Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Measuring a Summer’s Day

Tangerine, my favorite Led Zeppelin song of all time, comes to mind at this very moment because it just so happens I’m eating a fruit of the same name. At this time of year they’re everywhere in mesh shaped nylon baggies so no matter what store I find myself in, if I’m perusing the produce department, a bag of these juicy little balls of happiness are definitely coming home with me.

Some folks could probably have named this post Oh My Darlin’ but to me tangerines just make the world a little juicier than a Clementine. Maybe it’s because of Page’s stunningly simple lyrics full of complex visuals (if you know the song this should make perfect sense), or the delivery of those words through Plant’s haunting reflective tone, or maybe its that Jones & Bonham come in at the exact right moment to bring stability to the growing legs of the well timed guitar solo. Maybe the reason I love it is because it isn’t perfect but it’s out there to be loved anyway.

Or maybe I love the song so much because it reminds me of a nostalgic love so strong it could never be forgotten, and the person it holds in the palm of its hand was that very thing to me.

Innocent and stupid and new, ready to grab the world by the scruff of the collar and drag it along behind us as we blazed a trail. But at some point I realized he wasn’t with me anymore so I looked back to try to find him but he had mysteriously disappeared. Then I spent so long watching behind me for where he had gone that I missed the fact that life fell out of my hands and passed me ages ago.

If only things could stay so simple as Bonham’s back beat. But they rarely do, if ever. So at this time of year I find myself reflecting voraciously, as if it was an activity I’d never done before and may never get to do again.

It always starts out with the year that has just flown by in the blink of an eye and all the things I remember about it, and then it spirals into a trip down the cobble stones of memory lane.

Of course this year was struck with tragedies of massive proportions that would be hard to ignore, like earthquakes and oil spills. But it was also filled with amazing things of beauty like a close friend having a healthy baby girl or seeing a double rainbow in upstate New York.

In the past year:
♥ a good friend moved back to the area
♥ I completed the edits on my first novel and started shopping it
♥ continued to play drums every week
♥ went to countless shows (including finally seeing Bushwalla live on his own, Seth Glier, DMB, BNL and Jason [of course])
♥ one of my favorite actors died (Haim)
♥ saw my sister on her coast
♥ spent time with friends and family (on the other coast and mine)
♥ finished helping to clean out my grandparent’s place
♥ watched the final season of a long favorite television show (Lost)
♥ took on a few paint jobs
♥ walked to support Alzheimer's research
♥ spent tons of time laughing & joking with Matt (in the car and at home)
♥ went fishing (and actually caught some!) with old friends
♥ witnessed the kids in my life get even smarter as they became another year older
♥ saw a couple Sox games live at Fenway & a few Bruins games live at the Garden
♥ dealt with a flood in our basement
♥ experienced a summer full of hot sunshine (bliss!)
♥ started an extreme exercise program (P90x - bring it!)
♥ joined a Book Club
♥ signed a lease for a second year in the same place (call Ripley’s!)
♥ drank with the local townies at the Jersey shore
♥ sold a few things at a craft fair
♥ wrote most of my second novel
♥ kicked Matt’s butt repeatedly in Scrabble
♥ and so many other awesome things I couldn’t begin to list more

Well I could but would any of you read a day by day accounting of my lame-ass life? Probably not.

As I spent the last year getting healthy in mind, body and soul it started becoming more clear that my life is longing for another grab it by the balls and have at it adventure. I know there’s still a couple weeks left this year so I don’t completely rule it out for happening in 2010 but it just feels like 2011 is calling to me from the future. That next year is where the great escapade will be found.

Become a published novelist? Celebrate ten years married? Get my body back in shape? Quit smoking? Something else? The world is open, and so am I, to the possibilities that exist. Bring on the adventure 2011, even if that adventure is wrapped in a moving truck traveling 3500 miles across this great country to the Valley of the Sun!

Someday I will no doubt look back on that journey and think about me and Matt taking it together.

“Does [s]he still remember times like these?...And I do.”


Linda Myers said...

The year was productive and interesting, looking back on it. I love doing that. Makes a low-energy day look excusable.

Almost Precious said...

Whenever I smell the tangy fragrance of tangerines I think of Christmas, perhaps it is just that they are so prevalent at this time of year or perhaps I am just weird, which is not an astonishing revelation.

Your year has been a busy and productive one; may next year be one that sees many of your dreams become reality.

#1Nana said...

When I was a small child we always found tangerines in the toes of our Christmas stockings. Although I was raised in Southern California, I was born in England a few years after the war ended. Things like fruit were still rationed when we left England in 1955. So tangerines were an extra special treat.

Funny what memories get pulled up from reading a post...

You had a great year. I wish you all the best this holiday season and in the year to come.

Tabitha Bird said...

Cool list. Drum? I'd love to learn.

spottedwolf said...

and my life here in Canadia was much the same Jenni-ren-jinn.....healing slowly to a stable point in my back problems......experiencing a unique 3-way relationship.....finding an avenue for future $$$.....writing several new songs of dynamic substance.....discovering how much of an 'early-learned me' was synergizing into wholeness......finding 'wonder' in the simple things, growing ever stronger in love and appreciation for the things which I've created...and last came the overall recognition of much greater clarity......with all this the problems fade by comparison.

Bridgete said...

Oh, by the way, M and I have sprouted the beginnings of a fun idea related to your move. Those beginnings being that he wants to drive across the country, and I want to do it again but this time over the southern route. But, this is all just beginning to sprout and we'd have a lot of details to work out (not the least of which being time and money). Just a thought... ;)

KC McAuley said...

I wish the very best for you and Matt in the coming year. If you do move, I'll have one more reason to visit Arizona. (2 dear friends live there already and another spends several months of winter) You may be the tipping point, my dear. ;-)

Like you said to me, I can't wait until I get to read your shiny new hardback book. HUGS!!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Linda you're so right! :-) I always beat myself up for lazy days but now I don't have to.

Thanks Anna! I wish the very same for you...and we're all weird right? That's why we get along so well heehee

That story is great Jann! I love when that happens, and it happens a lot, that some memory gets revived from reading about other people's experiences. Makes me remember we're all truly connected. Happy holidays!

Tabitha I was thinking about you yesterday...while doing research on 5x5 for submissions lo & behold there was your name as a contributor :-) Drums are the funnest therapy I've ever had!

Its true Dennis that when we look back on such a wonderful & productive year (mind, body & soul) any of that little stuff just seems dull and arbitrary huh? It sounds like you had one heck of a good year as well. Here's to all great things in 2011 and beyond!

We'll have to chat about your thoughts Bridgete...sounds like maybe you'd be interested in visiting our new neck of the woods huh? (YEA!!!) Nothing quite like road trip :-)

Thanks KC and the very same to you for an awesome new year! Maybe we can both say we're published novelists in 2011 woo hoo! And, yes, you had better come visit us :-)

Suldog said...

Ah, yes, the drums! Glad to hear you're still playing. Maybe, someday, we will get together and have us a jolly long and drawn out bass/drums workout of a jam :-)