Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can Not Function

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I’m running on the thinnest bit of rope with everything going on to move across the country in 11 days, now the Bruins are going to play game 7 tonight. And somehow I’m supposed to be able to not only work but also focus on school and pack, and wait for Matt to get home to find out if he’s taking his job with him or not?

Yeah, good luck with that one, Self.

It’s the last game. (Which probably makes all you people who really don’t give a crap about hockey happy that I’ll stop posting about it non stop haha). The Bruins, in franchise history (which is 87 years mind you) have never played a game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals. They also haven’t won a single game in Vancouver yet this series.

But hey, how does that saying go? I think its something like -- there’s a first time for everything. And frankly I think of all the games they could win in Vancouver, tonight’s would be a most excellent choice. I mean we’ve even got my Wicked Stepmother yelling ‘TIMMY!’ every time Tim Thomas makes one of his Tank-patented, no-man-should-be-able-to-do-that-with-his-body saves.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, the hockey season ends with our boys getting further than they have in decades and I for one couldn’t be more excited or proud to call them my team. You may take this girl out of Boston but by God I’m taking NESN with me.

Back in November sometime I was texting back and forth with my aunt during a regular game and made the mention that the team seemed to be skating so well together I could see them going all the way to the Cup finals if they kept it up all season. And its funny too because I have a vivid memory of seeing Adam McQuaid’s #54 hip checking someone into the boards as I was typing it. Lo and behold, here we are.

And man, after waiting 39 years do we ever want that Cup.

I was listening to 98.5 Sports Hub radio at work today and they mentioned something that’s both bizarre and eye opening -- with the exception of Mark Recchi (my man!!!) not a single player on the team was even born yet the last time they won a cup. I know I sure as heck wasn’t. Hell, I wonder if Tyler Seguin’s parents had even started kindergarten!

Nathan Horton will be in the building tonight. With his severe concussion from a week or so ago I was shocked to hear they cleared him for flight. But man what a HUGE boost that will be for our boys to get out there and bite back.

Not literally of course, we try to leave the dirtiest stuff to the other team. Not to say that always happens of course, I mean tiny little Brad Marchand certainly put a hurting on Henry Sedin’s face the other night. Over, and over, and over… But then one had to ask, why didn’t Sedin fight back? Had he just lost the will to fight?

I think pretty much all of Boston and every Bruins fan would be cool with the Canucks having lost their fight. Roberto Luongo sure did when he let 3 slide past him in the first 4 minutes of the last game but keep in mind that wasn’t all on Luongo. It was because you fine hockey players kept the pressure on him, because the puck was on your sticks.

We want the Cup. And by ‘we’ I mean the entirety of the hockey fans who would like to see the Bruins win this thing tonight; from the team themselves to the babies in Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. You boys need to go out there and play the best game of your lives.

But, and this is a big BUT…we don’t want to see bad play tonight, no intentional taunting while you’re laced up and try to avoid dirty hits or fighting majors if you can okay guys? Just skate, forecheck aggressively, pass well, shoot and score. If you’re going to win the Cup, do it on your talent and ability, not on your reliance of the Refs making calls in your favor.

And just remember, you boys have loads of talent and ability. No way you could have made it this far without.

Do it for yourselves. Do it for the seventh man. Do it because you know you can.

And now I’m off to try to get some school work done and a few boxes packed because NESN pre game coverage starts in just 4 hours…


draagonfly said...

Yay for the last game! Ummm... err... I mean good luck and all that. :) heehee

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

haha, yeah I know, I know. Guess its just one of those things that makes me, well, me...big old sports nut so when the Boston teams I love are nearing a championship I tend to get all amped :-)

Almost Precious said...

I've a daughter much like you, really big into sports. She rattles on and on about team stats, coaches, who was transferred to what team ... and it all goes ZIP - right over my head ! :D

Hopefully this will be the Bruins’ magic year and they’ll get their hands on that coveted Stanly Cup. :)

spottedwolf said...

Damn !....woman you're obsessive...ha ha ha.......go canucks go !!!

Almost Precious said...

HURRAY THEY WON! That big shiny trophy is now in Boston and we in blogdom have our Jenn back. :D

Hope ya didn't ovah do the celebrahchins and end up with one majahlee wicked hangovah this mawnin. :D

Rosebud Collection said...

Guess we know who won..scary the way the other fans reacted..whew..Guess they did quite a bit of damage..I don't think I will ever understand that kind of action..To me, they are just looking for a way to loot..Glad Boston won..

Joan said...

I have been thinking about you and Matt. Soon you will be on the road!

Suldog said...

Well, shows you how long it took me to get around to visiting you. Hope you liked the outcome ;-)