Thursday, September 10, 2009

BTPTh The Countdown Is On

So we have been invited to a Halloween costume party this year and I think we both really want to go. It has been ages since either of us has gotten all costumed up and I have to say its kind of exciting coming up with just the right thing.

The last costume party we went to we dressed up as white trash.

That was an awesome costume; I carried my Bud around in a cozy all night that I put in my overalls front pocket. Matt looked like he had just come from his job at the convenience store. The costumes were perfect and now we have to do something even better but still go as a couple.

Of course it has to be very us and can’t take a lot of prep time to create or find it. All of the individual pieces from this costume we already had in our closet its just that when put together they became quite the trashy ensemble.

The toughest part is conceiving the costume.

In three short days we go on vacation. This is our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard with our friends and there is no way to possibly express how excited I am for this adventure. It is so time to get away for relaxing book reading.

Lists upon lists have been created for items not to forget and things to pack. We will probably even squeeze Rock Band into one of the cars. On top of the stuff to pack I have been front loading like a freak for Green Leaf Reviewer and I only have 2 posts to go to ensure I have one post a day scheduled. Between yesterday & today I wrote one from yesterday through a week from Monday. Whew!

Research is a lengthy process. But I wouldn’t have it any other way; it is way too fun writing every day!

The skunk population in the neighborhood is getting worse, it is just about every night now we either see one, smell one or both. I am starting to wonder if the early summer rain had something to do with it.

Tonight is dinner at Mum’s and that should be nice. Hmmm…I should text her to see what we are having so I will know what kind of wine to pick up.

Because my brain is swimming I am going to leave this a short but sweet post tonight.

Before I forget, here is the rest of the crew of homies. Bree, Bridgete, Ginger & KC. Check em out, they are fun and only bite if you ask nicely.



Enjoy the fun and sun and your dream costume will come. Be well. Do good.

Karen said...

Have fun at Martha's Vineyard! Wish I was there :)

Tabitha Bird said...

Love the white trash costume :)Can't wait to see the next one. You will be posting photos right????

Chris Stone said...

have a great vacation! fun costume pics!

Joan said...

It is always so hard for me to decide on costumes! Have fun on your vacation. Mine is coming up. To Boston! That might sound strange but because I live in CA, Boston is so fun. And I love seeing my daughter!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

My daughters spend months coming up with costume ideas, my youngest is a fashion designer and she sews them. Have a great trip. I've always wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard.

ginger said...

granulated fox, i haven't lost my mind. the skunks are probable ready to go into hibernation soon, but go to your local plant nursery and ask for granulated fox urine. sprinkle it around your perimeter or yard like a fox marking his territory and it will keep the skunks away so long as you repeat about once a week or after it rains. why? because fox is skunk's only natural predator. it tends to keep squirrels away too.

have a lovely vacation! xoxo

Rosebud Collection said...

Hope you had a great time.
I like the way you guys looked..cute.