Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And the Award Goes to…

Me!  I was not prepared to win, I don’t even have anything written on a little scrap of paper stuffed into my bra that I can pull out and read on stage.  Being nominated was an honor all by itself.  I don’t have anyone to thank really except Chris who has bequeathed me with this honorable mention.  I am overwhelmed and thank the Academy for this glorious treasure bestowed upon me.

So in case you hadn’t picked up on the bantery tone in my fingers, I was given a blogger award by The Pedestrian Writer, linked right up there ^.  Chris is one of my newer bloggy friends but he’s like that bloggy friend you have no idea how long it’s really been since you started reading each other’s stuff because it’s like you’ve always been reading each other’s stuff.  I suggest everyone get over & read his blog like now.  Well okay not right now, stick around and read this bunch of random babble first then get on over there & search the archives.

Anyway, he’s given me the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Rad! 

I may or may not have received this award years ago when blog awards were handed out in such a haphazard manner that they were everywhere.  Not to diminish the receipt of any award but when they’re so readily available as if they were a joint in a high school parking lot on a Friday night, some of the meaning behind it kind of goes by the wayside.

So for the longest time I stopped doing the award thing.  Stopped accepting them, handing them back out, talking about them, posting their pictures on my blog.  Probably because I started smoking weed in the high school parking lot on a Friday night and kind of forgot about doing all that other stuff…someone pass the Munchos would ya?

Well I’m accepting this award and thanking Chris for coolly saying what I’ve been trying to shove down everyone’s throat for so long - that my blog kicks ass.  

And good luck to you for reading this because we’re already at close to 400 words & I haven’t even posted the picture of the darn award yet.

Today’s Seven Facts

1. I am a total sucker for men who have that whole “Black Irish” thing going on.  Even if they’re not Irish it’s the fair skin, black hair, blue eyes thing that makes me swoon.  Every. Time.  Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about: Ian Somerhalder.

The guy isn’t just hot though, he’s an environmental activist.  And he owns a reclaimed wood upcycling company with his brother.  Which means he’s in construction too.  Plus he plays a Vampire on TV (more on this old, & recently revived, obsession in a later post).  And the cherry on top, he’s a fucking Writer. 

God has a great sense of humor giving us ladies (and probably a whole bunch of guys that aren’t a-scared to admit it because, seriously, look at the guy!) this gift of man-candy and then not having enough to go around.  Luckily Matt has a sense of humor too or he’d get pretty tired of seeing my drool bucket.

2. I’m a creature of habit in the morning.  And by habit I mean a complete and total cranky bitch.  Last night Matt told me he thinks maybe I’m part Vampire because if the red velvet blackout curtains in our bedroom aren’t pulled tight in the morning I’m essentially evil.  Seriously, one peeking ray of sun and I wake up “screaming” like the daylight just lit me on fire or something.  Not only that but I need my life-blood before anything else.  That would of course be coffee.  But same dif right?

3. Certain turns of phrase that have become popular in modern day speak drive me out of my mind – easy peasy, preggers, and hubs are the worst.  Yes I’ve used them all.  And I die a little inside every time I do.

4. I think the arbitrary number of things required to share just to accept this award is totally odd.  Why wasn’t it five?  Or ten?  Seven just seems super strange to me.

5. If the seven things were five, I’d be done now.

6. Horror movies and ghost stories freak me the hell out.  I can’t sleep if I watch them and I will never willingly go on a ghost hunt or any of that strange stuff.  Anyway, I hate blood and gore in movies and psychological thrillers that involve spirits trip me out (but yes I’m totally cool with Vampires, again, this is for a later post).  I have many stories of living in houses that contained spirits where inexplicable things happened.  Like lights turning on in rooms with no one inside and no timer on the lamp.  Like one wall (an interior one) always being cold and having a cold breeze coming off it even in summer.  Like a ghost living in my bathroom.

So we owned this Vacation House in the Ghetto and I am telling you, there was a ghost living in our upstairs bathroom.  At night if I had to pee I could feel it hovering in the doorway so I’d always go downstairs to the main bathroom.  And I always held on tight to the railing because I could actually feel it behind me as I descended the stairs.  I think it was trapped up there though because I never felt it on the first floor.  It was totally freaky but I never felt threatened per se.

