Saturday, October 31, 2009

Focused Thought Thursdays, for November Anyway

As I’m sure everyone can imagine my thoughts have me pretty well focused on NaNoWriMo tomorrow. Actually midnight tonight but I plan to be attending a party at that hour (or already home and sleeping), the last hurrah of freedom if you will. That is a good escape because there is not much else going on in my brain right now outside of character development and scene and structure outlines.

But I am trying to stay true to the Nano process and not write anything concrete until tomorrow. That has not been a challenge, which I guess is the first hurdle crossed for me.

I usually get so wrapped up in a character I dive in with reckless abandon, not caring if there is anything concrete to back it up. What that usually means for me is I get about 8,000 words out and then abandon the project in search of something fresh and new because I have no idea where this character is going. This time I can actually feel the entire story coming together. Yippie!

So you want a synopsis? OK, here you go…

“Sarah, a freelance sports writer, has no Choos in her closet, but rather, enjoys spending time with the girls at a friend's bar on a Thursday night, drinking a beer instead of a highly overrated cosmo. Her girlfriends are self made and while one is nearing the brink of stardom, another is wildly successful in the ever growing Green industry. Sarah's mom can be a bit abrasive at times and only wants to see her happily settled with a good man, but the great man in all of their lives recently revealed some information that will have the girls opening their eyes to just how short life could be.”

Like I said last week, its Chick-Lit but I am keeping her a lot more real inside the world of fantasy. Everyone always says write what you know. Well I know sports and Green products and beer so it’s a start I suppose. I also know friendships, strong and lasting ones that weather anything. Currently I am learning music (which I think is what I’ll be doing with the “brink of stardom” friend; perhaps a lead singer) and I have had some experience with both comedy and tragedy in this life of mine.

The real test is going to be writing characters that encompass their own unique personalities while embracing a little bit of each other at the same time. I have some inspiration for this book but it is mostly chick-flick romantic comedies. Here is where I stand up and introduce myself so I might as well get it over with…

Hi, my name is Jenn. Although I am a writer I barely ever read.

There, now that the secret is out I can go into more detail as to why. When I put characters down on paper I actually see the scene I am writing in a mind’s eye, visual way. I can feel the table they are sitting at, notice the peeling paint in the corner of the wall, smell the garlic roasting in the kitchen, know how comfortable the main character is in their clothing. Its weird but when I write it is like a movie plays so I figure why fight it, I simply use that medium as my inspiration.

So anyway I need to come up with a whole slew of stuff but hopefully it will just come to me. Ha ha, yeah, hopefully. Pretty much it is all names -- the main character’s (not set on Sarah…maybe Sara is more modern?) including the last name, names of all the supporting cast, name of the band, the bar, the Green products company, the main character’s company. Additionally I need to figure out the moment we enter their lives and at what point I will have her meet a good man (if at all).

The good news is I have some standard Chick-Lit “stereotypical” stuff already -- fantasy jobs for all the characters, an intrusive mom, a bad boy (which I already have a name for strangely enough), the hang out spot, the conflict they will face, the age group, a love interest -- plus I already know that I will not have a gay “BFF” or any of them shopping for $500 shoes as retail therapy. I know it’s a fantasy world but I’m not trying to rewrite Sex and the City here.

Anyway, it all kicks off in the morning, thankfully the Patriots have a bye this week so I will be able to write as inspired. I already have my trusty composition book and about 4 black ink ball point pens ready to go and I intend on bringing that baby with me everywhere but my drum lessons. After all it is a little tough to write holding two sticks and in reality I think I just need to turn it off for at least an hour a week, it will be like really cheap therapy.

So have a really happy Halloween everyone, be safe and don’t eat too much candy unless its Reese cups. Then go and read everyone else who rocks out on Thursday (or there abouts, most of the time).

KC, Ginger, Kate, Bridgete and Bree

PS What’s really cool is that my word count for Nano should be 1667 per day and this is 875 (up to the links). A little over halfway there, and this stream of consciousness came to me in about a half hour; now I just have to channel that into a different character and its go time. Maybe I won’t be up as late at night as I thought.

Thanks for letting me borrow your picture Mom!


Joan said...

Have fun and enjoy!

Chris said...

Good stuff, Jenn, and Happy Halloween!

Almost Precious said...

Wow, looks like you've really got the bones down and the fleshing out should be pretty easy for you.

Enjoy Halloween and don't eat too many Reeses (oh I know, they are sooo good).

Hey my word verification is thyperk so what is Thy perk ? :)


Jenn!..I am a Nervous Nelly.
You are so far ahead of the game plan, than me..who has no idea how to count words. I speak stories all day but, hardly bother to write them down, other than journal entry.

But I have gotten some quick tips:

> Voice-to-Tex: makes us write as fast as we can speak!

> The "Snowflake Method": Author Randy Ingermanson's 10-point system breakdown of how to design a document by managing our creativity.

> The Spreadsheet: as a "Map" vs. Recipe cards.

All my best wishes blowing in your direction. Your success is my success, too.

Suldog said...

NaNuNaNu just isn't for me. I wish you luck with it, of course. I find that putting pressure on myself to write a certain quota of words results in me writing less than usual. Just the contrarian in me, I suppose :-)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

And--you're off! Good luck, (you really MUST start reading girl.)

Chris Stone said...

"thankfully the Patriots have a bye this week so I will be able to write as inspired."

lol. i visited my parents over the bye week!

Rosebud Collection said...

Don't want you to think I forgot about you..CaraRose just had her baby, so there is so much going on I don't know where I am at..Will be back and read everything.
I am pooped.All of us pulled an all nighter..Just remember, hubby and I aren't as young as we use to be and both of us are whipped..All is well and that is the main thing..xoxoRosebud.

TheresaJ said...

I love your passion, and I know it'll be great! Looking forward to reading more...

Suldog said...

Well, best of luck, Jenn!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hi Toots,
Hope it is going well. May "Planning the Day" help you plan your days.
The synopsis sounds great!
Love, Mum

Rosebud Collection said...

You are going to do well with this project. Especially when you enjoy it..That is a sure thing.
Wishing you the best and will keep checking in..xoxoRosebud

spottedwolf said...

All fiction and even biographical works contain reflections of the self Jenn. This you already know...the trick would be to exploit various aspects of your character as main themes for the individuals which make up your story...and in doing sdo you ply your own memories for scenes and dialogues, plots and sub-plots.

Maggie May said...

you go! i'm highly impressed with you for doing this :)

Theresa said...

I know you can do anything you put your mind to. Good Luck!

If you have a second (haha), come on over to my place and pick up your award.