Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simply Irresistible

I must confess a secret -- my life is pretty lame. I don’t go on pre-paid trips to exotic locations, don’t get hammered in bars and have paparazzi follow me home, I don’t shield my face from the millions of screaming throngs outside my balcony and I don’t need a bodyguard to follow me around everywhere.

But I do live on the edge.

That's right.  You want proof you say?

Oh I’ll wear white sweats and a Clorox-esque white hoodie to an Italian restaurant. Don’t even dare me because I’ll do it. I’ll also smile at random strangers when walking down the street. And you know how I know that makes me an adrenaline junkie? I won’t even look away after they give me that ‘who the fuck are you and why are you looking at me with that idiotic look on your face’ look.

You want even more danger?  I’ll refer to Facebook in everyday conversation and will totally spell thingz that end in an ‘s’ with a ‘z’.

Yeah that’s right, you better watch out because I’m just crazy.

So it probably should have come as no surprise that the most exciting thing I’d done to date since arriving in Arizona was drinking too many beers mid afternoon.  While at the lake.  While still on vacation.

Such a party animal, I’m surprised Hollywood didn’t come knocking down my door years ago! Clearly there was an excellent made for TV, Lifetime movie script just waiting to be pulled out of my life. Or more. They probably could have gotten an entire mini-series of “drama” out of the history of my life.

Note the air quotes.  And the sarcasm.

The real issue for me in having had little to no adventures or experiences to speak of in the last ten years is I have no clue how to apply all the crap I used to do that technically could be counted as edgier to my current writing. And then the real kicker is that the more of these blog posts I write the more I really realize that I kind of don’t want to write fiction, pretty much I just want to write some kind of snarky as hell memoir about how awesome I am.

Or something like that. I can be flexible on the snarky part.

The basic rule I’ve been seeing when it comes to blogging for exposure is that you have to do it every day. Okay, that sounds great an all but this is the part where you circle back around to the beginning and review the “my life is a lame ass sleep-fest” portion of today’s post. And I can’t possibly be expected to do something earth shattering every day just so I can write about it, right?

Something tells me that’s going to get pretty expensive after a while.  Not to mention tiring.

I also shouldn’t have to reveal all of my past, let’s just call them adventures, in order to entertain the masses (read: the 30 people who currently read my blog) right? I mean shouldn’t some things in the past simply remain there forever?

Then that brings us back to this post. And a little nagging itch tells me that if I recycle this ‘I don’t know what to say so I’ll just tell you in approximately 700 words of circular prose how much I really don’t have to talk about’ concept day after day, that 30 person readership is pretty likely to tumble. Quickly.

So what in the hell is a girl to do? Should I kill off my other two blogs (the Company blog and the Greenie one) and combine all that stuff here instead of keeping my business/eco/bipolar-schitzo lives separated?

Okay, never mind. Seeing how it reads, I think that question’s clearly rhetorical.

Maybe I could create some kind of month long writing prompt of my own. Like one of those chain mail things where you’re forced to turn on your iPod and write down the first 20 songs so everyone can laugh at your recoculous taste in music. Only instead of just writing out the list I’ll use the song title as a writing prompt and the first thing that comes to mind when I see the song title -- poetry, fiction, non-fiction, random psycho babble -- is what I write and post.

You know, that’s actually not a half bad idea. Think I'll start today…


Selena said...

I relate. My life is really lame and the only thing I have to write about is my kid. And you can only write about the really ridiculous stuff (because no matter how interesting and cute I think it is, no one wants to hear about my kid falling into the toilet for the third time this week) which only happens like once a yeah. I am down to posting like once a week...about shit that makes me mad. But people read it.

I for one like your blog!

Anonymous said...

I like that song....Great taste! :)

draagonfly said...

Oh c'mon - even Dooce doesn't post every day. :) Give yourself a break.

I've found if I don't have an experience to write about, I go look for something I have an opinion on, and trust me girl, *that* is a neverending list. :)

Remember, writers are also readers. I'm sure you have a list of blogs/news sites/humor places that you like to go... add some science ones or historical ones or whatever you're into to the list and visit them to read BEFORE you write every day. I guarantee you'll find something that sparks your creativity.

Obviously I don't practice what I preach, but my problem is much more about forcing myself to sit still for an hour to write. Never about not having something to write about.

Also - when you get an idea in the car or something? Text the idea to your email address so you remember later. :) I think most of my email comes from my own phone!

And don't be surprised if someday I steal one of your 30-day things you come up with. I haven't forgotten about the picture one! I want to do that! Again - self-discipline is not my forte. *sigh*

By the way? You're awesome. :) Can't wait until we can get together!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

You've been Simply Irresistible since the moment you were born. Hope you'll just keep doing what's working and slowly go away from what doesn't.

Love you, Mum

Rosebud Collection said...

Bless you, three blogs..I am having trouble keeping one going..Sometimes, I can't think of what to write about..Seems like I said it all.
Glad you are enjoying yourself and happy..Just think how nice in winter..what a treat that will be.
Hey, when you smile at others and they give you that remark..Let me say is their loss..dumb fools.
I haven't patience on ignorance..but I have to admit, ignorance seems to be running wild lately..
Take care Jenn, enjoy your new happy for both of you.
Sending love/Carolyn

Almost Precious said...

Well I've only one blog and have been debating if I should just admit defeat and throw in the towel on it. I know if I don't go pounding on other bloggers blogs my own blog would never get so much as one visit, let alone a comment. Maybe I should just stop writing and have a giveaway blog ... everyone loves giveaways ... what would I give away? ... don’t have money to buy stuff ! ... no connections to sources of freebies ... then there’s always just posting photos, no words, just photos ... some people prefer not to be bothered with words or reading. Oh crime-a-nelly I don’t know what I’ll end up doing. Maybe I’ll become a paparazzi and stalk Jenn after she becomes a world famous writer ... yeah, catch a good photo of her wearing her white sweats, dark glasses and a Clorox-esque white hoodie at an Italian restaurant ... it could make front page of one of those cheesy tabloids like The Enquirer ! :D