Monday, June 13, 2011

This Is How Rumors Get Started

Who sang that song “Rumors” released back in the 80’s? I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it was all about relationships, who was or wasn’t gay, if some girl was a slut…stuff that was the hot button topic of the time period.

Today’s hot button topic (read: potential rumor) is that the Vancouver Canucks started trying to sell rights for their Stanley Cup victory parade. Um, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there a game tonight? Oh yeah, and if we win it, isn’t there another game on Wednesday night? And if we win that game don’t we get to have a parade or whatever?

Slow down with the big fat ego there Vancouver. Didn’t the presumptuous big mouthed guy in Tampa Bay who all but decimated their chances of ever winning teach you anything about putting the cart before the horse?

Hmmm, then again, on second thought…go ahead and talk it up. In fact talk until you’ve run short of breath and then when you’re all talked out and fainting we’ll just play hockey against you to see who comes out on top.

I’m all about trash talking to a point but saying you’ve got it before you’ve got it is just plain silly. That’s why around here the chant goes something like “We want the cup!” Because we do want it. But we are living in the real world where the thing still lives in a trunk and is transported by a guy wearing butler gloves.

We totally want it. But we’re absolutely comfortable waiting until Wednesday to get it, waiting until Thursday to start planning parades or celebrations because of it, and in fact I’m pretty sure most of the Bruins don’t even want to remember that the thing is making its way through Boston today.

But that’s okay. Nathan Horton will be at the game tonight cheering on the want. It’s also possible you’ll see the likes of Bobby Orr and maybe even Ray Bourque hanging out in the VIP section this evening if you turn on the game. And they’ll be clapping and cheering for our team to play with all the heart, soul and integrity we can bring to the ice.

Of course a little bit of taunting, trash talk or general lively sports banter never hurts either, guys, because after all, there is a game to be won.

Now go out there tonight and embrace the words of the great Phil Esposito:

“My competitive juices have started to flow again.”

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