Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reverie to the Past

You’re back again, at night
I sleep and there you are hovering
Over my slumber, as if a whirlwind I
Can’t escape from; but it’s easy,
I don’t want to run, although my
Heart stops hammering for an instant
As you pass. You greet me in silent
Measure with a wink
And a smile, and my heart thaws
Just like years before. I thought
I was over that. Present. You are
Skinnier, and cuter than I remembered;
Still, somehow I verbalize
All the right things
This time. All the occasions before
Were rehearsal for this singular
Let’s do lunch. Here’s my number.
You glance through me, seemingly
Not beyond my soul, so
I have to laugh at the tension that
Builds in my head. I am
Grown now; old and wise in self
Proclamation, I shouldn’t feel,
But shouldn’t is just a word and
You are just a boy from a dream.


Almost Precious said...

It's lovely, very visual in the way it is written. So many times I've dreamed what it would be like to do things over, get it right the second time. Maybe that's just human nature, that longing to rewrite the past.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I could use a bushel full of do overs. ;-)

spottedwolf said...

Hot damn Jenny da Jinn !!! old 'sainted' passions eh ...? Tell me..what kicked it inta gear?

spottedwolf said...

Lamenting over the past is an excuse for not dealing in the present....romantic or manic...the question murmurs......

Rosebud Collection said...

My dear Jenn. Never look back and wish you could have changed something..As long as you learned from it, that is the lesson and that is what made Jenn. No one in life, if they are being truthful, can say their past isn't full of mistakes..but the "key" is, did we learn something and try not to make the same mistakes? I feel sorry for the people that just keep on doing the same stuff over and over..Now that is sad.