Friday, June 29, 2012

Irony Upon Irony

Well folks, if I didn’t love irony so much I’d probably be pretty upset by this whole odd and twisted situation going on with marketing my book right now.  But I do love it; when I see it happen, read it, live it.  Anything.  It reminds me that life will do whatever it damn well wants to no matter how much we plan otherwise and that sometimes we’re supposed to laugh at the happenstance.  Sometimes we have to laugh at the fact that it’s so funny and unbelievable it has to be true.

As if our life were a thirty minute sitcom.

This week my sitcom would have a title like “Really?”

I told you on my other blog all about the irony of sending one of my books to a stop on my Blog Tour that just so happens to be in Montreal.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that post feel free to head on over now.  No, really go ahead.  I can wait.

~*~Musak ensues.  I dance in an elevator with a dorky smile on my face until the doors open.~*~

Okay, now that you’re back…

Is that weird or what?  I mean of all the blogs in all the cities in two different countries and my book goes off to one located smack dab in the middle of the home of the Habs?  Anyway, now that my latest challenge has presented itself I almost feel like that was nothing!

Yesterday I get an email from Samantha over at Chick Lit Plus, the gal handling my Ripple the Twine Blog Tour, indicating that one of the bloggers received an empty envelope!

I was mortified!  The glue on the envelopes I used seemed to be pretty strong.  But if one fell out, could more have taken a tumble into the Post Office abyss as well?  I kind of freaked out when I emailed her back so I barely took notice of what blogger she said got a bag full of nothing.  So I went back to Samantha’s message and scrolled down to see which blogger it was, half expecting to see it was one of the (more expensive) Canadian blogs.

I opened my spreadsheet to get the address.  My jaw almost hit the desk as it dropped.  It was just too good.  I had a literal LOL moment sitting here, looking at my monitor.

The book was supposed to be delivered to the owner of the blog Lost in Literature.

~*~Laughter ensues.  I nod my head with a sheepish grin on my face until you stop wiping away tears of hilarity.~*~

I mean, come on.  Are you kidding me?  Hello Post Office; its Lost in Literature.  A three word title.  Not Lost Literature.  IN.

The good news in all this lunacy though is that the situation gave me a little inspiration for the book outline I’m compiling for NaNo this fall (yup, doing it again!).  And I guess it is small comfort that at least nine of the ten reached their destinations safe and sound.

And the one to LiL?  Let’s just note the acronym isn’t LOL and hopefully this second shipped copy will be IN their mailbox within the next couple days.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

I am still laughing; that is unbelievable!

I hope you added packing tape over the flap and all around the envelope this time.

For whatever reason, this opportunity presented itself and you got a great blog post out of it.

Love you, Mum

lettersfromlaunna said...

That is so odd and laughable... but your mum is right... you did get a blog post out of it... :) I can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

ginger cooke said...

That's pretty wicked! And yes, Your packaging is always impeccable....something tells me a postal worker got a free copy. :)
I promise to do a review sometime by the end of July. I'm jut so busy trying to keep my ship together these days that I'm not a very good friend right now. Sorry. :(

Anonymous said...

I too was thinking maybe someone wanted a free read. :)
I once sent a package to Scott for his b-day. Two books, a card, and a mouse pad (made with a photo of their cat). He received the package, with tape (a bit messy and a bit more), but....the card and mouse pad were not in it. I guess they didn't want to read but I was pissed because now someone else has that great photo of Caddy. lol

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Seriously, only me right? True on the post though, can't complain there! ♥ Second copy has been sent with fingers crossed!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

It is totally crazy! Like I said, irony is cool, but there has to be a point where enough is enough lol. Will keep you all posted!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Well I hope the employee who found it enjoys it. Sigh. Guess that's just an occupational hazard right? The good news is that I'm using that very idea as a plot point in the next NaNo this year :-) This MS is going to be very different from my others, doing a little action/adventure/mystery/intrigue story instead of the romance stuff. We'll see, hope I can pull it off!

Hunny you do whatever you can, want, need, etc. to do. I'm certainly not stressing that you're taking the time you need to heal your body and live your life. Do not even worry for a milisecond if you're being a good friend. Really, that's enough of that! You're a great friend and I love you. Just get better ♥

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I guess I can understand the mousepad because there are many who believe cats are the cutest thing on the planet, but the card? Um, that's kinda personal to just take from someone else don't ya think? Way too strange! At least he got the book :-)

Suldog said...

Jenn - I just finished a review of "Ripple" over at Amazon. Look for it to appear soon, I suppose (first I guess they have to make sure I'm not one of your paid minions or something.) Anyway, finished the book and my feelings are just as I said in the review - highly recommended. Good job, and I look forward to someday saying, "I knew her when..."