Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Page Six, Class, Boredom and Plans

I Survived the Arizona Blizzard of 2013

This will be the first thing I’ve written in almost a week. I’m completely bored with my new book ventures at the moment and every time I sit down to work on them everything I write just feels forced. So I prefer to do anything else because forced fiction is painful and I won’t put out something that feels like I had to write it just to appease people waiting for a sequel. Sorry folks, Guess you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

But in the meantime I feel like a complete and utter space filler right now. Kind of the same way baseball started taking over the sports section. One day there was a blurb on page three about how spring training would be starting soon and suddenly today any talk of hockey ends up all the way in the back of the section on page six so baseball can have the first five pages. Sorry hockey, guess I’m the last desert rat who gives a rat’s ass about this sport.

We had a good run though didn’t we? Since February 3, right after the Super Bowl came to a close, the Coyotes were featured on the first couple pages of the (sports section of the) paper every day. Because let’s face it, they’re playing better than the Suns. And you all know my team is the Bruins but if you think it’s tough getting Coyotes info, try getting something about a team that’s on the other side of the country and in a different conference. That’s what NHL Network and Android Apps are for.

But now that the snow has melted off Salt River Field and all of the tobacco chewing, over paid guys are back in town, hockey in the desert will become a fading memory. In the paper at least, I’ll still be watching my four games a week until July when the Cup finals will likely take place.

Oh, speaking of a fading memory, I’m going to regurgitate one right now. How great was Ben Affleck at the Oscars when Argo won best picture? He was so classy in fact he squarely put the attention of the entire audience on his Jennifer and took it off another Jennifer - Lawrence - who wore a dress so bulky it caused her to fall down on her way to pick up her Best Actress statue. Eek.

Of course, she was funny about her fall, which I also found quite classy, but Affleck saying things like ‘there’s no one else I’d rather work with’ to Jennifer Garner, knowing they’ve only made one Hollywood movie together, and seeing Garner’s reaction read ‘oh god honey, I thought we talked about you making speeches off the cuff after the Globes’ made all of that falling down business seem less clumsy. Good for you Ben, you took care of two Jen’s with one awkward speech.

Which brings me to my pet peeve of the Oscar evening. Let me first say that I don’t have an Oscar – the golden statue or a de la Renta – and I’ve never been to the proverbial Super Bowl of Hollywood nights. I don’t personally know anyone who has and I don’t think I’ll be getting an invite anytime soon. But I’d like to think if I did go I could look a little excited to be there.

I get it Hollywood you’re like the baseball players in this situation, taking over everywhere. Or me in my current state in life, bored off your ass. You’ve been to so many stupid award shows over the past couple months, put on so many pairs of constricting Spanx and four inch heels, dresses you have to return the next day, and copious gallons of hair product that you’re just over it.

But that shouldn’t be our problem. We watch the Oscars not because we really care who wins but to see all the other stuff – like who falls down, who has the ugliest dress, or who made a speech so right on we Writers are happy to have him in our corner. What we don’t want is the camera doing the quick cut away into the crowd only to see you practically rolling your eyes then taking a nap in your seat.

You’re freaking actors for goodness sake! Can’t you play the role of the interested and excited person for four bloody hours? I mean we don’t follow you home so feel free to lambaste the person winning later while you toss your Spanx into a corner of your closet and let the true you out. I know it’s constricting to pretend but give it a try and I’m sure you can pull it off.

And if they can’t pull it off, I want to institute new rules. 1) If the camera pans to you and you look bored you don’t get invited next time. 2) If the camera pans to you and the viewing audience can just tell you hate the winner because you’re either a) not clapping or b) giggling with the person next to you instead of paying attention you will be summarily dismissed from the show and someone more deserving of sitting inside the glitzy arena will take over your seat.

I’m willing to volunteer.

Maybe doing something new would help me get past my own sense of boredom.

Which is exactly what I had in mind this week when I started drawing up plans for our house. I needed a shift in creativity, pronto.

In May we’re going to refinance our home loan so we can get rid of mortgage insurance (something I find even more useless than bored actors) and in the process we’ll take a bit of cash. Our plan is to put it right back into the house – all new windows (ours are currently single pane and doing nothing for energy efficiency), new flooring and possibly renovating the kitchen.

