Monday, January 7, 2013

I Should Probably Blog...

Is something I've been saying to myself for weeks. But I've been seemingly inactive in my life since my last post in early December. And I'm not one to blog just to get a post out there if it isn't going to say something.

Okay to be fair that's not always true. But my last three posts of the year were about not knowing what's going on with my health and as of right now I'm kind of in the same place so it really seemed like I had nothing new to say. Head scratching for my head swimminess.

I saw an ENT and he diagnosed me with BPPV just before the holidays. Its benign paroxsymal positional vertigo. Basically the rocks in my ear shook loose and its causing the wonkiness - a word I told him I'm patenting for this particular condition. It isn't life threatning or anything so all I had to do was go in for him to perform the Epley maneuver and I should be 100%. After 2 weeks I'm still exactly the same.

Then I found out Meneire's disease runs in my family and told the doc that history and fact I'm still the same. The ENT is sending me to a Vestibular Therapist this week. Oh joy. Another medical professional. I'm just tired of all this, I want it behind me and done, because frankly I'm so sick of thinking about it, living with it and talking about it I could just give up at this point.

I miss my life, leaving the house without having to plan it around meals, hiking, yoga, playing rock band, sleeping on my stomach (aka sleeping at all), coffee, a glass of wine with friends at happy hour.

This best be the last stop. If they can't figure it out or fix it I'm left with Acupuncture (which I might just do anyway) and a Neurologist. Which I'll do if I have to but it scares me to think what might be wrong if I have to go to that doc. But not thinking about that crap unless I have to so onto other things.

In better and happier news...

I finally got "Reckless Abandon" formatted for print & the book loaded on CreateSpace. Should be available on Amazon any day now. And I'm starting formatting on "Ripple the Twine" today to get it ready for eBook. Now both will be available in both formats which is exciting.

I'm writing this from my phone in the warmest part of the house so I'm sorry to say I don't have the links. I know, what kind of sales person am I, right? I'm sure most of you are Facebook friends by now or if not maybe you folllow my Jenn Flynn-Shon FB Author page. Links are there if you're interested.

Now here's hoping the VT fixes me up right this week sometime so I can get back to working on the sequel to Reckless. And so I can just get back to living my life like a normal person so this blog doesn't end up becoming all about my stupid health issues. Because at this point its even starting to bore me.

And although I'm late - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Rosebud Collection said...

Kept checking in..glad you are finally here and wrote about what is happening. Jenn, isn't it funny
this happened after you moved to think..what about swimming. Do you do a lot of it?
Inner ear trouble..not always easy to pick up. Is the dizzy business the only symptom. This is going to be a silly question. Eating any grapes from Chili? Fruit that is sprayed with pesticides. Anything different since you moved.
I keep throwing things at you, that are sometimes not thought of. Still praying they find out what is going on..Sending love to you..

Linda Myers said...

I've had this from time to time. First was many years ago and it turned out to be an allergy. Any new plants or environmental issues in Arizona?

My doc gave a maneuver to do at home instead of going in for the Eppley. I had the condition for eight months and it was very distracting. My PT said the vestibular system includes not just ears but eyes - your system trying to figure out where it is in space and getting confused. I've been doing Egoscue exercises for three weeks - postural stuff for various issues - and they have helped. No bppv at all right now.

JudisJems said...

Hugs, hoping, and healing coming from here!
Love you, Mum

Launna said...

I have been wondering how you are Jenn, I am so sorry to see you are still suffering from this 'illness'. I feel for you, I have health issues too at the moment, I am so over it as well... I completely understand what you say about just wanting your old life back, I want mine back too...

Keep us posted :)

Almost Precious said...

Good to see an update - but sorry to hear that much remains the same. :( Believe me I can truly empathize !!!

Hope you get an answer and a cure soon.

Great news about your books - congratulations are certainly in order, hopefully this next doctor can get you back to normal so you can go out and really celebrate. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for all of your kind and warm wishes everyone. Trying to do my best to get through all this one day at a time right now. Some are less wonky than others. Seeing an Acupuncturist next week and will go back for another massage soon. In the meantime just relaxing as much as possible and reducing salty foods from my diet as both seem to be a great help. I'll keep you all posted! xoxoxo