Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Polite Request?

Dear Universe,

I know at times it may seem that I ask you for a lot.
I know at times it may seem I don’t appreciate what I do have.
I know at times there are times I’m selfish.
I know that sometimes I should be more giving.

But I also know that the truth is you don’t really care; for you
Everything is something and nothing
All wrapped in one giant package with a bow.
What we give and what we get is up to
Both of us, not just you,
Not just me.
It’s a collective splash, a thunderous wave in the middle of the sea,
A swirling whirlpool that drains into each of our souls.

If I’m an asshole does that make me any less likely
To receive? No, I will get
Whatever I want,
Not necessarily what is coming to me based on the world’s view
Of how I live my life.

If I’m a good person does that make me any more likely
To give? No, I will give
What I can afford to,
Not anything more than what I have based on the world’s view
Of how much I can spare.

Do either of these scenarios
Play out differently if the roles reverse?
Do the assholes give?
Can the good people get?
I believe there ends up being a common balance.

It’s like the Titanic, what you had meant nothing when
No one had anything. Not when they were approaching the lifeboat of life.
A time when the rich and poor all at once became
No one cared who had what.
Where one came from; where they were going.
What they were listening to as they moved on.
Who they had to lean on in order to ensure their own survival.
Why that other soul drowned in the process.
As long as they got on the rescue boat.
As long as they lived to tell the tale, to anyone who would listen.

Everything was looking up.
Everything was a fresh beginning.
Everything was what it needed to be.
Everything is only ever what is made to be.
With a little guidance, help, from You.

So in the spirit of the sinking ship
I am calling out to the Universe.
I ask you to provide
The way out of the everything, the way into
I must be released because the sinking feeling
Is inside my soul and
It is splitting apart in the middle.

Dear friend, if I could just have one moment,
A slight glimmering of the whole, a new light to balance on,
I will run with it into the ever after of time
And space.
Lots of space.
Not a whole lot of time.

With eternal gratitude (even if I don’t always show it) for the lesson,

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P.S. today was 'A picture and a letter'


Almost Precious said...
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Almost Precious said...

Oops...had a change of mind and decided to take a different route.

Pretty profound thoughts.
I've often wondered if one's existence is little more than a crap shoot, based on chance, the roll of the die, the luck of the draw ? Why some seem to strive and work so hard to achieve so little while another seemingly does nothing and reaps a bounty of success?
Perhaps we are no different than the great cosmos; little planets revolving in our own orbit oblivious to anything except the bright sun that we circle around. Without warning another planet could suddenly collide into us and...well what difference would it make as this great universe has been creating and destroying for far longer than our wee brains can comprehend. The simile could as well have been us as ants in an anthill happily gathering crumbs from an abandoned picnic site, happy that is until some gigantic beast comes along and kicks our micro-cosmism of an anthill to smithereens.
Hopefully there is more to it than this, that we do play a part in our own destinies and that perhaps there is an overall consciousness that watches us, guides us and bestows rewards as well as punishments. Perhaps???

Rosebud Collection said...

My dear Jenn..I have a belief..we chose our path before we touch down here..the only difference..your will/God's will..I have said this before..there is no easy path..but it sure makes it better to think of our gift in the end..
We chose to have children and never took them for granted..but in raising them..We were in charge of their souls till they reached the age of taking charge of their own..May I say, they have done well..Oh, not without heartbreak in some cases, but they always look my saying goes..There is no easy path here on least I haven't found one..but so thankful for dear friends like are a blessing..I haven't been around lately, but I always return..God forgive me..I have been lazy..Sending you blessings and love for a wonderful Easter..Keep looking too..If I have to spend another year here..Oh my..I will be looking up from the cellar..haha..xoxoCarolyn

Joan said...

That was beautiful Jenn.