Friday, September 20, 2013

Okay, Thanks Phoenix but Even I’m Done Now

This probably started just down the street from us.
You all know I live in Phoenix. And most everyone knows that the climate in our little corner of the country is on the warm side most of the time. In fact the monster number of days of sunshine and warmth were two of the main reasons I wanted to live here in the first place.

But even I’m saying Uncle at this point.

Our first 100+ degree day was on April, 28. May only had 9 days at 100° or better (but we had 18 days between 90-99°), no day in June was under 100°, only 3 days were below 100° in July (and only 1 day below 96°), 2 days below 100° in August, and now 14 days in September have been 100° or more.

That’s 113 days do far. Funny, that’s what the temperature feels like out there. Keep in mind there are only 145 days between April 28 and today, September 20. Although today’s figures haven’t been shared yet on the Phoenix NOAA page. But if you trust my phone’s weather App it got to at least 102° today.

I trust my phone because it sure feels like it. And it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. At least not this week.

Okay Phoenix, thanks, but could you back off just a little please? Even dropping to 90° would feel like a vacation.

I thought the trip we took to California for our anniversary would be a nice transition because as soon as we got back we had 3 days in a row under 95 degrees. We thought the worst was behind us.

It was perfect weather in San Diego actually. Funny though, the night we got in the news was reporting on their “major heat wave” and what residents were doing to stay cool in the high temperatures.

They reported that it had been close to 90° for about 5 days in a row. Matt and I looked at each other and just started laughing. Picture me patting people on the head and saying ‘oh you’re so cute thinking it’s hot here!’ We went to Cali to cool off. And cool off we did.

But the weather must have caught up with the fact we came back and Mother Nature turned up her furnace once she figured it out. How very nice of her. Remind me to send her a melted basket of chocolate covered fruit.

Even our record low warm was broken this month. On the 18th in 1992 the low temperature was 85 degrees. This past Tuesday it only got down to 88°. Though, I’m not gonna lie, at 9:00 at night when there’s no sun and no humidity that temperature feels glorious.

I’m just sad we didn’t win the huge Powerball lottery the other day. You can bet I’d become a late summer snowbird and spend all of September in San Diego if I had the means to do so. Maybe October too. Because at this point I have no idea how we’re going to drop off before Halloween.

And melted chocolate doesn’t sound very delicious.

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

I don't have all the details for Tucson that you've outlined for Phoenix, but we seem to be stuck at much higher temps than normal, too.

I'm just dying to have the windows open at night!

Stay as cool as you can.

Love, mum

Ginger Cooke said...

I could never live in Phoenix. The summers in Colorado even get too hot for me most years and the only time we generally go above 95 is for a couple of weeks in July. I certainly hope you get some relief soon.
Pop some cherries in the freezer for a cool down treat.

Matt S said...'s been ridiculous here......but it is finally starting to cool off some at night......ready for open window season.

Launna said...

Hahaha, you are so funny Jenn... I get what you are saying though... I am positive I could not handle that sort of heat. I am going through those hot flashes and I would lose it... lol

I could just picture you patting those people on the head in Cali... saying there there... hahaha... too funny :)

Linda Myers said...

We'll get to Arizona in January, when it's Just Right.

Chris said...

Move back north! Seriously, the weather has been perfect in NJ - 70-75 every day, sunny almost every day, gentle fall breezes in the PM. I'm assuming the weather in Boston is about the same.

Try to stay cool down there...if it's at all possible.

Almost Precious said...

Jenn the desert heat takes getting used. Maybe after next year you'll be acclimatized . . . or maybe not ! All I know is that I have tropical blood flowing through my veins and my fingers turn numb when the temps fall below 50 degrees.
I doubt that I could endure the harsh icy, chill of a New England winter. . . I'd be like Sam McGee in the poem : "The Cremation of Sam McGee". :D

Suldog said...

113 days at 100+ in one year? You know Boston. I don't think we've had that many 100+ days in the last 20 years.

(I was going to say "in my lifetime" but I'm pretty ancient.)