Sunday, November 22, 2009

The End is Rapidly Approaching

It’s been a while, yes that’s true, and I wish there was some excuse other than I have mostly been writing the book like a complete fool junkie for Chick-lit but there isn’t so here I am now. I do have to admit, I miss my blog and miss reading blogs but in February when I have a well crafted publishable novel that I can start shopping (read: lots of down time while I get rejection letters in the mail) it will all have been worth it and I promise to get back with everyone before then.

To keep my mind semi off the book I have been continuing with drum lessons, which have been going really well and my instructor is branching me out of the instruction book and into more real time beat driven stuff that doesn’t involve me reading along with anything and keeping the beat in my head, not on the page. It’s awesome to escape for the hour and just not think while I bang out some real music; albeit very slow music.

Speaking of music… Something strange that has happened, and I didn’t at all expect, is that I have not been able to bring myself to listen to my favorite music this month. No Jason, no Melissa, no Foo Fighters and no Dave Matthews Band. Since I tend to sing along with every word most of the time I didn’t want them infiltrating my brain and clouding up my own words for the book. Weird, because I love to listen to music while I write most of the time and especially lyricists like those folks.

Speaking of Dave (and Jason)... Last night the band (including Tim which was so awesome!) was the musical guest on SNL. Lately I make it to the Weekend Update and that’s about it but last night I think there were only one or two skits that didn’t make me laugh out loud. I was impressed by Joseph-Gordon Levitt as a host, I haven’t seen this kid since he was in 3rd Rock From the Sun but he was awesome! Great monologue, no shame, never forgot a line & he stayed in character, no matter what the skit, all night.

The best skit ever came somewhere near the start of the show. Anyone who’s a fan of Dave, Jason, Jack Johnson or Ozzy Osbourne will enjoy this. Even if you’re not and just know the general personalities of any of those musicians you should get a kick out of it.

The Mellow Show with Jack Johnson

Still makes me laugh. Hysterical.

So I’m breathing down the door of 40,000 words and bloody well plan to be at 44-46 by the end of the day today. I plan to hit the 50k mark on the first day we’re allowed to upload the book to claim the certificate, that way the pressure is off and I can just finish the beast knowing, if nothing else, I let myself win this challenge.

In other awesome news…you may have noticed there is a stagnant post at the top of the blog. It is a story on local Nano writers and I was featured in the article. Woo hoo! Matt Reid from the Medford Transcript and Malden Observer contacted me to see if I’d be interested to share some info for the article and it went up this past week on line and into the print copy last Thursday. Not only was it a front page story it was the lead off headline! It is very exciting that locals will get a chance to learn about Nano and I was so happy to be a part of the piece! Thanks Matt!

So that’s about all the news to report in my life.

My character, Sara, on the other hand... Well so far she has had to deal with the break up of one of her friend’s relationships (because she just got signed and is about to go on tour with her band), discuss the possibility that another might be having an affair with a much younger man in London, find out that another friend might be selling his bar and sandwich shop (which is her touchstone location) and she is trying to decide if its appropriate to sleep with a guy on their next date (because she isn’t really sure if its their second or fifth) and that guy is about to reveal the biggest secret that will affect all of them forever.


She is on a month long roller coaster here but I’m so glad to be able to be along for the ride. Luckily I have her to live vicariously through; my own life sometimes seems kind of boring in comparison. Of course that isn’t exactly a bad thing.

See you all again in December!


Bridgete said...

It's good that you kept up with the drum lessons, you definitely need something else separate from the novel. That's why I have choir, I need to not do law school things at least once a week. =)

I can't wait for Thursday! =)

Almost Precious said...

Looks like you're following your game plan, won't be much longer and you'll be out of the tunnel and back in the sunlight. Hey I thought the cast of 3rd Rock were all good but the kid, yeah he was really great. Doubt that they could have found a better actor to play the part.
ps. Oh and the Stone Crab claws were sooo sweet and succulent it would have been worth it even if the trip had been twice as far away.(and why do I get the weirdest word verifications on your it is "fooles" it trying to tell me something? Am I or am I not?)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

You are my hero.

Tabitha Bird said...

Drum lessons? AWESOME!

all the best for shopping that novel when it comes time.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Bridgete yeah that was a priority for me. Do you feel that being in choir does the same thing; lets you escape from all the pressure for a while? Can't wait either :-]

@Anna lmao! What's up with those wv's? I love when that happens though, its like making up my own vocabulary haha.

@Elizabeth you are making me blush, thanks!

@Tabitha thanks so much, its going to be out there in a couple months, quite exhilarating!

Chris Stone said...

It sounds like you're doing great! love that you're keeping up with drumming. *i just bought a PIANO!* okay, its an upright spinnet if you want to be technical. i just hope it can be tuned!

can't wait to see the book!

spottedwolf said...

keep at it jenn ....

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Chris I saw that you posted about it & I intend to catch up on a LOT of blogs over this upcoming weekend, can't wait to read about it. Maybe we can convince Dennis to bring his guitar to this side of the continent & we can all jam together lol

@Dennis doing my best to do just that! Its almost done now, about 4-5k more to go woo hoo!

Almost Precious said...

November is fast approaching its end and soon the flurry of pen and paper and tens of thousands of words will, momentarily, fall silent and there will arise across this great nation an ear splitting "WooHoo !". And we will all know that Jenn has finished her novel.

Ran across a little bit of info, in all places the inside of my box of Lipton tea bags...Lipton is going sustainability, thought about your Green Leaf Reviewer and thought (when you've got the time) you might like to check it out , might make a good blog post...or not ?,22.aspx