Tuesday, May 10, 2011

@CrunchySquares Make My #MouthWater

We were watching Hawaii 5-0 last night (because I’m a red blooded American girl and yes Alex O’Loughlin has quickly shot up to make it onto my celebrity top five list -- are you with me ladies? I mean, hello hot, and he even [finally] smiled during last night’s episode too, amazing!…but as usual I digress) and I have this unusual ability to be looking directly at the television but mentally I tune out anything that isn’t of interest. Like most commercials.

It freaks Matt out because he’ll start laughing and/or say some off handed comment about whatever is on the screen and I’ll just reply with ‘what?’, even though I was looking right at the television I had pressed the mute button inside my head.

For some reason last night though I happened to notice that at least ten companies have stopped putting their own website address at the bottom of the screen and simply have a backslash Facebook link where you can Like their whatever it is they are.

When I saw that a popular cereal was advertised with a Facebook page I said ‘well of course they’re on Facebook, everything and everyone’s on Facebook these days’. Matt replied ‘yeah, and twitter’ and I started laughing hysterically.

Matt is not on twitter. Matt is on Facebook but really only on Facebook like once a week (if that). Matt wouldn’t have a computer if it wasn’t for his love of surfing real estate (read: his version of porn). Matt wouldn’t own a cell phone if it wasn’t for wanting to keep in touch with his gorgeous wife (yes, for those keeping score that would be me).

But I’m on twitter, in fact I’m kind of a big old internet slut because I’ll open an account just about anywhere if I think its going to be good for shameless self promotion. I’m a writer and I’m pretty likely self-publishing my books so truthfully it just makes sense to connect with as many people as possible. And because I’m on twitter I know just how giggle inducing it is to think about a cereal being on twitter.

When I had wiped the tears of hysterics away I responded with ‘what would a cereal even say in 140 characters?’

To which we spent a commercial break discussing the finer points of crunchy goodness and how cereal could talk all about its sweet side.

Or maybe it’s the kind of cereal that has a dark side. Its profile could read ‘Buoyant. Enjoy floating in white liquid from cows, beans, rice and almonds. I’m baked, baby.’

My side hurts from laughing about it every time I think of logging onto twitter and seeing ‘RT @CerealLuvr Thanks for crunching on CrunchySquares! @CrunchySquares rocks my sugary world #letsgetmarried’

Has it gotten this out of control? Readers, please tell me if you’re on twitter and if so if you follow cereal of any kind. If you do follow cereal, which are your favorite tweets? The organic and all natural or the highly processed sugar coated kind?



Linda Myers said...

Nope, I'm not on twitter. I can write short sentences on Facebook. I'm wary about liking anything there. You never know what people might say about you.

i am ginger said...

I heart Twitter...you know that ;) You have no idea how many authors I follow and how many books I get to read that I normally wouldn't ever hear about, so, yeah...
Also, while I don't follow any cereals, I do follow certain product companies. They tweet about new products, specials, recipes etc. After reading your post though, I do believe that someone should actually post as the actual product.
"@Donuts Totally got dunked this morning in some sweet ass coffee! Man, that was hot!"

Suldog said...

Hey! I see you're using your most excellent self-portrait as your avatar these days. Cool. That is still one of my all-time favorite posts, when I asked people to draw themselves. Thanks again for taking part!

Almost Precious said...

Twitter's not my thing, tried it, didn't like it, don't miss it.

The only cereal that I know of that ever had anything to say was Rice Crispies - Snap, Crackle, Pop ! Not a profuse vocabulary but then what does a cereal really have to talk about that would be tweet worthy ... oh wait, that was one of the reasons I dropped Twitter !

Rosebud Collection said...

Now this is different..cereal..yep, I like the organic kind and Twitter..that is a story in itself.
I wanted to see someones pictures and had to sign on..well, next thing you know I have a Twitter account..I don't know the first thing about it and I was embarrassed,somehow I ended up getting someone in it too..and they didn't know a thing about it either..this blog is enough for me..I do have fb since my daughters have an account..that isn't too bad..
Have a happy rest of the weekend..this weather is enough to make a grown woman cry..if it isn't snow, it is rain and cold..I keep the heat on in the mornings..never ending story..but I have to keep saying to myself..It could always be worse..SLEET...xoxoCarolyn

Suldog said...

No, I'm not on Twitter. If I did follow a cereal, it would be Froot Loops. I think that says it all, really.