Friday, April 12, 2013

Kidding Myself?

The first time I asked it said Ask Later. This was my second response.

Who was I trying to fool when I set that goal of losing ten pounds before the wedding? I’ll be lucky if I lose two at this rate. Not to say I haven’t been eating healthy or working out. Quite to the contrary I’m trying to do some form of exercise every day and making much smarter choices for nutrition most of the time.

The operative turn of phrase here is ‘most of the time’.

For some reason I’m not taking into account the fact that I go out with friends and enjoy happy hour once a week, or at least twice a month. In which time I’ll happily imbibe a few glasses of wine and whatever bad for me food is sitting on the table. I’ve also somehow failed to factor in that I enjoy going to sporting events and the beer that goes along with them.

I’ve put on about twenty pounds. How come it’s so much easier to put them on than to take them off? Especially when I’m actually trying to take them off, not just sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine lamenting the fact that I’ve gone up two dress sizes in the past handful of years?

Starving myself is not an option, I enjoy food way too much for that. Plus I enjoy not passing out and since all this wonkiness started last fall I’m finding it’s crucial to keep my blood sugar at an optimum level. Any type of crash effects my weird head shit.

Because I need the added challenge apparently. So maybe it’s time to cut out or at the very least cut back on drinking. Because those empty calories found my midsection and are reluctant to let go.

I’m not a stress eater and I don’t tend to binge on unhealthy snacks. In fact during the day I’m much more likely to eat small meals at intervals of every couple hours. Oatmeal (steel cut, no extras) with a little agave & cinnamon to start the day. Mid-morning I’ll have a granola bar and water. Lunch is usually something small like a can of tuna with light mayo or a can of soup with a few pita chips and hummus. Mid-day snack is usually an apple with some cheese melted on top. Dinner is sometimes a larger meal but we’ve been doing a lot of broiled fish, salads, veggies and either vegetable starches like sweet potato fries or healthier brown rice. And I usually don’t eat desert of any kind or another snack late night after 6:00 dinner.

Add in my hour workout every day and I’m at a complete loss as to why I can’t seem to shed these useless and much too heavy pounds. Am I just kidding myself that I’ll ever be a shape other than oval again? Has the cottage cheese effect come to stay?

I’m only forty (and not even there yet damn it!) so it can’t be that much more difficult to lose weight than it was in my thirties. Can it be?

It isn’t practical for my schedule to think about working out longer than an hour a day and I don’t have the money in the budget to actually join a gym so I’m doing it all at home, usually during my lunch hour.

But with only a couple weeks until this wedding the outlook doesn’t look too good. I guess I better start considering investing in a pair of Spanx and just keep pushing play so I can maybe lose something before summer and pool season are upon us.

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Dana Martin said...

Couple of things (right after congrats on the upcoming nuptials): I'm almost 44 and in the best shape of my life, so YES... it's possible after 40. I started exercising (like you) more regularly, but I also added waaaaay more protein and fiber to my diet, which is very filling. However, recently I added wine to my occasional diet... and POOF! The weight started going up. Hmm... could be a sign? I cut back again on it and things went back to normal.

You are not "k"idding yourself! :) The weight (cottage cheese) comes off when calorie intake becomes grossly replaced by calorie burning. However, don't take my protein thing lightly--it works! Chicken, veggies and beans. You'll be shocked.

Dana at Waiter, drink please!

Joan said...

I know it's the wine for me. Do I want to give it up? No. It will be a sad day when or if I decide to give up wine to lose the 15 pounds that I know I should.

Kathe W. said...

I lost my 20 pounds by just eating less every meal....and it worked, BUT it took about 6 months....
Have a happy weekend!

Rob-bear said...

Well, I've put on about 25 pounds, which I didn't lose during hibernation. So I understand something of your plight. But I don't have any weddings to solemnize (as in couples to marry), so I'm not worried about that matter. I have lost five of those pounds in the past few weeks, which is encouraging, and I may lose some more.

Here's to your health — improved by the loss of a few pounds.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Anonymous said...

Not sure what i could add since I'm pretty much the opposite of Dana here, but it sounds like you're eating well and doing plenty of exercise and the only thing really holding you back is the alcohol consumption. If you can substitute beer for water you should be well on your way. Easy for me to say, I never drink beer. And everyone is constantly harping on me about my soda intake but without my daily dose of caffeine I can't stay up late enough to blog or work on my story. Sigh... I need a nutritionist. And a personal trainer. And 48-hour days.

Keep us posted on your progress. You may not reach your goal weight in time for the wedding, but the important thing is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself. :-)

Launna said...

It is more difficult to lose the weight as you get older but it is definitely do-able... I have seen close friends of mine who were able to take it off and maintain it with just eating healthy and working out for an hour or so a day. It took them a little longer but they held on. I am starting my journey on that path next week:)