Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nothing in Particular Just a Little of Everything

I’m feeling random right now. Feeling kind of basic too though. This is going to probably become a broken thought process type of post. About everything and Nothing. Stream of consciousness. My own self-contained, self-proclaimed, meme. I can feel your enthusiasm through the monitor.

So I started taking on the role of grocery shopper in our family because honestly I don’t get out much as a writer so for a day or two every week I get to at least interact with other humans in the real world. It’s a total Catch-22 though – I hate grocery shopping. It is quite possibly my least favorite type of shopping. Except maybe for landscape stuff. Yeah, that’s all Matt’s department.

Anyway, the grocery shopping. The reason I dislike it is because it seems no matter what time of day, which day of the week, and/or who is shopping, navigating those places becomes a blood sport. Something I can’t ignore in the grocery store is people’s sudden lack of desire to adhere to any type of personal space.

Ever notice in the checkout line people have to be right next to their own groceries? As if the cashier is going to accidentally put 10-20 of their items into the bag of the person in front of them. They have to stand guard to protect their foodstuffs. This sadly forces those people up the ass of the person in front of them because grocery stores place the pin-pad thingie right at the end of the belt. And out the window goes all personal space.

The one store I’ve been to that gets it right is Target. The machines are past the cashier at ours so the paying customer and the produce bodyguard behind them never have to crash.

I can’t be the only one irritated by this practice, am I?

So the truth is that I’m actually writing this post on April 9, 2013, the day that ‘H’ posted. I wrote that one on the seventh after attending the Coyotes game the day before. But this one, letter ‘N’, isn’t even due to post for another seven days.

Does that mean I’m writing for a future that you’ll be reading when its already the past? Whoa. Okay, I kind of freaked myself out with that question. Never mind, I just hope you’re enjoying it.

My office has stayed relatively clean and organized since this challenge started, which makes me pretty happy. I went on a tear the day I set out to organize my space and ended up doing so much more than just the one room. It felt good to get some stuff into the right spot in the house or at least out of bad spots in the house.

The exercise bike is definitely getting some good use since we bought it. I can’t say I’m on it every day but probably 3 days a week and then two others I’m doing another workout of some sort. Haven’t lost any weight yet but really can’t expect Biggest Loser type numbers or anything, I only have fifteen to lose. Of course that’s a double edged sword because it’s a small number, which is nice, but it’s always those last few that are toughest to shed.

I’ll get there, I know this for fact in my head that if I keep working hard I’ll achieve my goals, but my least virtuous trait is my extreme lack of patience.  

Patience is boring and I hate to be bored. Truth.

Hmm, yeah I think that's it.

I guess Nothing really became something huh? 600+ words of some kind of something. You’re welcome.

Posted for April 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge N is for Nothing


Launna said...

I don't like grocery shopping either... people stopping in the aisles acting like they own them... frustrating.

I hope all your family and friends are safe in Boston Jenn...

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Huh, guess you don't take after me - grocery shopping is the only kind I don't mind, although I do agree about the personal space issue. I try to go on Saturday evening when everyone else is somewhere else!

Nice that you are still organized, I have neatness envy right now.

As for weight loss - remember muscle weighs more than fat.

Thanks for a whole lot of something.

Love you, Mum

Joan said...

Not nothing at all! Grocery shopping is the worst. My husband likes it so he can have it. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Yes that's exactly it at grocery stores! People with no purpose or direction behind a cart irritates me.

Thanks so much Launna for the kind words.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Ugh, no I can't stand shopping for food. Too many choices, too many people agonizing over those choices. I've been going in the mid morning of late & that seems to do the trick for thinning out the herd but there are always a few interesting nuts in the bag of fruits :-)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Right on Joan! Yup, if it wasn't for me working from home I'd let Matt do the shopping too. I just like to get out every once in a while & its a convenient excuse haha

Jak Cryton said...

I find myself grocery shopping at 2am. I have a 24 Hr store right down the road so that is very nice. It is a lot more relaxing lol As for shopping I generally don't mind it, and sadly can spend a long time just walking around and not buying a whole lot. I rarely ever have a list prepared.

I do get weirded out having to stand so close in the checkout lines. I try to respect some space :)

Glad you are keeping the workspace clean and using the bike! I've only see one pic of you (I assume was recent being posted about that tour I think?) and considering you are already in a healthy weight range it is going to be a pain in the ass to lose those last few pounds.

Not eating definitely won't be a good solution as your body will start storing everything as fat (by no means anywhere near an expert, but I recall recently reading something along these lines when joining a gym)

I think you are going to look great either way. Just keep at it and enjoy yourself!