Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Do I Want?

It’s that time of year where those who celebrate the giving & receiving part of the season either start or finish their holiday shopping, but unlike many years before, I am actually participating this year. In the past I have both given and received handmade gifts, charitable contributions, baked goods, store bought items or those things that can’t be bought in a store like the gift of babysitting or something similar. This year though I have decided that in addition to donating to charities, for some folks there will be something wrapped and under the proverbial tree and I am putting it right out there that I am hoping for the same.

Does it sound selfish to want to get a gift? I don’t know really but I definitely don’t think it is selfish to want to give some so that is what I’m intending on doing!

My mom is still desiring nothing more than a charitable contribution so that is just what we will do for her, but for everyone else I want to start considering just what type of gift would make them happy. Are they an outdoorsy person? Do they love coffee? Did they just get a new pet? Are they out to dinner types? Once the questions are answered as to who they are and what they like, the next big decision of course is in what to give.

For many this year we are intending to do gift certificates. Lame? Perhaps, but as a firm believer in the awesomeness of getting exactly what one wants, sometimes that is the most excellent option. A perfume that rocks to one may not be lovely to another so why risk it when I can just pick up a gift certificate to the perfume house of choice and let them pick their own? You know what I’m saying?

The one person I will be picking up gifties for is Matt. For years we have exchanged nothing more than a Merry Christmas hug and kiss but we are both looking to do something special for each other this year. Well cool! He has given me a couple ideas over the year (whether he knows it or not) so I will be acquiring some of those things, but perhaps a few unexpected little items that he will really like as well.

Now of course comes the obvious question from everyone -- what do I want? Some things I’ve mentioned recently that I wouldn’t mind having are:
Drums (my own real ones) &/or pre-paid lessons with Gil
Music (specifically this)
Tires for my car
To have my book published
A paycheck

Okay, maybe those last three can’t technically be given for Christmas but if I were to receive any of the other things above them, some (if not all) of those would certainly be taken care of as well. Now here’s the real deal. I hope that Matt doesn’t get me anything on this list. I know it might sound odd because I’m not really asking for anything else here but if he’s going to get me a gift then I really want it to be creative, and romantic.

That movie Love Actually keeps coming to mind “I don’t want something I need, I want something I want. Something pretty.” From Matt I want something that only Matt could give me, that only he would know I want.

So if you’re reading this babe, maybe that seems like a bit of pressure but after ten years I know you will figure it out.

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Karen said...

You're making Matt scramble, now! LOL I'm all for giving gift certificates, too. The perfect gift!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I know Karen but we weren't going to get each other's until this weekend anyway so this actually gives him advance notice haha!

Chris said...

As long as I get my Kindle, I'm good.

But as they say, as you get older, it's the giving that's more fun.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Its true Mr K, I always like finding that perfect gift for someone & thinking 'oh yeah, they are gonna love this!' Let me know what you think about the Kindle, I'm very curious how it compares to a physical book.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I got a Kindle last year. Yay! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I read in bed and I'm always telling The Husband how much I heart my Kindle. This year I want one of those, (okay I'm a nerd, I think it's called a Flip video camera, but I'm not sure.) I don't want The Husband to get carried away and buy me a super complicated so-called-better video camera, I want the easy cheapy one.

Gift buying is fun, when we approach it from the right perspective. Fun, fun, fun.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Oh cool Elizabeth, I like having more opinions before I race out and pick up something like that, good info. I have a Flip and it is the BEST! I film just about everything on it because it is really smooth and one hand operation. There are a couple options for video length so he wouldn't have to spend too much. Let me kow what you think if you get it!

Chris Stone said...

check out an elliptical (or whatever its called) instead of a treadmill. same sort of thing but better work out. ;) (i bought one at the salvation army for 35 bucks.)

good luck with the giving! my family doesn't do presents. and i like that. but doing the present thing does increase involvement in the season! and presents are fun. enjoy!

Suldog said...

I felt similarly a couple of years back when I posted a Christmas list. I almost NEVER ask for anything specific, but some folks insisted it would make it easier for them, so I did a list.

Hope you get everything you want!

Almost Precious said...

Bravo for Gift Cards ! We're even going to give them to our grandkids this year. That way their mom, our daughter, can't get angry that we've bought them too many toys. She can be the meanie and tell them they have to spend a certain amount on, yeck, clothes. LOL


Me and my Kahuna exchange nothing more than what fits to fill our stockings.

...P.S. Me want Kindle too! ;P

Rosebud Collection said...

Now that is my gal..Get that spirit moving. Have fun and enjoy. What is life without these little joys? Nothing. We deal with enought stuff all year..if we don't make our own happiness, who will?
Finally got my life back on track.
Had quite a go of it, but very thankful they found the problem.
Another happy gift.
Take care and have a fun time..We are with you in spirit..

Maggie May said...

i love picking is such a pleasure to think of the person and their life and look for the right thing!

Theresa said...

A little pressure around gift-giving time is a good thing for a guy. Makes'em think, where normally he would not.

I hope you get all the gifts on your list. You totally deserve them!!

Rosebud Collection said...

Saw where you really got hit with the just grazed us..but that was too much for me..ha, ha..Was thinking about you..keep warm too..xoxoRosebud

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I agree, it's always good to make guys wonder, think, worry (just a little) around a gift. Makes them realize how much they want to please us...Hope you get everything you desire!

Suldog said...

Everybody should get at least one toy for Christmas. Hope you do!

Like the new photo, by the way.

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Happy Holidays!