Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Got Ya Title Right Here

I feel like attempting basic after way too much thinking for my own good in the last couple weeks. Over analyzer. It’s both a blessing and a curse. So in the spirit of taking a crack at light and breezy I am going to get back to my roots of randomness. Most of this post will likely be about old and/or cheesy movies because that is what has been on my mind lately but really there is a little of everything. Read on and enjoy while I finally exhale for the first time in weeks.

Personally, I think Blue Crush is one of the best movies ever made. It is difficult for women in Hollywood to get real quality roles where their characters are strong without being a bitch, sexy without being a slut and just vulnerable enough that they have obstacles to overcome but they do it on their own and do not have to pretend to be a man or a tough lesbian to make it happen. Kate Bosworth pulls off vulnerable, strong, and independent and she does it all with amazing sexiness while playing in the boys club but holding her own the whole time. I could seriously watch that movie once a week and still feel like she has triumphed for the first time every time.

Jason Giambi, seriously man, that mustache has got to go. I do not have any creepy uncles, both of my uncles are pretty cool, chill dudes who are socially fun and entertaining guys but if I did have a creepy uncle who lived in a van and spent way too much time talking to sixteen year olds he would look like Giambi. Maybe I am just biased because he is a Yankee. The Evil Empire is not only claiming that the mustache is responsible for the latest surge of wins the team is experiencing but there is an interview with the thing. Come on. The only guy to ever look good with a mustache was Tom Selleck as Magnum PI. Perhaps it was because of the car.

When I spend my days sewing there needs to be something on in the background and music just does not seem to cut it like it does when I write. Back in the days of living in western Mass I had an entire room dedicated to my creative endeavors. There was a scrapbooking table and a sewing table, plastic drawer units housing all my supplies and a closet for the large or overflow items, not to mention plenty of room to stretch out and do those projects. It sounds great until reality hits that the wonderful sewing room came with a side of gunfire. Yeah, not a pretty scene. When working in that room I had a TV with a built in VCR and the TV part did not work so I would frequently watch movies as background noise. They included, but were not limited to, Armageddon, Clueless, Can’t Hardly Wait and Singles. Apparently old habits never die because the hankering for a movie while cutting fabric and pinning things seems to still exist. In our now much smaller, yet bullet free, apartment I had to find a spot for my 36” x 68” cutting mat where it could be utilized but not in the way so it went under our living room area rug (just roll back the rug when I need the mat, its great!). Now when I cut and pin it is from the living room floor and conveniently the VCR and DVD player are right next to me. New favorites include Blue Crush, Legally Blonde, America’s Sweethearts, and of course Almost Famous.

Most mornings I wake up with a song stuck in my head. Since early summer I have had the strangest possible inner playlist like the theme from the Golden Girls or various one hit wonder pop songs from the ‘80’s. In the past few weeks however the most recurring song has been Lucky by Jason. I would think nothing of this except that song is probably my least favorite on the album and also because I have not listened to any music on that album in well over six weeks. For those who know me well this may come as a surprise since there was a time where all I listened to was Jason. There is no real explanation for it; I am not burned out on his music because I do not think that is possible for me. Perhaps it was simply time to take it down a notch and rediscover my love for cheesy television theme songs about friendship. “You’re a pal and a confidant” We will miss you Estelle Getty.

Thank you for being a friend


tanyBUG said...

great post! I didnt realize it was Kim Catrall in Mannequin! haha

High Desert Diva said...

I think we all need to do this sometime...helps to decompress.

I'm currently in a light reading know...Nora Roberts type stuff. Nothing serious or thought provoking right now, thank you very much.

Bridgete said...

I agree about the movie in the background. While I'm usually not sewing (I have a sewing machine but no good place to use it...) I definitely need a movie for cross stitch or making scarves on my Knifty Knitter. I remember Christen doing that too when I lived with her. We'd sit together and work on our projects with a movie we'd both seen a million times going in the background.

kim* said...

almost famous and mannequin are my faces. although i do like almost famous more.

pastrywitch said...

Armageddon is one of my favorite background noise movies - that and Moulin Rouge. They're really long, have a good soundtrack and stuff blows up. In one of the them. Fun post :)

Chris Stone said...

sounds like a fun list! i'll check out blue crush...

ginger said...

i went to a friend's house tonight and we watched Live Free or Die Hard. that is an AWESOME movie! seeing bruce willis always makes me want to see Armageddon.

i haven't watched a whole lot of movies since my move in may and i miss them. they're like my friends.

also, speaking of random songs playing in your head...i often, almost every day, wake up and a different jason mraz song will be playing in my head. it will generally run around up there for a good portion of the day when i'm not focused or listening to something else. it's not irritating at all, but it happens a lot. i always wonder if it means anything, as a dream would. in other words, should i be paying attention to these lyrics right now like i would the symbolism of a dream?

who knows. i like it though. today, the song has been Make it Mine.

whimsicalpam said...

Great blog! My creativity is based on having Law and Order in the background - no Law and Order, no creativity:)...thankfully, TNT runs it 24/7
As a fellow non-stop analyzer, I understand the need for cheesy sitcoms - they have an incredible soothing quality:)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Three cheers for Armageddon woo hoo! All this talk about it now I will have to watch it today :)

Charmaine Which Nora Roberts are you reading? My all time favorite of hers is Blue Smoke

Still have not seen Live Free or Die Hard, I am putting it in the queue right now!

Sahara said...

After reading this post, I now know how you knew that the name of the song I was looking for, over at Sul's, was A-ha, Take on me. :)

I agree with you about Blue Crush, loved that movie the first time I saw it. Kate Bosworth was awesome in it. And I had the biggest crush on Tom Selleck in Magnum PI. I don't like mustaches, but on him it worked. The Legally Blonde movie is another fav of mine. And I adore one hit pop songs from the 80s! (I get really strange looks when I declare that)

This was a great post, Chucka! Thanks for stopping by!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I'm not sure I've seen any of those flicks you posted about, most are just not my style. Did enjoy just watching "Death To Smoochie" that you loaned me last week.

As for the mustache - had dinner with friends last evening; one of them, PT, was calling it his Porn Stache. As for me, the only good mustache in film or TV can be found on David Suchet when he plays Hercule Poirot in the PBS series based on Agatha Christie's books.

Thanks for sharing! Peace and Hugs, Mum

Rosebud Collection said...

Okay here we go..I only saw Magnum P.I. and Estelle Getty,Golden Girls...Heck, I am getting near Estelle's age..well, maybe I have a bit of a way to go yet..God Rest her soul...Good blog and I always enjoy it.

draagonfly said...

Awww! Mannequin! I loved Andrew McCarthy once upon a time!

No Jason for six weeks? I've had my dry spells, but good lord woman, are you feeling okay? LOL

Blue Crush was a fantastic movie. I have to do something about my TV that's so old it can't handle my DVD player. I don't miss television much, but I do miss being able to watch a good movie on Friday nights. I am on a mission! Radio Shack, watch out!