7. I’ve developed allergies since moving to Phoenix.  Before I had a chance to think of a seventh thing to talk about I literally sneezed seven times in a row.  How’s that for irony huh?  Lots of different plants and stuff out here in the desert.  No Vampires in the desert though.  Well, at least according to my sister.  Must be that whole sunlight & werewolf thing instead.  But you never know…

So here’s the thing, I hate picking people to pass these on to.  I always feel bad if I choose someone and then someone else gets sad that I didn’t choose them.  But I’ll do it because I’m feeling generous and I wasn’t born with a guilt gene so there’s always that too.  So here you go…please read these people, some are new friends & some are old but they’re all awesome.

Anna at My Two Cents
Karen at Karen Cooks
Jim at Suldog (and yes, I'm fully aware what this could mean but no pressure)
Kate at Plan Q.3 (good to see you blogging again my friend!)

And now back to my draining schedule.  Ha, get it?  Vampires? Draining?  Luckily I’m easily amused…and equally lucky that I amuse myself…


Suldog said...

Oh, Lord. You do know that I gave up being an a-hole for Lent, right? And here you are, tempting me to ream you out.

Love, you are safe from my blunt wit. I actually decided, several months ago, to stop doing the sort of posts I once did in response to receiving awards.

(For those who don't understand, you could read the following...


... but only if you have an hour to spare and no sense of taste in literature.)

So, in short, thanks, but I decline. Maybe next time I'll be in a more bitter state of mind.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

No need to apologize, I was fully aware when I linked to you that you wouldn't likely do anything about it because I read your final award post recently. See, I hate giving them out so I tried to be creative (or Kreativ?) in who it went to this time. Basically knowing full well many wouldn't take the bait & respond in kind. But God lova ya for reading all of this crap anyway :-)

Rosebud Collection said...

Congrats..you deserve it..
Have been so busy and now preparing for Easter..20 will be here..all my girls/husbands/grandchildren.Love it..Will do the cooking and then sit back and enjoy watching everyone eat.
Always a fun time when we get together. Have a wonderful Easter and sending you love and blessings..xoCarolyn

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Congrats on your award and accepting it so graciously!

Enjoy your fame, too bad it doesn't also bring fortune. ;-)

Love you, Mum

Alice said...

I see your horror movies and I raise you one of those Halloween haunted houses. I have a fear that a real psycho killer will be hanging out waiting to kill me.

peanut butter unicorn said...

Yaaaay!!! you have an award!! That's like one step closer to fame and fortune, right??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I was telling my wife about your blog not too long ago, and I was trying to remember how you and I first connected and ... I drew a blank. Couldn't have been that long ago, right? But who found who? And how? I'm thinking you might be right, it just feels like we've always been bloggy friends. I can't remember our 'origin story' either!

Your blog does kick ass, and I'm sure your book does, too. I would have posted a comment sooner but I was actually busy working on my WIP for the first time in about a week!

Seven is too many, isn't it? (Great movie, though) I don't know how I'm going to come up with seven interesting facts about myself--I can hardly come up with two! You found a way arounf that though ;)

I remember Ian Sommerhalder from Lost, but I haven't seen him in anything since. I'm not a vampire guy at all, though I can be coaxed into watching just about anything if a hot actress is involved (and no, Kristen Stewart does NOT count!)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks Carolyn! Wow I always applaud how close your family is and how much fun you can all have together on holidays. 20 is a lot to cook for...I know you love doing it but I hope they at least help with the dishes ♥

Mum & PBU - one step closer to the fortune part...the fame part? Well I've been famous in my own head for decades ;-)

That's exactly what I'm talking about Alice! I can't even watch those shows. Sometime I'll tell the story about seeing my great Aunt in my bedroom sitting on a bench by the window too. Shivers...

Seriously Chris, I was really trying to think when writing this because I wanted to be accurate in the reteling, yada, yada...but I couldn't place it at all! I know it was within the last year but I'm far too lazy to go back & try to figure it out, just happy to be friends :-) Hey that's awesome you're working on the book again! No worries on commenting, happy to hear you're writing! And you're heading home for Easter right? Will you have time to write while you're there or just hangin with your bro? Google Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham or Candice Accola...you'll be watching The Vampire Diaries in no time lol

side note - my capcha is Taleds Typery - sounds like a good name for a band :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those eyes.
When I think of great eyes, Jared Leto, always. :)
Thank you Jenn for the kind words.