Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should Have Been Status Updates?

So lately I’ve been having the best ideas for status updates while driving but by the time I get home, eat, shower & chill for a few they don’t seem to have the same punch. That’s where you all come in. Tell me which, if any would be good as an update. That’s all, I’m just looking for some advice, no prize will be won and no reward is offered for your advice. Sorry. So anyway, on with the possibly soon to be statuses!

Sometimes I wish House was real because if I ever happened to contract some rare, unknown symptom, I’d like to think that was the team of doctors working on figuring out what it is.

Currently looking for investors to fund my new invention -- the Stop Slap. Picture this, you’re traveling at an average 30 miles per hour and as you come to a cross street some idiot coming out of it fails to not only notice the stop sign but also to look both ways to notice you. Well that isn’t likely to happen for long once the Stop Slap hits the market. It will sense a stop sign and anytime the driver blows it without even so much as slowing down a big hand reaches out from the steering wheel and slaps the driver. It’s experimental and just in trial phase but I think it could really sell.

Today I am grateful for: the fact that (we don’t have any easily accessible firearms in the house that I could use for whatever reason I see fit) I’ve gone three days with no cigarettes!

Finally, it’s raining! Been waiting for that free car wash since getting back from Martha’s Vineyard.

Dear USA Network, I love all of your shows. That is all. Love, Me

Has anyone looked back at the pictures from the 80’s and truly opened their eyes to the clothes everyone wore? Wait, that’s rhetorical. The answer must be no because if they had there is no way any of those clothes would be coming back into fashion again. The ballerina flats, skinny pants, leg warmers and jelly bracelets are making me feel like I’m 8 and going to a gymnastics meet all over again.

Is excited to be one rejection closer to a published manuscript! It was my first so I guess the bud is off the rose, thank goodness. She was really nice about it too, likely a form but extremely cordial and super fast (only 3 days!)***

Either air horns are suddenly in fashion or there is a wild elephant on the loose in my neighborhood.

***Okay in all fairness this actually was a status update, but I figured I’d share the news with everyone who I’m not linked with over at Facebook. I have sent out two query letters so far and was recently rejected for the first time. Halleluiah for that monkey finally being off my back -- getting the first rejection -- now I can just get on with the business of researching and sending out more queries (most to be rejected of course) until I get the sample chapters out, then the full MSS out and FINALLY the agent who takes me on and sells it!


Bridgete said...

I like the stop slap one.

I feel that way all the time with status updates. I'll think it's totally awesome, and then I get home and forget about it or I remember it hours later and it doesn't work anymore or whatever.

ginger said...

heehee...yeah, I know what you mean. I liked the one about USA network. They do kind of rock, don't they?

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Stop Slap has got to be invented, the more time I spend in the car the more it seems vital to everyone's safety lol.

Yeah USA totally rocks, so now I'm addicted to Burn Notice, Royal Pains & Covert Affairs but the mack daddy of all comedy writing has got to be Psych. Freaking genius that show!

Suldog said...

Three days without smokes? Congratulations! That's longer than I've gone in any time over the past 40 years. I'm truly planning on making a serious attempt at quitting within the next three weeks or so. Wish me luck.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Jim I wish you major luck! Its been tough, I made it 5 days and broke but I'm back on the wagon & will keep chewing this gum until my teeth ache if that's what it takes. You can do it, in fact I hear its easier to quit if you smoke more because its not as ingrained habitual times/places like those of us who only smoke 4 or so a day. Good luck!

Almost Precious said...

Yeah I like House also, sure he is arrogant and self-obsessed but the show is good watching.

Once someone thought about marketing car signs. Hand signs that you could hold up that said; "You jerk! Didn't you see the red light ?" or "Imbeciles like you should have been put in a sack and drowned at birth." But then someone else thought it would only exacerbate road rage.

Yeah those first rejections slips don't really mean much. Could be they just aren't looking for that topic at this time. Could even just be the title didn't grab them. I heard a story once about an author who turned his manuscript in to several publishers only to have it rejected time and time again. Finally he didn't do anything but change the title to something like; "Summer's Hot Little Kitten" and it was instantly accepted...go figure.

Rosebud Collection said...

Hey Jenn, when you send out the book, do you send yourself one too?..I forget what they call it, but it is a way of protecting your work..Just wanted to run that by you..Good for you on no cigarettes.
Very hard to do..but will be worth it in the end.
Well, have a good weekend..enjoy this beautiful weather..xooxRosebud/Carolyn

Karen said...

Haha... I think the Stop Slap would be a great invention! LOL