Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Final Test of the Year

So, another end of year is upon us. And it seems every year, those of us getting-older-but-not-quite-old people comment on just how fast the past 365 have flown.


Just like the older-than-us people told us when we were still young and spry. They were probably the same age then that we are now. And those of us with kids likely tell them just how quickly the years fly by.

That's the real circle of life.

Regardless, 2018 is almost here and I'm in full-on planning mode for career development next year. One thing I'm considering is reviving this 10 year experiment and getting my blog back on a regular posting schedule. Maybe 3-5 times a week. Maybe shorter than I sometimes write. Posting is still a great way to connect with readers and familiars alike. And I honestly miss it. Miss doing the writing over here.

For starters, things are a lot looser over here than writing books. And I love that I can share all the parts of life and business in one place. One that's all mine.

Of course, writing that many posts in a year is a challenge without a solid plan. One I can stick to and feel inspired to write while still providing some kind of entertainment for the people who read this blog. There aren't many but I love you all and appreciate the support.

2018 is also gearing up as another 3 book year. Can't say I'm sad about that! Book 4 in both Shaw McLeary Mystery and California Dreamin' Series plus another guide for new authors to help improve their own writing efforts.

My 8 month projection calendar is chock full of writing days, marketing needs, and minute details of all things book release. Oh, and at some point next year my sister and I will start working on some bits for books we plan to write together. Definitely can't wait for that.

The one thing I didn't factor in over those 8 months is a single vacation day.

No rest for the self employed.

So, because I want to get this blog back on a regular schedule, I'm using the phone app to write this post. I figured it was worth another try to see if it works for my needs as a word-based blogger. Wouldn't be a bad thing to post on the fly or write up a post if I'm on the road. Seems good so far. I guess all that's left to test is the posting.

Which I'll do as soon as I wish everyone a very happy, safe, and festive end to your year as well as oodles of prosperity in the New Year!

Back to work on Tuesday.

I might be the only person in the world looking forward to going back to work.