Monday, February 15, 2010

I Was Not Aware That Chickens Ate Snails…???

I woke up to this horoscope today:

“You may be feeling like a snail who is emerging from her shell, Jenn. When no one is looking, you slowly, cautiously stick your head out and put up your antenna to take a reading on the outside world. When you see a creature similar to yourself, you feel comfortable and come out of your shell a little more. Be careful of letting your defenses down too much, however, because a big hungry chicken is coming along who is looking for his dinner.”

Really? Hungry chickens? So now of course I have this visual picture in my mind of tall, fuzzy chickens chasing me down the street while I run screaming as fast as I can, flailing my arms about in full on panic mode.

Stupid horoscope. If I have nightmares tonight about life sized beaks pecking me to death I’m going to be really pissed.

Yeah I know cool photo right? Go ahead, buy a copy from my Mom.

So anyway, of course I had to look up the relationship between chickens and snails. (No, I’m not avoiding doing work today, why would you even ask that question. How silly, I’m not a procrastinator and I’m not nervous at all about completing the two finishes I’ve never done. Silly, silly, silly.)

You know what I found out? Chickens absolutely do eat snails! Shocking! I was thrilled to stumble across this incredibly useful bit of information! I mean, that is if you want to trust the internet. I can’t say I’ve ever watched a chicken eat a snail before but it doesn’t surprise me that they would want to take part in consuming such a “delicacy”.

In France, or French restaurants, that is.

I somehow don’t think Simon Enticknap is going to be seeking out escargot anytime soon considering his run in with these slimy little creatures a couple years ago. Right there with you Simon, right there with you.

But even though I won’t eat them, snails are definitely fascinating little creatures to watch. If you have about 16 hours to kill its amazing just how fast they really move. We used to get loads of them outside our basement apartment door when we lived in New York because of the moisture level. Lots of slugs too.

Coming home in the dark and walking down the side path was like navigating a mine field of squishy and crunchy little bits. It was rare we got one of them but I always felt really bad when I heard or felt the demise of one of these slow moving creatures underfoot. I would have loved if they died from something natural instead of my size seven hiking boot. Maybe we should have brought home a chicken.


Rosebud Collection said...

On the big island, Hawaii..I was shocked to see chickens all over yards..then I was told. They eat centipedes..Now that one threw me.
The place we stayed, had wild turkeys, guess they did the same thing. Interesting little guys, chicken/turkeys..but I can't dwell on what they eat..ha, ha..
Glad you are back. Good to take a break from blogging..

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I have eaten snails, (years and years ago) drenched in butter and garlic. They were good, but I somehow separated them in my mind from the snails in my garden. Sometimes horoscopes are so weird, you gotta wonder who writes those things.

ginger said...

they're birds...birds eat bugs, not corn. when's the last time you saw a chicken perched on top of a corn stalk gnawing at it?

Bree said...

Bless you Jenn, I needed the laugh. :D

pastrywitch said...

That was fun! The visuals were great.

Karen said...

Snails give me the jeebie-heebies. Ugh. I'd go nuts if they were crunching and cracking under my shoes! LOL

Suldog said...

I remember one time - and one time only, thank God - in my old home in Dorchester, slugs and snails were climbing up the side of the house.

I'm serious! The place had aluminum siding and they were stuck all over it. After a few days, the weather dried out and so did the siding and so did they, so they never reached my bedroom or anything, but EWWWWW!

(Ever hear "Teenage Lobotomy" by The Ramones? There's a line that goes "Slugs and snails are after me..." I never quite got that line until I saw them climbing my outside walls.)

Bridgete said...

First, I have to say, I've totally eaten snails before. And I plan to eat more in Paris.

Second, in my senior year of college, I lived in a garage-turned-bedroom in this house with some friends. The garage was essentially attached to the house, but there was this breezeway thing with a door in between. Apparently, slugs liked to come in at night, just in the breezeway. One night, in the dark, I got up to go to the bathroom...and my bare foot stepped right on a slug. Yeah...I wore flip-flops after that.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Very funny, hope you're not having nightmares.
And thanks for the props on Fluffy!
Hugs, Mum

Almost Precious said...

Guess we all have this image of chickens pecking away at cracked kernels of corn. The truth however is that they'll eat just about anything that crawls, hops or slithers past them...providing it's not too big. Love the photo, that is one really hip, fashion conscious chicken. I'd love to have a little flock of chickens, but I'm afraid they'd end up being chicken dinner to either the hawks, owls or our local coyote.

Jeff said...

This information has changed the way I view chickens. And it's not good.

Chris said...

Well, snails pretty much seem like they could be the universal prey. It's not like they're elusive.

But chickens eat them? That's a new one on me. I wonder what chickens say when they eat one. "Hey, that tastes just like, well, ME!"

Isabella said...

"If I have nightmares tonight about life sized beaks pecking me to death I’m going to be really pissed."

Don't be concerned if you have this nightmare Oh.. yes this type is very common. The best part is when the chicken chokes. Us snails are stuborm SOBs.

Great Post,

Maggie May said...


Rosebud Collection said...

Had to visit again..Isn't it wonderful we are having rain. Now not to complain, but my yard is flooded. Guess we can't have everything. If you hear about a woman in a rowboat in her yard, in know who it is. Take care my dear friend..xoxoRosebud.

Chris Stone said...

great picture!


Those guys peck at anything wet and shiny.

Another reason not to put a bunny in the mix...or a duck, or any one else with EYES!