About Me

My love of words began at a very young age and from that day on you wouldn't catch me without a pen and a journal. Writing has been a passion, a career, and an income producing way of life. The action is an ingrained personality trait at this point.

I curse a lot, live with zero regrets, and have tried just about everything that was interesting to me.  That list is subject to change with the wind and by the minute.  

My life is an open book. Ask me about it and I'll tell you the truth. I have seen too many people go down in flames due to something scandalous that was revealed after they became this mega-celebrity.

Note: I fully believe that I will, someday, BE a mega-celebrity.

Everything I write is my opinion, if you don't agree with me that's fine. I don't pretend to want to please all the people all the time.  I am loyal to those I love, acknowledge the fact that I'm too selfish to have kids, and mentally a total mess. But I own it.

I believe there is a Universal force that allows us to be open to the joys of our own moral compass and I also have faith in the ride on the river of life.

I love sports, watch way too much television, and have been fueled by the passion for writing for over 30 years.

This is me.  For now.

**Disclaimer: If you're a robot, zombie, trying to sell me something (e)x-rated, currently serving a sentence of 1-infinity days, can't take a joke, or just an all-around mean person, don't stick around these parts. However, snark is highly encouraged and sarcasm is one of my very favorite things. It ranks along with irony in the awesomeness category. And Agents who get me. I like them too.