Monday, August 3, 2009

Rhyme for the Summertime

I am supposed to be getting off my ass and out the door to go and drop off this library book before they close and I end up owing money for the privilege of having had this book for too long even though I could not finish it.

Instead of showering I sit here at the computer furiously typing on keys, misspelling a thousand words that Word automatically fixes for me, with a film on my still un-brushed teeth and I scratch at the seven huge red welts that mosquitoes decided to leave not on an arm but my right ass cheek last Saturday night while I spent my time laughing and enjoying the fire and company instead of paying attention to pesky things like bugs.

(There’s the run on sentence I’ve been looking for! Nice.)

It just doesn’t matter to me that everyone says not to scratch the bites or they could pop. They are itchy and itches should be scratched. Besides, the jiggle in that general vicinity will be a nice camouflage for any scars that might rear their ugly head. For now anyway.

Inspiration to write the book I have had in the works for a while suddenly hit me again this morning like standing on the third rail Inbound and I am taking full advantage of it all day if I can. Owing the dough to Arlington public library would be totally worth it.

G. Love and Special Sauce is playing on iTunes right now so I will recognize a song or two tomorrow night when my mom and I take in the Gratitude Café Tour. I have never seen those guys live but their groovy, lazy funk makes me want to slide; hopefully mum can appreciate the bluesy slop that is this band. Should be an interesting evening; no doubt there. Expect concert calls. Especially those of you I completely neglected last time!

Plus they are keeping me upbeat while I write this somewhat down character. I might have to start on the final third of this book and back fill pretty soon, it is getting tougher to write her without taking some of it in and then it takes me days to shake it off. I wonder if this is how actors feel at the end of a role.

That’s pretty much the reason I’m taking a break to write this too; mental break required. Unfortunately with that comes lots of random purging so I really apologize because this probably shouldn’t get posted until Thursday for the broken thought process madness. But it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to. That’s just how my mind is flowing today; so be it.

We are in pretty good seats for the show tomorrow, stage left, section 1 row N. Who knows where that means we’ll actually be in proximity to the stage this time. After Hershey I will just leave it all up to the fates of concert going fairies and enjoy the grooves no matter where it is.

I wonder if I will have time to put my Gangsta bumper sticker on my car before heading down there tomorrow? For those of you who know the song, do you think that is just too much irony putting a bumper sticker that quotes a song about a bike, onto a car? Hmmm. Have to think on that one.

After I forced myself to hit the road and complete everything (yeah, hi I’m back now), I got this additional burst of physical energy so it was all about aerobics and Pilates when I got home. I turned off the air conditioner so it would get really hot in the living room and it was just the thing I needed. I have already drunk in water the 3 bottles I likely sweat out while working out. The workout is a tough one, very intense, but that quote from Clueless kept me going:

“It will get better, just as long as we do it everyday and not just sporadically.”

So Trader Joe’s had these recoculously huge and delicious looking blueberries the other day in, I think it was, a three pound container. I was thinking some would have to get frozen so they didn’t go bad but yeah, not so much. I am more than half way through them already. They are perfect and oh so yummy! I love summer.

The reason for the party last weekend (and subsequently ensuing bright red bug bites) was my best friend S was throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband B. What an awesome day! He totally knew, but pulled it off for months that he didn’t, and we all had a blast.

His parents and one of his best friends (and his wife) came up from Maryland and his brother and kids came all the way out from San Diego to be there for him. Not to mention the local slew of friends,. Family and co workers who were all happy to share the day.

After the planned event it was time for drinks and ‘smores back at their place in the back yard. Mosquito bites notwithstanding it was just what we all needed.

This weekend wrapped with my nephew T’s 3rd birthday party at my sister in law’s place. Almost as many people, well if you count the insane number of kids who were running around. Highlights of the day included the twins getting in the recycle bin, blowing bubbles after everyone else went home and of course decorating our own cupcakes. Oh yeah, and Uncle Matty’s special margaritas that I think M & I took more advantage of than anyone.

So the week will once again begin to fly as I hopefully get a haircut tomorrow, go to the show and then start Phase II of the painting job in the western part of the state. That will roll on into next weekend too so please don’t mind if I am an absentee blogger or commenter for a while.

Life just has to flow with the go every once in a while.


Bridgete said...

Yay concert call! =)

Tabitha Bird said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)
I always enjoy the inner ramblings of your mind :)) Thanks for the post.

Chris said...

Hey, you don't want to be tempting fate with that library book. You know how those librarians can be. Next thing you know, they'll book you into library prison.

Karen said...

Overdue library book? I didn't know you were such a rebel ;)

ginger said...

i can't wait to concert call you in september!!! i hope (know) you had fun tonight! tricia tweeted that it was the quickest stage to bus exit ever...he wasn't running from you, was he? haha!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Bridgete hope you could hear it!

@Tabitha thanks so much :-)
'Ramblings' is a good way to put it lol

@Chris no library prison for me, I gave in & returned the book

@Karen see I am so not a rebel at all haha!

@Ginger sista I didn't have your number, I looked through my phone and totally cried! Ha I don't think so but who knows lol Probably the 5000 people who were screaming & freaking out. the place was insane!

Almost Precious said...

Guess if you had used an insect repellent it wouldn't have helped much. One never thinks about applying it to their tush ! ,)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Sounds like a great weekend.
Concert (at least the Jason part) was terrific! Those other acts would not get me out of the house by themselves, but they weren't horrible either! ;-)
Love, Mum

Chris Stone said...

That cupcake looks good.... not sure how it would go with a special margarita, but I'd be willing to try!