Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When in Doubt

Only one post went out in February and now it’s March and I’m starting to think about spring cleaning.

Of my profiles.

I keep looking over what I do, what I write on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and I’m starting to realize that half of what I do isn’t really worth the time I spend.

My focus needs to come back because the real work is going to suffer if I don’t get it together. I miss the blogging and actually dread the days on the calendar that I schedule to write my tweets. The idea of a newsletter seemed great but I don’t prioritize working on it.

What I do like working on every single day are the following things:

This blog.
Fiction books.
Other books.
Blogs for clients.

Yup, that’s it. And everyone will say that I have to spend some kind of time on social media in order to stay relevant or in front of people but honestly, that seems silly.

Because if I don’t want to put in the time then those probably aren’t my people so why do all that work for something I don’t even want?


So in an effort to kick this blog back into something I update on the regular, I’m going to share two wonderful memes I found on Facebook. Because if you’ve been reading over here for any length of time you know I can’t pass up a lame ass meme.

26 things about me...
A- Age: 42
B- Biggest fear: Never getting it all done.
C- Current time: 2:36 PM
D- Drink you last had: water
E- Every day starts with: coffee
F- Favorite song: No way I could answer this, it changes too often.
G- Ghosts, are they real: yes
H- Hometown: Arlington
I- In love with: Matt
J- Jealous of: People who know how to start conversations with strangers without sounding or seeming awkward. (See blind date question below)
K- Killed someone?: Not that I know of.
L- Last time you cried?: can’t remember
M- Middle name: don't have one
N- Number of siblings: 1
O- One wish: To make a real living wage with my writing.
P- Person you last called: Mom
Q- Question you're always asked: Why aren’t you having kids? Which I assume will change in the next ten years, as I start looking too old to have them, to: Why didn’t you ever have kids?
R- Reason to smile: warm days and sunshine
S- Song last sang: Stuck - Melissa Ferrick
T- Time you woke up: about 7am
U- Underwear color: Excuse you, that’s a little personal for a meme.
V- Vacation destination: the beach
W- Worst habit: Being too hard on myself about my creative process.
Y- Your favorite food: Bianchi's pizza
X- X-Rays you've had: tomboy - too many to remember
Z- Zodiac sign: I’m convinced I’m actually a Gemini sometimes.

The Bucket List
( ) Shot a gun
(X) Gone on a blind date – Literally only once. It was weird. I was awkward. Oh no that’s not me being self-deprecating but I was actually cute or something, I was awkward. Example that I still haven’t forgotten even to this day (approximately 16 years later): I told him that I never leave the house without mascara then proceeded to continue that conversation for about ten minutes. Yeah.
(X) Skipped school (See ‘been on TV’ question below)
( ) Watched someone die
(X) Visited Canada – And I fully intend to visit again someday. Maybe for an extended period of time, say, four or so years. We’ll see. I hear Vancouver is lovely in December.
( ) Visited Hawaii
( ) Visited Cuba
(X) Visited Europe
( ) Visited South America
( ) Visited Las Vegas
( ) Visited Central America
( ) Visited Asia
( ) Visited Africa
(X) Visited Florida
(X) Visited Mexico
(X) Seen the Grand Canyon in person – Only way to do it, seriously. Come on out and visit in warm times and we’ll take you!
(X) Flown in a helicopter – I think but could be wrong about this.
( ) Served on a jury
(X) Been lost
(X) Traveled to the opposite side of the country – If it means coast-to-coast then not yet but I think Boston to Phoenix should count.
(X) Visited Washington, DC
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers
(X) Played cowboys and Indians
(X) Recently colored with crayons – I colored in a picture of a bunny and painted blood coming out of its mouth. The conversation with the kids led to watching the scene from Holy Grail of course.
(X) Sang karaoke – Does Rock Band count?
(X) Sang a solo or duet – Does Rock Band count?
(X) Paid for a meal with coins only – Back in the day when I was a poor college student eating at Taco Bell, most of the time.
(X) Made prank phone calls
( ) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
( ) Had children
(X) Had a pet
(X) Been skinny-dipping
(X) Been fishing
(X) Been boating
(X) Been downhill skiing – Once. Never again.
( ) Been water skiing
(X) Been camping in a trailer/RV
(X) Been camping in a tent
( ) Driven a motorcycle
( ) Been bungee-jumping
(X) Gone to a drive-in movie – One of the first times I remember going to the movies was to the drive-in actually. I think the one my mom & aunt took us to was Snow White but the second showing (which I should have been asleep for) was On Golden Pond. Great movie, still love it, and especially at age seven-ish I was blown away.
(X) Done something that could have killed you – I’ve talked about this before.
(X) Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life – Because of the post linked above you might think my answer is yes. In truth my emphatic response is no. I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for everything I’ve seen, done and not done so regret would only mean I felt un-whole somehow. And I don’t.
( ) Rode an elephant
( ) Rode a camel
(X) Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner – Um, how about all 3 at the same time. Just don’t make me count out the number of times this has happened over the years.
(X) Been on TV – Evening Magazine local Boston program in the early 90’s. And, like I said, it never would have happened if it wasn’t for skipping school. And New Kids on the Block.
( ) Stolen any traffic signs
(X) Been in a car accident
( ) Been in the hospital in past 24 months
( ) Donated blood
( ) Gotten a (speeding) or any other type of ticket in the past 12 months
(X) Gotten a piercing
(X) Gotten a tattoo
( ) Driven a manual transmission vehicle
( ) Ever owned your dream car
(X) Been married
( ) Been divorced
(X) Fell in love
(X) Fell out of love
(X) Paid for a strangers meal
(X) Driven over 100mph
( ) Been scuba diving
(X) Written a published book/story/poetry
( ) Eaten snails


Launna said...

Wow Jenn, I learned even more about you... you have been to Europe, this is where I want to go and I want to go for a few months... one day I will make this happen xox... have a great week xox

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Europe a couple times actually, its such a different world over there! So beautiful and a different way of life entirely than here in the USA. Hope you get your trip, where are you thinking?