Monday, May 23, 2011

The Heat Is On

Last night I was lying on the sofa and enjoying Holmes Inspection after a pretty long day moving my dad and wicked step mom, and all at once the house got very quiet. It was as if a jet engine had been running above my head and it suddenly turned off. I didn’t even realize the sound was happening until it went away and I started to feel like the Dyson vacuum guy -- considering the “unsettling” nature of the white noise I’d been experiencing.

I looked around and said out loud ‘what the hell was that noise?’ and Matt responded ‘Maybe the heat was on?’

The heat? Really? We’re a week away from June right? Sure enough the heat was running. Now keep in mind we leave our heat set at 68 so it’s not like we’ve vying for the tropics here or anything, just a normal, average temperature.

I’ve worn my flip-flops a grand total of twice so far this spring. Right now I’m sitting in the office typing this up in sweatpants, a long sleeved cotton shirt, a hooded sweatshirt and thick slipper socks.

And it’s pouring out.


I’ve got a paper to write for my class that’s ending today and three assignments to do for my new class starting tomorrow and honestly my motivation level is so low the only thing I really want to do is lie down on the sofa and watch Springer or something.

Is it just me or should seasonal affective disorder have ended after the winter ended? It’s just too dang depressing here for words.

On Saturday this past weekend the sun came out. Yes I think it does call for attention considering it was the first time in almost three weeks that the shiny ball of light made an appearance here in the rainy, gray, cloud-covered northeast.

Ugh, I have to just move past it and must remember that in less than five weeks we’ll be on our way to browner pastures with more sun and blue sky than anyone could shake a stick at!

Not that I even have a clue what that expression means, why would I want to shake a stick at anything? How does that that signify a certain number anyway?

“That farmer has more cows than you could shake a stick at!”

I’m pretty sure I could shake a stick at a lot of cows so he’d have to have a lot of cows. Like enough cows that I’d be sure to stop shaking a stick at them because my arm would be worn out before I was done getting through the entire population of cows.

But anyway…

My blog is obviously all just a device meant to waste time this morning. As is perfectly clear, I have nothing of any real merit to say and I’m pretty much only writing so I don’t have to work on my school stuff. My topic is good too -- comparative between Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Anne Sexton -- but my brain simply doesn’t want to wrap around the thought of doing anything. Regardless of the fact that it’s due today.

Yes I totally know that the earlier I get it done the less I have to do later and that I’ll be able to watch the hockey game tonight and blah, blah, blah but tell that to my SAD brain.

Maybe I’ll eat a box of crackers and flick on the television?

Then again, more likely than not, I’ll take a shower and finish my paper before lunch. I can only waste so much time before my lack of productivity starts to bother even me.

Ooh, but there is that leftover steak in the fridge and I could read blogs while I eat it…


i am ginger said...

I prefer to poke things with a stick. Shaking it wastes too much energy.
The sun has been absent a lot here too. It came out yesterday though. Yay!

KC McAuley said...

I'm with Ginger - poking is a much more effective use of sticks.
Sun has been sadly lacking around here too. My heat came on yesterday and I wanted to cry. Yes - I am SAD! I am forcing myself to walk these days because I simply must get out of the house...but damn it's cold!

#1Nana said...

Here in eastern Oregon it's gray and chance of showers...there's a chance of showers all week until you get to the weekend and then there are showers for sure. It's 9:30 and I'm still in pajamas and there is nothing worth watching on TV. The only thing to do is to go get a pedicure so my toes will be ready once sun shows itself again.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

sending peace, love, and sunshine your way (of course for now that is "my way" too!) happy rainy Monday.
Hugs, Mum

Anonymous said...

Yay! Less than 5 weeks. :)
Yes, join in on the SSS. It's alot of fun, and you will have plenty of shadows!