Friday, April 16, 2010

Summed Up By The Beach Boys

Wouldn’t it be nice
If I had posted?
Then you wouldn’t have to
Wait so long…

Ah yes, the soothing and inspiring sounds of The Beach Boys will help me get through a rainy and gray day here in the northeast. I’m not complaining though, it has been sun shiny and mostly spring like beautiful for the past few weeks. Hence, why no one has read a word from me over here.

I love spring because people start coming out of the woodwork, me included, and it makes me so happy to see the temperatures start going back up. But it always means loads of stuff sneaks into the calendar and time flies by in the blink of an eye!

Since we last caught up I have:

Gone to a Bruins game & watched them lose (although they barely scraped by into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth and then promptly lost game 1 last night, boo.). Been given an opportunity to sit right behind home plate at a Sox game (and my fingers are crossed that Tek will catch that game!). Was offered a chance to fly somewhere I really want to go for free (feeling like a rock star!). Donated a wall finish to the Driscoll School auction and started discussing options with the winning bidder. Finished the manuscript for Ripple the Twine and handed it off to my first “feedback editor” for advice (which was mostly positive, surprisingly). Celebrated with Bridgete & some seriously cool peeps for her birthday in grand fashion (read: latest night I’ve been up since I was 27 lol). Began a hardcore workout routine (summer is right around the corner, yikes!). Went fishing for the first time in like 15 years with some old and close friends (and as always with them, hilarity ensued). Made plans to see or visit some of Matt’s closest friends who live far away. Became a contributing Editor to the EcoEtsy blog as a co- News and Views contributor. Celebrated Matt’s birthday in the North End with my Mom. And who knows how much more; busy, busy!

We got our tax refunds from both state and federal and, as promised to ourselves, they will be used not for bills (as we have done many years) or savings (as we have also done many years) but to purchase a new laptop for Matt and a used drum kit for me. My neighbors won’t have to worry though, my freaking fabulous drum instructor has taught me the power of the towel so I will be able to deaden everything. He also gave me the names of a couple resellers in the area so within the week I’ll be able to fling the sticks onto something more than the electronic kit or drum pad. I can not wait!

Speaking of drum lessons…I am actually getting better which is inspiring to me! I try to practice, or at least stay loose with Rock Band, every day and it has really made all the difference. Independent limb is starting to show in a more prominent way and I’ve been able to get comfortable enough to do fills between measures. Awesome! My instructor continues to be the most patient and wonderful teacher ever. No real dreams to ever play live or anything over here, it’s all just for a fun hobby I can do to tune out the world, but if I had those aspirations he would certainly be the guy I would want to have in my corner!

So that’s the skinny from my little cyber neck of the world. I hope to get back to regular posting again but who knows. And I’m not beating myself up over it, I still love reading everyone’s updates as often as I can get there even if I don’t comment I’ve been keeping up with everyone’s laughs & smiles and everything in between!

Have a great weekend and (most likely) a great month everyone!


Bree said...

You've been BUSY, girl!

Rosebud Collection said...

What I want to know..Who ate the fish?
You sure are busy..Spring in our area does that to people. Brings out all the best, including beauty.
Now with me, forget it..I have become lazy and can't get moving.
Will open my little shed for business soon..should keep me going.
You are doing wonderful with all your writing, drum playing, getting ready for summer and most of all fishing..That fish deserves an award...
Have a happy weekend..

Joan said...

You have been having fun. Good for you! I have been thinking about how pretty everything in Boston must look now, with all the sprouting and blooming. I told myself today that I need to stop eating so much, get back to my walking, and stop drinking so much wine. :) That last will be the hardest!

Suldog said...

Well, congrats on all the fun activities, of course, but just had to say that you make quite the sexy fisherwoman! Nice photo!