Thursday, August 20, 2009

Randomness for Thursday an Award and a Meme

Tabitha over at Books, Bubs and Writing Blabber was kind enough to bestow this groovy award to me and just in the nick of time too. Again another week has gone poof into the cosmos; it is amazing how quickly they fly by right?

So the rules for this one are to get it, link to the giver, give it to others & tell stuff about me. I always struggle with giving these out, I hate to slight anyone and truthfully enjoy reading everyone so it is hard for me to pass it on.

So as per usual I simply will be a rule breaker and not pick just 7. Instead, you all get it. Take it. Hug it. Love it. Call it George. Enjoy it! Everyone deserves a Kreativ award!

So let’s kick off the randomness of Thursday with the part I will do -- the random facts about me. (This seems to segue so nicely into Broken Thought Process Thursday huh?)

For my birthday this past June I told everyone I wanted these. My mom gave me one AquaNotes pad and it is the shit! I use it all the time; yes for real. I can jot down notes at the moment I seem to be my most creative (formerly when I couldn’t do anything about it) and go back to them later, which I have actually done a couple times and they have turned into blogs or whatnot. I Love my AquaNotes!! Because I only got one I save the pages and flip them over so I don’t waste anything.

A while back I stopped buying expensive lotion for my face and started using baby lotion instead. I figured if it will make a baby’s butt smooth and moisturized it should do wonders for my face, and my skin has seriously never looked better. It totally absorbs in and is really soft. Since I don’t wear more than a little mascara most of the time my face smells all powdery all day too. It’s awesome.

For lunch today I ate four slices of Monterey jack cheese and half a container of blueberries. That’s healthy right? OK I guess all the facts would be helpful…now I am finishing off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. See, I eat fruit all day long.

I have decided to get back in touch with my sarcastic side.

Recently my love for Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains has been rekindled. I semi wrote off PJ for a while but they’re back on the pedestal again. It surprises me how much I love the new AiC song even without Layne on vocals. They stayed pretty true to their style but it’s still fresh. I will definitely be purchasing Backspacer and Black Gives Way to Blue in September when they hit the stores.

If you read last week’s BTPT post you know that I identified with Sarah in Forces of Nature (underrated movie actually). To clarify, some of the jobs I have had include: record store manager, dental office assistant, secretary, executive assistant, Tupperware representative, faux finisher, office manager, manager of a Victoria’s Secret, music store cashier (instruments, not records), security administrator (computer access) and now writer. That is where I would truly like the list to end but who knows what will happen. I like to flow with it.

I always struggle with the last thing to say. That’s why I hate goodbyes and prefer to just disappear but those I have said goodbye to (such as ex boyfriends or people who suck) I will likely never see or talk to ever again. Final is final in my book. After all, final is defined as: pertaining to or coming at the end; ultimate; conclusive or decisive; constituting the end; pertaining to or expressing the end.


Karen said...

The AquaNotes are so cool! 4 slices of cheese and blueberries is a very healthy lunch :)

Tabitha Bird said...

I hate goodbyes too. I think I have said far too many of them in my life!

Congrats on the award:) You deserved it:)

pastrywitch said...

au revoir and auf wiedersehen are posh ways to avoid saying goodbye. so much classier (or more pretentious) than later, dude .

Theresa said...

Congrats! on your award. You totally deserve it.

Wow, I never heard of AquaNotes. That's a pretty neat idea.

By the way, anything Ben and Jerry is healthy and good for you.

Joan said...

The weeks do fly by! Those AquaNotes are great! Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt is so good too. The coffee flavor is my favorite.

KC McAuley said...

Yay for awards. yay for randomness. Yay! for Jenn.

Bridgete said...

OMG baby lotion? I would have 500 zits.

ginger said...

baby lotion would make my face turn to flames and rash just because of the fragrance alone...i'm glad it works for you though. isn't it cool how it's the simple things that we discover that always work out so well for us?

i love, love, love that you're getting in touch with your sarcastic side. i love sarcastic jenn. sarcasm is way underrated and lends so much to the american way of life....donchathink?

instead of saying goodbye, i shall say, "word."