Which is why I’m doing up plans and pricing spreadsheets. Finally my Interior Design schooling can come into good use. I’m budgeting down to the penny for this one and if we can’t afford it by even $100 we’re waiting until that $100 is in our hand.

Luckily we’re planning to stick around this time so we won’t be looking at another Labor of Love situation, regardless. Sometimes you learn your lesson. This is one of those times.

Anyway, part of what we’ll be doing is opening up our living room and kitchen to one big great room space and I got the before and after plans drawn up yesterday. What do you think?

Fireplace & corner walls that are freestanding in the middle of the space as well as all upper cabinets and the wall above the stove will come down to open up to a great room concept.
Breakfast bar replaces upper cabinets, countertop extended, pantry cabinets and desk fill the void on the north wall. Open shelving on the south wall. Window on the west wall, north most, will reduce in size to match the other window on the same wall & make way for the laundry coming in from the garage.

If nothing else this bout with creativity in a realm other than words has caused me to get a little spark back inside my brain. Maybe my next murder will take place in a design center or something. I can have Shaw out shopping for a new refrigerator and when she opens it there’s a body inside. She’ll call Agent Harris right away. It could be JJ’s cousin. Then the gang will all be back together and Shaw will be hot on the trail of a murderer, gathering fodder for her next novel.

The good news, it looks like if I keep working on dream plans for our house perhaps you won’t have to wait all that long for a sequel after all. Maybe even by the end of hockey season.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

I love the new floor plan, looks very open, airy, and modern! and I'm so glad to read you will be more cautious with the funds this time around.

As for the Oscars, and the outfits, and the hairdos, and who falls (or doesn't) my feeling is - couldn't care less. Give me real people, people! If they would just show up in jeans and sneakers, then maybe I would watch. ;-)

I'm also hoping you find your next story plot easily (did you forget about the antique tools angle discussed on Mt. Lemmon?) Well, whatever works, we will happily wait for the next installment.

Peace, hugs, and love,

Joan said...

However long it takes, I will wait. :)

I do like the new floor plan. Open area and breadkfast bar. Nice!

Launna said...

I love the new floor plans... nice to see it inspiring you in a few ways:-) Good luck with the new story line;-)

Alice said...

I'm an awards show junkie and agree with your rules regarding attendance! And yeah, I just love Ben. His speech, especially the end where he was choking up. Best of the night. (Although I thought Daniel Day Lewis was very funny.) And poor J Law. Cannot catch a break on award show mishaps. Love her anyway.

Launna said...

Hi Jenn, I wanted to know if you would mind if I chose you as one of my favorite bloggers, it would be in a month or two. I love your blog and if you are interested, would you mind writing a paragraph about yourself and why you blog. Thanks so much, Launna :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I really can't wait to get going on these plans!

Nope, didn't forget the antique tools I just haven't had a spark that allows them to be used just yet. Still rattling around the back of my mind though so we'll see :-)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Aw thanks Joan! Though I'm getting anxious now. For both a new book AND the renovations haha

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks Launna, anything to prompt a little creativity is good as far as I'm concerned!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Daniel Day Lewis surprised the hell out of me, he was so dry & funny! Other than Affleck his may have been the best speech all night. Lawrence was great how she was like 'I know I'm only getting a standing o because I fell down' way to brush it off!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Launna I'd be honored, thanks so much! If you want you can pop me an email randomlunacy11 at yahoo and I'll get it out to you asap. Thanks my friend this is very sweet of you :-)

Almost Precious said...

Not sure if this comment will be a duplicate or not - I went to post and had to sign into Blogger, then it sent me to a page and wanted me to verify my mobile phone number (which I did not want to do) so I was kicked me out of Blogger. . . I've been kicked out of worse places ! Anyway here's the comment, thankfully I had highlighted and copied it when I saw that signing into Google would be required.

The new floor plan looks amazing, really opens things up. Would be great if you could get your remodeling job on an HGTV show - sort of like "Rehab Addict" (love her, she's so down to earth). :D

Sometimes when it seems our brain has dried up and we can't come up with new ideas or visions, we just need to focus in a different direction. I'm having the same problem with blogging and am wondering if I need a strong dose of depression meds or simply a long, exotic vacation.