My Favorite Posts

My favorite posts published on this blog (or as formerly published on Chucka Stone Designs)* since I first started blogging in October 2007. 

The newest is at the top.  So start at the bottom if you'd like to get a feel for my progression as a writer but please note that chronology is sporadic at best. 

Much like the life they represent.

Vacation, All I ever Wanted
I Get Lost
Insert Catchy Title Here
Friday Night it was late...
Kids Wanna Rock
Nevermind Should Be Two Words
How Do I Even Begin to Title A Post Like This?
Early Days
Bostonese for the Tourist
Are You 55 or Wiser?
Tear Me in Two
Samantha Baker, Eat Your Heart Out
I Seem to Recognize Your Face
The Fellowship of the Puck
Making My Day One Townie At A Time
From the Depths of Hell to Your Front Door
Remembering the Past, Tense
Never Forget
Thine Hawse is Wicked Retahded
Just Like Old Times
State of Mind
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah
Hey, Hey, Hey
I Would Like to Think it Was an Innocent Time
Why I am not a Ninja, or a Chef
Who Needs Garmin when there is Tom-Tom
Law & Order: PTU
Williams Street
There is No Slurring Allowed in Scrabble
Growing Up, You Don't See the Writing on the Wall
70 Cubic Yards of Love
San Diego, Dude
Subtle Joys of Self Employment
Raisins and A Great Big Pineapple Bouffant
It Is What It Is

*All content is written from my memory as I remember having experienced the event, etc. and written from my personal point of view only. If you were with me that's great and I hope you enjoy my take on it. I will sometimes need to shift or adjust time frame of events within a story for the details to make more sense but I'll never outright lie about things I did or didn't do. Some information/people involved may have been removed from each story entirely in order to protect their name/image/privacy. Real names of friends and family are only used after I've asked for permission. Names of celebrities/product are used for story development only, I was not compensated by any celebrity or company to endorse them and my mentioning of them shouldn't be misconstrued as such.