Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Big Fat Slacker! Where Blog Posting is Concerned...

If you follow both this page as well as my company blog you're going to see the exact same post in both places today. I'd apologize for that but I'm far too busy to let it bother me. 

Work has been great lately, I've been painting and meeting with some folks in an effort to kick start a little business again. I love the networking, love my company and my job. I only wish it didn't take so darn long to work it because by the time people are ready to hire me, Matt and I will be moving!

(hint, hint -- get me now before we're gone)

That's another thing though, the move. We are intending to take almost nothing with us because after years of living like we're still in college (in our mid/late 30's) we're both ready to finally upgrade our furniture on the other side. Of course that means we're selling it all and with me being the at home spouse right now, the picture taking, description writing and listing location decision making falls on me. No biggie its just that its a lot of work to research all that stuff and list it!

It will be nice to have a few extra bucks in our pocket to make the journey with though.  I've learned never to take for granted the free time I have (whatever that means) because I am truly blessed to be able to pursue the things I want to accomplish in life.

Which brings me to school. My University is awesome and they've scheduled me for a 2 week break in order to move. The really cool thing is that a class ends the very day we plan to leave so the schedule barely even has to shift.  Score!

So anyway, with school, work, pimpin' business and general life living, my blogs have really fallen by the wayside. I don't intend to give them up though (never!) so I hope you'll stick around for the times when I do post. And I promise to comment soon, I try to still read all of yours even if I simply lurk around the blogosphere in the background saying nothing.

Yes, I painted the picture above, it is my latest work. 
Yes you can own it if you like it. 
Yes I've been spending a lot more time painting smaller works and murals lately than full walls but that's cool, it still leaves me with tinted glaze under my fingernails at night and I love it!


Almost Precious said...

Jenn, life happens and in so doing keeps us busy trying to juggle all of the balls and hoping we don't drop one in the process. Sure we've missed your posts but personally I think we appreciate quality over quantity (yeah I know Search Engines don't give a crap about quality but then they're not able to intelligently read a blog).

Once you move and become settled I can only imagine all the great things you'll be brimming to blog about. Moves can be very cathartic and can also give us a fresh clean perspective which translates into "inspiration".

Glad you've been busy with your faux painting business and hope your prospective clients will follow through. The extra cash in the bank account will certain help with your move.
Meanwhile take care, would love to say I'll keep up with you on facebook but you know I don't visit facebook very often, so just let it be known that my best and kindest wishes are with you.

Linda Myers said...

I love your blog whenever you have time. Life is busy, though, and these things happen.

Bridgete said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Has anyone called dibs on the living room furniture yet? I'm assuming it's not officially gone and sold since you probably want something to sit on for the next few months. Anyway, we're really dying for a sofa that is not a hard, uncomfortable futon, so let me know if we can buy that from you.

#1Nana said...

Jenn, We'll be here whenever you have the time to post. I've been a slacker myself lately and not posted too much, but i don't even have the "busy" excuse; I've just been lazy!

Suldog said...

Cool as cool can be. Take some time, do what you need (want) to do, enjoy life, and get back to us when you feel like it. We'll be here.

joan said...

I absolutely will stick around! I am happy for you. :)

Rosebud Collection said...

You know Jenn, when I came here, we had four children and didn't know what we were doing..but just wanted out..Well, I think you are doing a smart thing..I say this..sell everything you don't want and I am doing the same..I am getting out of here this year.I realize I have property to sell and that may cause a problem..but I keep telling George..we are getting out of here and he agrees..I have had enough..Heck, we are passing through this life and I say this..enjoy what you can change..the rest you have to deal with..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn