Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Tornado of Life, a Week in Briefs

I finished writing Reckless Abandon this past Friday. It felt good to be done. Matt read it yesterday and offered feedback. I’ll edit it and get it to my mom for cover art. Almost there!

Hockey is still locked out. Looking like this season is going to be another faded memory. Sucks. So what to do when its winter in the desert and I can’t get my NHL fix?

Exercise, that’s what. Started up with P90X again and feeling sore but amazing! Week one just ended and unlike the last time we tried doing this I’m looking forward to starting week two. After I get to relish in the fact that I have today off, that is. I need it. This old lady don’t move like she used to. Guess that’s the point of why I’m doing it huh?

Signed up for my first Writers conference. It’s in about three weeks and I can’t wait to check out how they work. There will be writers, editors, agents, publishers and all kinds of other industry pros there. And I’ll be one of them. Holy crap this thing is real!

Which means I should probably order my business cards like two weeks ago. Especially now that I have a snazzy new Jenn Flynn-Shon Author Website to direct people to. Have you seen it?

Tell your friends!

Someone I’ve never met cleaned out the contents of my Etsy shop. Seriously? I hadn’t sold anything there since May, announced I’d likely be shutting it down (not out loud/in a blog or anything, just to my mom on the phone) and a week later I was selling my merch again. Maybe I should announce closing it daily? Become a best-selling zine-ster? I don’t plan to renew anything but there’s still two items over there. They’ll probably sit dormant until February when the above cycle begins again. I just don’t get it but I MORE than appreciate the sale and support!

I registered to vote in the November elections. We’ll see if I got my application in on time to actually go and do it. If I did, fine. If I didn’t? Well as far as I’m concerned that’s okay too. Because here’s my issue – I kind of just don’t care. Sounds terrible, yeah I know it does, but I’ve never been into popularity contests, broken promises or being told what I’m supposed to do. Sadly government is all three of those things no matter who you vote for. Twice in my life now I’ve gotten all jacked up about elections – the one when I could first vote and four years ago when I started pulling myself back out of 9/11 PTSD and found myself hopeful for the future again. Through the history of time no President has ever managed to keep every promise he made while campaigning. The U.S. citizens are just in a highly dysfunctional relationship with their top hierarchy of government – they beat us (proverbially) then buy us flowers and tell us how sorry they are and we believe they’ll change every time. Ugh, I’m not trying to get on a soapbox here but turns out I did. Suffice to say, I will probably go and vote but there isn’t a single candidate (for the big job) that I actually believe in anymore. It’s all a bunch of malarkey.

Yeah, my Grampa used to use that word. Actually, my whole family did. We’re Irish, it’s just a part of the lexicon.

Goals set this week:
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose enough weight that I go back down at least one full cup size (PLEASE dear lord of the workout, make it so because I can NOT carry these things around anymore, seriously)
  • Release my novella by the end of October
  • Learn how to format an eBook for Amazon sale
  • Leave the house to write at least once a week – library, coffee shop, I don’t care but get out and work on something fresh even if it’s only random babble about the smell inside a bakery.
  • Find a bakery in Phoenix that sells traditional Italian almond cookies (new goal recently added, yup)
  • Figure out a way to get back to Boston twice in 2013
  • Write a memoir and two McLeary series novellas in 2013 and release them (not necessarily in that order & not necessarily all have to be released in 2013, just written by the end of next year)
  • Add these goals to a tabbed button at the top of this blog and use it as a way of holding myself accountable to work towards each of them

I’ve run out of stuff to say, this is far too disjointed and boring already, and I’m in need of going and having breakfast so bye for now.


Linda Myers said...

Motivation! You've got it!

#1Nana said...

Okay, the accountability police are now on duty...get to work!

lettersfromlaunna said...

Good luck with your list Jenn, I am sure you can do it;)

Suldog said...

Energize yourself by searching out the candidates other than the two you see all the time. I'd suggest Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, but there are lots more. It always feels good to cast a vote nobody expects! :-)