Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Feel Like We Were Just Here

And by “here” I mean, me, on the blog, announcing the release of a another new title.

Because that’s also the last thing I shared a month or so ago. Normally that would mean this post was full of apologies, swearing up and down that I’ll never disappear for that long again, that I really want to blog and plan to make a concerted effort to get back over here and load up on the snark.

But not this time.

Why? Because this time was all about getting my job done. And it felt so good I think I’m just going to keep doing that. When I completed the final edits on my most recent title, Carol + Chad 4-eva!, I actually gave myself a high five in the middle of my living room.

Two titles in two months! Thwap! <-- That’s the sound of my hands meeting high above my head to congratulate myself on the dedication to getting it done.

Let me tell you, when working this hard to release two titles in two months a lot of stuff falls away. Like communication with people, spending time outside my house, exercise, and this blog…

Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss being snarky. Or that I don’t miss blogging. Because I do. I so desperately want to share my long-winded thoughts on any or all of the following:

  • The 3-ring circus people are still referring to as this year’s election. (So. Many. Posts.)
  • My very strong feelings on the term “mansplaining” (hint: give me a fucking break).
  • Pumpkin spice taking over the whole damn world and why I fear this phenomenon.
  • How much I miss food in the northeast and why I want a vacation just to eat pizza.
  • The debacle our upcoming vacation is turning out to be (but this story is funny).
  • That everyone who says “you can’t mess up with chalk paint” are wrong.
  • How many fucks I give about Brangelina’s break up (hint: as many as Aniston).
  • Why Toyota’s spokesperson (the idiot man) makes me embarrassed to own my Corolla.
  • A recent moment where I turned into a sheeple and my inability to stop it.
  • The Patriots work ethic and how Bill Belichick inspired artwork in my office.
  • Why it pisses me off that these whipper snappers have to steal ALL of our stuff (the clowns? Really? That’s the scary thing you’re going to revive from my childhood? Note to those idiots: there never were any clowns in my day, it was all about keeping kids from taking candy from strangers. You’re doing it wrong. RU-mor, morons, it was all about fear based on believable rumors. But I guess in my day we didn’t have snopes or knew what an urban legend was.)

As you can see based on the tangent I spiraled into on that last point, I definitely miss getting my opinion based snark out for all 4 people who actually read this blog anymore.

So, in an effort to get all the books done so I can get back to doing what I love – running my mouth/fingers about all that crap on the list up there – today I share with you the brand new book available through Saturday for FREE DOWNLOAD on Amazon:

Carol + Chad 4-eva! a novelette

Shy girl Carol Williams meets her dream guy in high school but her heart is shattered when Chad dumps her after only one month. Years later, Chad wants to reconnect. Is it a case of fate? Or will Carol make a fatal mistake?

Normally $1.99, and going back up to that price on Sunday, you can go get your FREE copy here: http://amzn.to/2coWn61 right freaking now!

A brief about this book…

It runs just shy of 15,000 words.
The format is diary style entries written by Carol.
Her friends and family are prominent characters through Carol’s eyes.

Did I mention it’s free through Saturday?

Go download a copy now and don’t forget to review it on Amazon!

Thanks folks, and now, back to work!

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In addition to this drivel I also write books, both fiction and non-fiction.
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Wflynnaz said...

Soooooo, I want to read all of those other posts!But I guess working for a living has to take priority. ;)
Love you sister,

Wflynnaz said...

Soooooo, I want to read all of those other posts!But I guess working for a living has to take priority. ;)
Love you sister,

JudisJems said...

So glad you spent the time to write the book and ignore the political and other situations for a while. A great read; I highly recommend it!
Peace, Judi (aka Mum)