stage left, out in the open air, under the stars.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I do not think I could conceive of two more suited bands to share a stage and audience. Seriously, my life will be complete at the end of this weekend.

And that is just Friday.

On Saturday we are planning to take a detour through Centralia, PA which we have both wanted to see for a very long time. The coal in the mines under the town caught fire some thirty years ago and it has been burning ever since. Based on scientific hoopla it is slated to burn for another 100 or more years. There is no way to put the fire out from the surface and the entire town has been abandoned due to the toxic levels of carbon monoxide released from the fire.

I am looking forward to putting my hand on the surface of the road to see why they don’t let cars park there, allegedly it is over 100 degrees and tires would melt if left too long. Freaky.

Too bad there is that certain health risk or this would be like the perfect place for me to live. I would get to watch the pretty snowfall in winter but see it melt before it ever hits the ground. Nice. It will be interesting to see what a modern ghost town looks like. The last resident of the town was just forced to evacuate due to the rising inhalation concerns.

Who knows what we might see on Sunday. Man I love road trip!

It has been ages since we have gone on one. In fact it is likely the last minute, random trip to Quebec for two hours was the last one. That was in February. Totally unacceptable!

I can’t even form an appropriate run on sentence, my excitement level is just too high.

Something tells me we might hear both of these songs tomorrow night.

They’re gonna need a spatula to scrape up my heart when it explodes with joy all over that stadium. Have a great weekend everyone!


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Almost broken thought process Thursday this week because it should be pretty clear I only have one thought haha.

Also already packed is the iPod with both new albums (as pictured beneath the earlier ones at the top of the post). YIPPIE!!

Have a great weekend everyone & be prepared for your concert call. You know who you are :-)

Karen said...

Have a great time!!

Bree said...

This will be a great show, I'm so jealous...I know Dave brings his opening acts out to play with him a LOT, and considering the talent, well, it'll lead to awesomeness. Take a bazillion pictures (if you can)!

I have an unhealthy jealousy of you guys right now. ;)

Chris said...

I really like the Dave Matthews Band . . . saw them in So Cal several years ago, and they're even better live than on recordings. Not so much a fan of Mraz, though in fairness I haven't listened to much of his stuff. I do like Jack Johnson, so maybe I'll give Jason another listen.

Have fun!

Bridgete said...

I'd better still be getting that concert call! lol...have a great time! =)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Wow, a Hot ghost town. Eerie. Have a good road trip, and enjoy the concert. Sounds like fun.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Be safe and have a blast - the best motherly advice I have for you!!
Love and kisses and hugs to you and Matt, Mum

Mandy Burbank said...

YES YES YES! Thanks for visiting my blog too :) so there are many things i want to say: fav line from this awesome blog:
I can’t even form an appropriate run on sentence, my excitement level is just too high.
2. tom is my 10 year ann. guess what we are doing to celebrate? i'll give you a hint. the gratitude cafe tour will be in atlanta on monday night! woohoo!
3. the brass was the first thing i loved about mraz, then the hiphop in flipflops (soooo me), then the poetry he calls lyrics, i'll stop there and spare your other readers
4. fyi my dad, bro, husband and his grandpa all played the trombone. weird huh :)

Almost Precious said...

Great bands, fantabulous music, neat road trip. How could a weekend get any better ?

Suldog said...

Hope you have (or had, depending upon when you read this) a fantastic and fun time!

Rosebud Collection said...

Have a wonderful time..Sorry, I didn't get here sooner. My girls like Dave Matthews too..Keep safe and will be waiting for your blog to tell all about your wonderful trip.