Friday, July 3, 2009

Broken Thought Process Used To Be On Thursday

It’s a long weekend (Matt has today off) and I am so ready for some geographical space. In fact last night we even looked at hotels in Virginia Beach and considered making the 8 hour drive down there but decided to play Rock Band instead.

With the advent of so many things that bring us together across such large lines it makes me wonder what constitutes community these days. In addition to my local community where I physically reside, there are other areas where it seems community is key -- Facebook, blogger, anywhere that a group of individuals makes up a larger, like minded group. Is it possible to give to all of them? Or better yet, is it necessary?

So I’m lurking around Facebook the other day (which I really shouldn’t do because I’m still on borrowed time) and a friend asked where her best friend was. I knew she wasn’t talking about me but I responded anyway that ‘I was trying to type but my damn life raft just kept floating down the street’. She responded that she was in fact laughing her ass off, although she used the much shortened version of the expression -- lmao. In turn I came close to responding that I had nothing left but humor since my sanity had washed away weeks ago but I thought maybe it would have been a rain joke overkill moment so I just chuckled to myself and decided to use it as a broken thought for today’s post instead.

I would change this theme to Broken Thought Process Friday, since I always seem to post it on Friday, but then I know it wouldn’t get posted until Saturday.

It has been cloudy since June 11; our last day with any recorded sunshine. It is strange how much my inner self needs to see the sun during the day and the moon at night. Now I’m even happier I didn’t let Matt convince me we should live on that houseboat.

Target is the best for inexpensive DVD’s. I’m working on replacing all our videos to DVD and target had a whole bunch of movies at $4.75 and $5.00. Score! My Keanu Reeves collection is just about fully replaced.

By not having cable I discovered the coolest station -- RTV. Every night at 6:00 is The Hulk followed by Knight Rider, The A Team and Magnum P.I.. I’m just waiting to discover what time Hawaii Five-0 is on so I can come full circle.

I raised the height of my drums a little bit and it made such a difference in how I play. Last night I hit a 1313 note streak on a song I had never played before. Yeah-ya.

Recently I have been going through another very uninspired period with my writing. It really drives me crazy when this happens since it is what I am supposed to be doing all day, so when I don’t work on the books it makes me feel like I am not really working at all. In my head I feel like I’m not contributing to the family and I really despise that. Sure I blog or maybe write a HubPages article but those things are not why I stay home to work, they are not my goal. Blogs and articles I can whip out in a very short period of time with minimal edits and post them online, but the novels are completely different animals. They are living and breathing things and if I don’t feed them once in a while they will just wither away. I feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve tossed them any scraps. It is time to get my head back into those characters and complete their journeys.

Too much to do this weekend now that we’re sticking around close to home and not enough time to do it all if I keep writing so catch you all on the flip side home skillitz. Sorry, just bought (& watched again) Juno.

Um, yeah I totally forgot to link up to the other BTPT gurus...not cool man, not cool.
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ginger said... need some sunlight now! maybe you should go get some melatonin or some 5htp to get you through the SAD.

i'm glad your DVD collection is getting there. i got rid of all of my HVS tapes long ago when my VCR is my absolute favorite place for DVD's too! i loe picking up a couple of $5 DVD's now and then to enrich my collection.

i hope you find your muse never feels good to lose your writing mojo, i know.


pastrywitch said...

Some evil person put Enchanted with the $5 dvds - it was not actually on sale. Sigh. Maybe someday.
Hope some sun will peek out soon - if not, try watching Enchanted April or Much Ado About Nothing - lots of beautiful Italian sunshine.

Joan said...

I thought Katie (my daughter), said the sun was out today. Guess it is hiding again. Hope tomorrow is better for you guys. Happy 4th!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I don't have cable, by choice. I was so thrilled to find RTV myself.

After Magnum is Rockford Files followed by one of my all time favorites Simon & Simon. On Sunday night they show old Hitchcock TV shows, too.

Also in the local area is a station called THIS (7.2 here), they play tons of old movies and on weekends sometimes The Outer Limits.

Enjoy your new flicks, your weekend at home, and hopefully some much needed sunshine.

Peace and Love, Mum

Bridgete said...

A friend said something about vitamin D supplements to help with the SAD too.

I need to get to Target. I've needed to for a while, but that's really a car kind of trip know what's been going on with that. But I usually pick up at least one random cheap movie while I'm there.

Good luck finding your muse!

KC McAuley said...

Love Target. I myself picked up American Psycho (uncut version) just a couple weeks ago.
Your writing will come. I beat myself up about it too. And then a phrase or an idea works its way to the surface and I can't stop myself. Until those moments come, just keep writing ANYTHING. It all helps keep the creative engine greased and ready to go.

HUGS - and if I could send sun, I would. We finally broke through here. It's heaven.

Theresa said...

Lovin the Juno. Lovin' the Hawaii Five-O. You have very good taste my friend. Sorry about the lack of sunshine. Socal has too much. It was 102* today. (I'm bitching, not bragging).

Anyway, welcome back!!

Chris said...

The "Keanu Reeves Collection"??? That should've started and ended with "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Keanu is to acting what vanilla is to the Ben and Jerry's collection.

ginger said...

nu-uh chris! keanu dominates!

Bree said...

I even liked "The Lake House", and that's saying a lot, considering the time-vortex mailbox plot device. I mean really. :D

For the rain: I got a reading light that simulates UV rays when I was a first year law student (it gets dark here at 3:30 in the afternoon in the winter) and it helped quite a bit with the SAD symptoms. A lot of my friends would go tanning once a week or so, they said that really made a difference, too. B-12 vitamins help, and strangely so do strawberries and fresh spinach. Hang in there!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Well the sun totally came out yesterday a little while after I posted this WOO HOO!!! It was so nice to see blue sky again I took pictures of it :-)

I totally appreciate all the suggestions for getting through the SAD crap, winter is usually tough so I'll be keeping all of these firmly implanted.

A Walk In the Clouds - Best Keanu movie ever. Plus in Point Break he's just hot. Totally forgot about The Lake House! Duh! Back to Target!

Almost Precious said...

Think if Mother Nature gave out awards she'd give one to Spring/Summer 2009 for being the gloomiest. Got almost 3 inches of rain the other day, the day they had flood advisories out. Didn't flood but it sure got soggy. Maybe your writer's muse just needs a good shot of sunshine to perk her up. ;)

Rosebud Collection said...

Sun is shinning and afraid my body might go into I go outside very slowly. Grass is so high, I may never find my way back home. Have a happy 4th..Your comments were so sweet, thank you.
I think if you knew me, you might question that "green" comment..ha, ha.