Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Once a Decade

Unlike my love for just about every genre of music, I have a very distinct “type” that I’m drawn to when it comes to the guys that would turn my head on the street (aka musicians, Hollywood actors, characters in books – you know, completely unattainable in the real world). My head turners are generally somewhat pale with blue eyes and brown or black hair. Dimples, freckles, sizeable nose optional but strongly appreciated. Look up Townie in the Boston to English Dictionary. Or Black Irish. Or hockey player.

So every once in a while when I get this totally inexplicable crush on one of those unattainable men who fits little to none of those above qualities, it throws me for a loop. And it makes me write differently too.

Right now I’d say my top five head turners would include Ian Somerhalder, Alex O’Loughlin, Adam Lavine, Matt Bomer, and Joseph Morgan. I can almost hear you asking, ‘Joseph, who?’ You know him, he plays Nicklaus, or Klaus, on The Vampire Diaries.

Obviously he has a little bit different look than those other guys. Blonde, button nose, oh and his character on TVD is evil. Like the fruits of the Devil…she says in a Mike Meyers voice…but he’s getting better. Maybe. Who knows with that show.

Anyway, side-by-side one of these kids is not like the other. See?

I started thinking about this recently and realized I find myself fan-girl crushing on a guy that doesn’t fit my usual type about once a decade. Jason was ten or so years ago. Before that was Sully. Sometime before that was Sean Astin. And he’s where it all began. So maybe that means the once a decade not my type guy really is my type?

It’s an interesting theory especially considering the guy I married has only one of the above listed hotness qualities but a host of others all his own that make him still one of the hottest guys I’ve ever known. Yeah, yeah, I know I don’t usually get squishy. Deal with it.

At any rate, I said I write different when I get my once a decade off-type crush. In this particular instance it’s because I can see Joseph Morgan playing Danny in the Reckless Abandon movie so I have a really strong handle on Danny’s character right now.

I wasn’t planning to have much of Danny in the sequel though. Perhaps this is telling me to just go with the once a decade free-fall and let the character out onto the page. Maybe I need to resolve the Danny stuff early; it would allow Shaw move on with her life. Or maybe she can’t move on right now? I have to start doing some research on community property states, murder of the spouse, or divorce, what goes where and who gets what when the marriage ends in any type of circumstance.

The answers to those questions will help me decide how I want their storyline to play out. And in what decade I’m going to focus the next book. I might go back in time before moving forward with these characters.

Posted for April 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge D is for Decade

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JudisJems said...

Thank goodness Matt's got something you find hot!

The guys you show do nothing for me; give me Pierce Brosnan, Jonny Lee Miller, or Kyle Chandler instead, or even Brendan Coyle or Hugh Laurie. Guess my type is mainly from the UK!

Love you, Mum

Kathe W. said...

aside from the guy in the blue T-shirt none of these do anything for my sweetie pie husband....oh no you dont! He's my kinda hunk!
Have a great day!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

See? We all have a type! heehee xoxo

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Alex is pretty hot. But yeah hubbys are so much hotter! I mean, why would we have married them otherwise right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you. Pierce Brosnan was one of my earliest crushes. Nothing wrong with the rest of that list of yours JudisJems. Those UK men... *blissful sigh*

#1Nana said...

The only one of your hot guys thatnI'd heard of was Adam Levine.

Dana Martin said...

Love this blog post!!!! Eye candy. Yum!

See you Friday for "E."

Waiter, drink please!

Bames Pabla said...

You have great taste in guys. That's all I can say.. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

If he keeps wearing those tee shirts that are full of holes like he can't afford a decent wardrobe he might drop off the list.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks Dana, sometimes we all need a little man candy in our day right? :-) Off to catch up on your posts...

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks Bames, they sure are even cuter all collected together in one place lol

Anonymous said...

Lol, I bet those shirts come pre-holed and they cost $80. Adam should release his own line of tattered clothing, promote it on The Voice, and make millions. I wouldn't buy one though, cause they're ridiculous. But at least he wears shirts (lookin' at you, Daniel Craig. And Channing Tatum. And McConaughey.)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

God knows you're probably right about the price tag of his special tees. I can just hear it now...Coming soon to a Target near you, the accessible version of Adam Levine's line. Only $45 for a beat to shit piece of crap yellow-used-to-be-white tee shirt! Look just like a sloppy rock star for less!