Friday, December 4, 2009

As the Fog Lifts

Huh, the title reads like the name of soap opera or something. Well the November haze of Nano is over now and suddenly it occurred to me this morning there are only three weeks until Christmas. Wow. Kind of fast moving again this year but seriously, what year isn’t anymore right?

All this holiday talk has reminded me that red and green work together in such a pleasing color combination, especially when used in varying shades and tones. I like the way sage green and cranberry, plus a little gold sprinkled in for sparkle, looks together. It is perfect on the wreath on my front door.

Funny though, I don’t really ever decorate for the holidays anymore, other than that fake pine wreath. It isn’t that I don’t believe in the holiday spirit or anything, frankly it’s just because I’m lazy. Plain and simple.

I barely see the point of putting out a whole slew of stuff all over my house, that no one will see but us because everyone is far too busy running around doing their own holiday things, that I just have to take back down and put in the basement for the next 49 weeks before doing it all over again.

Something just gets lost on me when I realize the only one who will see the wreath is our letter carrier because everyone else uses the side door. Am I too cynical? Maybe that’s it, but between the pressure to send out cards, torn wrapping paper, empty bank accounts and countless hours spent in return lines, I frequently understand the inclination to follow Pagan traditions of the celebration of returning light and that whole ‘eat, drink and be merry’ attitude instead of the ‘buy, buy, BUY’ mentality that seems to accompany this season now a days.

Seriously, Dar Williams hits it right on the money here.

Anyway, regardless of all of that, we have a few awesome events coming up this year. We get to see not just one but two amazing choirs perform their holiday songs next weekend! My mom’s best friend sings in one that plays a bit north of us and Bridgete sings in one a bit south of us. Can’t wait to hear the tunes, these concerts are always so uplifting!

Another cool thing about Bridgete’s is that her mom will be in town so hopefully I’ll finally get to meet the always awesome KC! After meeting Bridgete’s dad at Thanksgiving and laughing over dinner for like three straight hours I have no doubt we’ll have just as much fun with her mom.

I have some other exciting news about Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve but can’t really divulge just yet so stay tuned for the update…

In the meantime I’m going to go make a Holiday playlist on iTunes. Yes I mean holiday and not just Christmas because I plan to include things like Adam Sandler’s Hanukah and Thanksgiving songs, Chicago’s Saturday In the Park and Jason’s Remedy (both for their 4th of July references), NKOTB Valentine Girl, Dan Fogelberg’s Auld Lang Syne, Monster Mash, maybe a few selections from Jesus Christ Superstar and perhaps You’re Not Irish by Robbie O’Connell. Plus of course a bunch of Christmas tunes that I love. Hmmm, does anyone know of any good songs about Flag Day, President’s Day, MLK Day, Boxing Day…


Joan said...

I agree with the decorating. I like to put up a few of my favorite holiday decorations in the living room, but we haven't gotten a tree for several years now. I love getting together with family and friends during this time. That is what brings me joy. As for spending so much, that just isn't what this season is about. In my opinion. Others I know may feel differently and that's ok/right for them. We buy something for our 2 young nephews and 1 niece. And we are sending Katie and Scott a gift certificate to Dave's Pasta. Love that place!
Enjoy doing things you love!

Suldog said...

Boxing Day ... "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"?

(Yeah, I know it's not that type of boxing, but what the hell.)

Bree said...

This video was linked off the video you linked to in this post. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard, but oh man, a wreath made out of dryer sheets?! That's comedy GOLD.

I like the title for your novel, but would you consider dropping the "as" or the "as the"? It might have a stronger impact (and have less of a soap opera ring to it) as just "The Fog Lifts" or "Fog Lifts". Just a thought.

I'm jealous that you and Bridgete get to hang out all the time over there in the East! Can't wait to hear about the concert.

As for songs about President's Day, this is awesome (albeit totally inappropriate)...

ginger said...

i don't decorate either...i don't like feeling like i'm being forced to be festive.

and i like the title! :)

Tabitha Bird said...

I must admit I love the whole decorating thing.

Hey I like Suldog's choice of song for boxing day LOL!

Cute decoration pic too Jenn.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Joan You are so right! That is the most important thing is having a chance to see each other and spend time. Dave's Pasta? Do tell? Haven't heard of it but definitely looking it up now!

@Jim YES!! haha, love it!

@Bree Hmmm, that was just the blog title, not the book title. So far book working title is Ripple the Twine but I like As the Fog Lifts, perhaps the next one? That first one was hysterically redneck, the second, so wrong but I love how Washington was playing Prince's guitar lol! Where do you find these things haha

@Ginger yes that's it exactly! They shove it down our throats so much earlier every year it makes me not love it by the time it gets here.

@Tabitha I try to avoid tv and radio until about 2 weeks before, it helps me enjoy the season so much more. That's what I'm going for this year!

Karen said...

I'm making a wreath for the front door out of an accumulation of wine corks over the years. Should have it done in a day or two. Other than that we have one fake poinsettia in the living room. I, like you, can't bring myself to go to the expense or the trouble of decorating when no one will see it. If my daughter and granddaughter are with us for Christmas, I do put up a tree.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I hear ya! I love holiday music in general. That theme from Charlie Brown Christmas puts me in such a good mood.

Bree said...

hahaha! That is a pretty massive attention span/information retention fail on my part! XD I like "Ripple the Twine" a LOT better. My best friend found that Washington video years ago, but it still cracks me up.

Rosebud Collection said...

Oh Jenn, put up a few lights and in the morning light them when having coffee..Something happy about Christmas lights. The tree isn't my favorite thing to do, but a must. These are the things that keep a happy smile on our faces..It isn't the buying, that can be done anytime..It is appreciating life and things that make us happy. Family/friends and unconditional love..Secret to Christmas.

Almost Precious said...

Heard the funniest (like in weird) thing the other day. The DJ on the radio made the comment that since it is now Dec we are officially into the 12 days of Christmas. Really ? Does Christmas fall on Dec. 12th ? Also, in truthfulness, the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas Day and goes on till January 6th, the day of The Epiphany. Talk about trying to rush the season, they start up Christmas right after Thanksgiving, then usually by boxing day you'll not hear even one Christmas carol...the media has decreed it is over and done.

(okay...word verification for today jethat...always wanted a jet hat, wonder who sells them.)

Chris Stone said...

Enjoy! christmas has always seemed like a holiday for kids to me. but i love the colors and the lights. ;)