Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It’s Book Release Day!

I didn’t think this day would ever arrive. In fact, last year in November when I started, and stopped, the first draft of Reckless Mind twice, it actually felt like I might leave the whole series dangling like a participle.

Nothing seemed to resonate. Nothing sounded right. Shaw’s story wasn’t seaming up in the way I’d planned and I didn’t know what to do.

So I let the thing fester in the dark corners of my brain while I worked on other stuff. I started a short fiction (novelette length) which is nearing completion now too. I started another book that it’s too early to talk about. I wasn’t writing what I wanted to write but at least I was writing.

Then in March something clicked. Apparently, all the time I spent “not working” on Reckless Mind was nothing more than working on it after all! I sat down and opened a new document. I brought JJ back right away. First chapter in fact.

And it all seemed to fall into place from there.

See, Shaw McLeary takes off for Seattle, WA in this third installment. She needs to spend time out of her natural environment in Phoenix because JJ and all the lingering drama that resulted from her assumptions about him, all live in Phoenix.

Shaw needs to see her mom. She will begrudgingly see her sister as well.

Escape, of course, is fleeting. Isn’t it always for her character? This time around, though, her mother becomes a suspect in a suspicious death and Shaw is going to need as much help as she can get to clear Betty’s name.

And she might get even more help than she bargained for when an unexpected surprise shows up on her doorstep.

And this might be Shaw’s last appearance.

Well, to be truthful, it is her last appearance as far as I’m concerned right now. I can see her story continuing but I’m just not entirely sure I’m up for writing it right now.

Remember those other projects I just mentioned that I started while waiting for Shaw to tell me what she needed to do? Well, two of those projects are mere weeks away from The End!

But let’s not focus on that right now because


Have you read Reckless Abandon and Reckless Hearts?

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If so then what are you waiting for?

Go and pick up your copies of Reckless Mind A Shaw McLeary Mystery #3 at these links:

And now back to your regularly scheduled ranting…

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Launna said...

Congratulations Jenn, I knew you'd complete it... I'm in awe of you for being so persistent. Good luck with your sales... I'll share it all over my social media for you ♡