Thursday, July 25, 2013

The State of things in 800 Words or More

Life is so busy on the career side right now that I have let a lot of other stuff fall by the wayside. Okay that’s not at all true. I’ve mostly just let this blog and reading fall by the wayside (unless it happens to be a book for work or school). Everything else has taken over my life and I think it’s both good and bad.

Growing pains due to change though are making me a little uncomfortable.

I miss blogging, putting it out there what I have to say and not holding back my opinion because frankly I’ve never been one to do so. But with all the other writing I’m doing on a weekly basis right now the last thing I want to do is write more at the end of the day. And I feel like my opinions are better reserved for micro-blogging like Facebook statuses and twitter posts.


I hate that.

But yet here I am about to bullet point my life in a convenient snack sized portion for two reasons – 1. Just to get it out there at all and 2. In order to hopefully not take up too much of your time so you’ll have time to swing by and read it.

Here goes.

  • I’ve finished 2 classes now through my library’s free continuing education credit courses in UniversalClass – Advertising, Sales & Marketing Writing and Freelancing 101. Both were quality classes that gave me overview insight into the industry and opened my eyes to new ways to approach my business. 
  • I recently invested in a program from AWAI called Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting because I want to learn even more about this fascinating industry and how to start making a real living from sitting at my monitor and banging on the keyboard all day. And I will. I plan to be at six-figures within two years. It will take mad work and focus but I’m giving it everything I’ve got.
  • Matt & I are pretty close to narrowing down a window & floor installer and will likely be starting construction stuff in the next month. Luckily we learned a lot the first time around and won’t make those mistakes again! Hence the hiring of people…
  • My exercise plan is kicking into full gear now, Matt bought the latest BeachBody program Focus T25 and I started on that this week after only getting into my other program about 3-4 days a week instead of 6. This program is 5 days a week & just 30 minutes a day (including the cool down, workouts are only 25 minutes). It is KICKING MY ASS! Never thought 25 minutes would be enough but I’m already feeling better!
  • Health issues abound around here though, Matt starting having some weirdness recently so now we’re on the hunt to narrow down the problem. But as far as I’m concerned I’m CONVINCED it has to do with the house, how could we both have similar symptoms and issues otherwise? We installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system for starters. For now though he’s making the rounds at doctors. It’s freaking us both out but trying to stay as positive as we can.
  • I’m still getting work from actual paying clients which is great and continuing to pitch like a mad woman because I want more. This is a full-time job, it should pay as such.
  • Got my business cards in the mail this week, kind of in love with them. My goal is to hand out all 250 before November. That’s a lot of networking but I’m up to the challenge! And I overhauled my website.
  • We finished binge watching How I Met Your Mother but the last season starts before the most recently completed season will be released on Netflix. Waaahhh! Oh well, that’s what the DVR is for.
  • We started binge watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and man there was SO MUCH I forgot about on that show! I haven’t seen it since it first aired and I wasn’t an avid watcher even back then but I always enjoyed it so figured why not catch up all in a row. Impressions 15+ years later: Buffy still kicks ass, Xander is still my favorite boy’s name of all time, Spike is the funniest vampire ever written, Willow has the best hair, Giles isn’t as useless as I once thought he was, and Xander is invariably the most adorable guy on the show.
  • We finally started getting rain in our monsoon season. Thank goodness, it’s been awful out there at 110+ and full humidity. But it’s a dry heat…
  • We’ve got 3 weddings to attend within the next year, 2 of which are back on the east coast. Looks like I better start pulling in some cash pretty quick.

That’s probably not all but enough to digest for now.

Until who knows when because I already feel stretched way too thin as it is, I hope you’re all having a great summer.

OH RIGHT! I almost forgot…Hockey season starts in just 53 short days when the Bruins open pre-season against the Habs on September 16 in Montreal. Can’t wait for a full season this season!

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Sue FitzPatrick said...

You are a busy girl. Keeps you out of trouble though!

Launna said...

Awesome Jenn... especially about the exercise... I might look into a video once the bad weather hits.. I also have to make sure my knees are up to it.. that is why walking is working for me... I am walking anywhere from 20-25 miles per week... I am loving it.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog... I cherish all your comments. I am so glad we met through the blogging world girl.

I hope your hubby is okay, it is scary when you don't know what is causing issues...

Rosebud Collection said...

Always happy to read about you..and hope all is going better..
I am trying to move forward..but have to get rid of house/rental property..I tell is stressful.
The girls/husbands/children take turns every weekend and help with lawns..etc..
Please know you are always in my thoughts..Love Carolyn

Rosebud Collection said...

Just read your blog again..Odd about the health issues..please check every things you can think of..I always tell the have to be your own is for darn sure no one else will..xoxCarolyn

Almost Precious said...

Jenn - I understand about being stretched thin. Though I too love blogging there are moments when I wish I didn't have all those "other" distractions that prevent me from "enjoying" it the way I used to. . .in the beginning, before promoting about my etsy shop took over my existence. :(

Sorry to hear that Matt is starting to have health problems. Hope the cause of both your health issues is soon discovered and cured.

Alice said...

Website looks great. And yeah...the personal blog is always the last thing on the list, so mine is woefully behind as well. Been busy writing for my husbands new venture website instead.

YAY for the Buffy marathon. I did that when my first daughter was born and it was awesome. Just love Spike to death.

Suldog said...

I know I don't get around here as often as I should, and I apologize for that. Found out anything further about Matt, or your sicknesses overall?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to update us on your busy schedule! I know how it is when you want to blog but you can't 'cause you're too busy living life to talk/type about it. Totally understand. (And you're not the only one that comments a few days late. Sigh...I'm an awful bloggy friend.)

Your revamped website looks great, and it's great to see that your hard work is starting to pay off--literally. Copywriting sounds like a challenging but ultimately rewarding field, and I have no doubt that you can reach your goals if you pursue it with (wait for it)... reckless abandon (ha!)

As for my blogging/writing I'm going to keep plugging away at The Pedestrian Writer, but I'll probably post smaller, less frequent entries while I work on Pieces of Amber. (Oh and did i mention PofA is public now? I didn't?) Thanks for encouraging and supporting a fellow bi-polar blogger!

Also, you mentioned Xander being your fave name ever? Well you might have a new favorite Red Sox player soon...they have this cant-miss prospect named Xander Bogaerts. I think he's a third baseman--and the only real-life person I've ever hard of named Xander :)

Glad to hear your writing and exercise is going so well; hopefully you and Matt are feeling better. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Ginger Cooke said...

I just finished Angel...after I watched Buffy. I also didn't realize those shows were as good as they are back then. I love Joss Whedon so much.
You guys should check your house for mold if you both getting sick. That sucks.