Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too Long, Goodbye

And then a funny thing happened,
You were not home anymore.
I had said farewell
A year before that day.
So to see you again,
Clearly, with sunshine
Bouncing off the best parts of you,
Felt, odd, amiss, off.

I could barely bring myself
To slow down and look at you,
All I wanted was to speed past
With my head down.
The part of me that once
Wanted nothing but you
Had already disconnected.
I had moved on,
Unintentionally; still
Most necessarily.

Then nostalgia crept in and
I promised to visit;
Perhaps, move closer.
But as the words formed
I realized they were a lie.
With complete certainty I knew
That I would never see you again.
Not the way you projected;
Never as a fixture,
And you could never be
Just a summer thing.

The churning in my gut
Was enough to make me ill,
But I waited until
I was out of sight,
Distant miles behind me,
Before I allowed it to drain.


Joan said...

Your "Too Long, Goodbye" could mean something different for everyone. You are bringing up memories for me. Interesting.

I had a great week in your area. Your bag was perfect to take along!

Suldog said...

I agree with Joan, It has the ability to take on different shadings depending upon the reader.

(Not to be too silly or egocentric, but I could read it as someone talking to the Red Sox this year while remembering 2004. That's probably spurred by my own post today, thus the 'egocentric' comment, but still - it could.)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

What a smashing title.

Almost Precious said...

Poetry, beauty, art...is all in the eye of the beholder...many things to many people.
Your poem was lovely and very thought provoking.

ps. I'll get back with you on that armor plated dinosaur as grandson Chandler has a fairly busy schedule. =)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Lovely poem. I, too, agree with Joan and Suldog - could mean something different to everyone. Maybe a photo of Humarock with it for the book?? Just a thought.
Love, Mum

Rosebud Collection said...

You ever notice how we "outgrow" things/people?
Life is a funny thing and sometimes not so funny.

Chris Stone said...

very nice.

*I like Suldog's Red Sox connection. which is silly. ;)*

Caren E. Salas said...

I know that feeling when your heart has already shut a person out. It's like "I'm finished", and you just can't go back to the way things were. Great poem!