Friday, October 11, 2013

All Jacked Up

This interruption in networking and conversing with all you fine readers brought to you by...the photo that's attached somewhere in this post.

(I'm using my new phone and the Blogger app is very different from the functionality on the computer. Sorry I can only post one pic from the phone. Lame.)

Anyway, between 25 hours of client work (done at home or all over the city using Wi-Fi wherever I could get it) and having upwards of 7 guys at my house from Mr. Rooter fixing our plumbing issue means I can't lean over the laptop anymore this week so it'll post how it posts from the phone. Can't wax about it too much.

As of tomorrow the plumbing job will be done and we can finally clean the house for real. Let me tell ya, these guys were freaking amazing. They cleaned up every night knowing we were living here and even brought their own floor mats. Which is a thing of theirs, very cool and kept the nastiness from going anywhere other than where it should have. Professional and nice guys showed up at my house. For what I'd say was a fairly reasonable price considering the scope of the job, they burst and ran about 60 feet of brand new ABS pipe throughout my house and to the street. The process was super cool and apparently we were the first they knew of in AZ to have 2" pipe burst to install 4" drainage pipe. They even had a professional photographer out here to document the whole job. We should be seeing those pictures soon.

Despite all the awesomeness there's no getting around the inherent messiness that comes with replacing plumbing. They dug 5 total holes, 2 outside and 3 inside, that allowed them access to get the equipment into all the pipes in the house. And we're on a slab so that meant concrete jackhammering first then lots and lots of backfill digging. The dust in my house is insane! I'm just thankful the temperatures have come down a lot so the few windows that have screens can be opened to let in tons of fresh air.

But I'll be damned if they didn't get all the pipe install done in 4 total working days. The last of the job happens tomorrow when the water heater is installed and toilet reattached in the guest bath. Then that's it, a couple hours and I get my house back. Sort of. Windows happen next week. But that's a whole other story. Probably for next week.

These guys stayed late when they had to and luckily were late morning lovers. No one should see me before coffee has been ingested so contractors who are all about 7:00 are not my BFF. Donny, Dave, Matt, Jacob, Warren and the other guys I never got introduced to (let's just call them the reinforcements) were happily not here before 9:00.

I can't recommend these guys enough, seriously. They just rocked and now I have fully functioning systems to put our new floor on top of.

But this week working was spotty and random and I'm totally exhausted tonight from having to manage it all. Luckily this is a long weekend and I can clean the crap (literally and figuratively) out of this house for 2 days to get it back to liveable.

Just in time for the window install. Thankfully that's only 2 days long.


JudisJems said...

Hooray! Sounds like a great company to work with; I'll keep that in mind should I even need anything like this done.

Have fun getting back to "normal", at least for a couple of days!

Love and peace, Mum

Launna said...

WOW Jenn, I have been a followers of yours on FB so I have seen some the destruction to be able to get to the building up phase. I bet it will look amazing but most importantly it will work wonderfully :) You are one busy girl :)

Ginger Cooke said...

Unbelievable...I'm sorry you had to do all of that, but I'm so happy that you had good people on the job. I'm sure they made it much more bearable (and you should post a review for them on your local Yelp if you're so inclined).
As for the phone posting: I also post from my phone on occasion (reading and commenting from there as we type). The photo will always attach at the bottom of the post and will always be aligned to the left in your post.
It's convenient if you need it, but I usually save them as drafts and then clean them up and post them from my laptop later.
I hope your life smoothes out your flooring. Love you, friend.

Almost Precious said...

Wow, that does look like a major project ! Thankfully you were lucky enough to hire a good, reputable crew who did the job well and were conscientious about cleaning up afterwards. Hopefully after you get the windows done you can enjoy your home again and get ready for the holidays.

Suldog said...

There's something totally spooky, to me, about seeing a floor in my house ripped up. Sure, you know in your mind that there's stuff under there (wires, pipes, maybe some dead vermin) but it still somehow feels like being violated when the floor is missing and you can see the stuff underneath.