Friday, August 14, 2009

I Feel Broken, Never Mind My Thoughts

It seems unreal to me that it’s been over a week since my last blog because I was doing so good with that whole posting everyday thing and now I feel like my brain turned to mush.

To say I am a little overwhelmed right now with all the stuff going on would definitely be an understatement. It has been quite a week indeed.

Painting is going fantastic out in Fitchburg. To give a little more of an idea of the scope, the house is roughly 3000 square feet total (both apartments, all 3 floors) plus there are closets, hallways and front porches to apply that nice latex coating to as well. Oh yeah, not to mention that there is window, door, baseboard & crown in every room and all the doors and cabinets are getting painted too.

In fact my dad told me to go ahead and paint Matt if he stands still for too long. You get the idea.

So far ceilings are done in all but 1 space where I have to apply Kilz stain block primer because there is a huge watermark that the Benny Fresh Start is not hiding. Walls are primed everywhere and about ¾ of the walls have finish paint on them. Plus I have primer on all the trim where required (about ½ of it realistically).

Matt has helped me on 2 separate weekends for a total of about 25 hours but otherwise this baby is all me. Nightmare visions of my recoculous 14 hour per day job in Maryland in March of 2008 have come back to smack me in the carpel tunnel.

Thankfully I have 4 days off in a row because my wrist feels like someone yanked on my tendon as if it was an elastic band. And then they let it go. Ouchie.

Of course all this means I have not been keeping up with the awesomeness of the Blogosphere and I truly apologize. Not to say I haven’t read some of everyone’s postings and made comments here and there but the world of written words has not gotten my standard level of attention and I really miss it. I will catch up with all of you eventually.

So on other things…

I started reading a book my Wicked Stepmother lent me a while back. It is called A Marriage Made in Heaven ~or~ Too Tired for an Affair by Erma Bombeck. I might be a little late to the party on this one but I have to say I have never outright laughed out loud so heartily while reading a book ever before. She is so dry and witty and so far I can identify with virtually all of the story she is telling even though she is talking about it happening to her in the 40’s and 50’s. I will finish this book over this coming weekend, no doubt. I have been laughing so hard Matt has said he wants to read it, even though he knows it’s a chic book. But truthfully he should, its freaking great.

Last night we hit the mall so he could get some sneakers since the sole of his current pair is literally falling off. I figured it was a good time to go get my free panty at Victoria’s Secret with the coupon I got in the mail (score) and also to look at bathing suits for our upcoming Vineyard vacation since mine is getting to that place where I’m slightly worried about the same thing happening to the side seam that did to Matt’s shoe. And no one wants to see that.

We end up in JC Penney because I had a small return to make and I grab a whole bunch of clearance items in my size figuring I’ll also try on one size up because I know I’m a teeny little bit bigger than last year.

Yeah. A little bit bigger my literal ass. I went up 3 sizes since last summer. Last summer was the first time since 8th grade that I was in a different size bathing suit. That means in 2 years I went up 4 sizes. Not healthy.

I believe the words ‘holy shit’ came flying out of my mouth with every new piece that so un-gently squeezed me in. Some like to call them curves, I call it back fat and that my friends should never, ever exist on me.

As I sat looking at myself in the mirror I actually started crying that I could have been so evil to my own body to not take care of it for this past year (or 2). Admittedly painting jobs seriously slowed since last year and I started writing a whole lot more (read: sitting on my butt in front of the computer) but freaking seriously what is the issue with just getting up and joining a gym or something?

Well there is no issue anymore. When Matt gets home tonight we both decided it is high time to suck it up and join the gym that is literally 10 blocks from our house. Trying to work out at home is just not cutting it for me because all I do is continue to write instead of getting up and doing it so clearly I need to go somewhere to get healthy. So be it. I have no problem paying to get into shape if it will keep me motivated to do it.

Then we are coming home and eating brown rice and steamed vegetables for dinner. I am tired of feeling like if I went to the beach right now I might have to worry about being harpooned or something, like a poor defenseless white whale.

Of course, I have never seen a beluga whale with cellulite. The blubber is under their skin, lucky bastards.

So I know I won’t be the little hottie I used to be by mid September but I had better be able to at least fit into my bathing suit without back fat. Gee, perhaps this is the reason my old suit doesn’t really fit so well anymore.

As a way to make myself feel at least a little bit better about myself I picked up a tube of Heavenly lotion from Vicky’s while we were at the mall. This used to be my signature scent. I worked there when it was introduced and have never worn anything else since; I just stopped wearing girly smelling things for a long time. It is a soft and light kind of powdery scent, smells great on me and always makes me smile when it hits my nose so since I am heading down the path of being awesome inside and out again this felt like a nice place to start. It is going right into my gym bag so I can be happy after the shower. Yup, that’s right, “cute Jenn” is on her way back because getting rid of the flabbiness is so on.

OK, shake it off…pun intended.

Must do laundry, be right back.

Earlier I was telling someone that I used to be a nanny and then writing this blog about being a painter it occurs to me that I am much like that Sandra Bullock character in Forces of Nature - a little crazy, had about a billion different jobs, no real direction. Everything but the having a kid & cheating on my husband part. Interesting.

So I recently got this PUR Flavor Options pitcher sent to me to review for Green Leaf Reviewer and it is like the coolest thing ever. It has a cartridge you install in the lid so when you tip it to pour you click a button on the handle & it squirts this little flavor shot into the water. Tried lemon & raspberry so far & loving the raspberry. I almost crave it now. Maybe it’s actually just flavored liquid crack. I wonder if they can get away with saying it has no calories or added sugar and then successfully market liquid crack? I’m kind of thinking so.

For all you Dave Matthews Band fans…check out
Then take the pledge to do whatever you can for the environment (scroll down the page & you’ll see the check boxes). After you commit to doing these awesome things they will give you an entire free cd of live music. Two DMB tracks and a few other cool artists like Switchfoot and Yonder Mountain String Band. Can we say hello rockin?

OK on that happy note its time to finish up laundry and hit the road to grocery shop, pick up some packages at FedEx and hit the mall to try to find something that will go with the top I bought last night that will be unoffensive.

Tomorrow I read all of your blogs & chill for the whole day. I can not wait to catch up ♥

And because I'm too lazy to go hunt down links make sure to check the gals over on the blog roll...Ginger, Bridgete, Bree, KC, and sometimes Kate.


Almost Precious said...

Welcome back, missed you here. Sounds like it has been a real drainer of a job, big time ! I've always hated to paint trim work, especially baseboards...hard on the knees and the back.

I seriously think that they are making swimsuits much smaller now than they used to. It's a plot to undermine women's confidence, every year they design swim wear just a tad smaller. Evil fashion industry !

Silvia said...

Hi Jenn, it happened the same also to me, and it happens often from time to time...Being away fro some reason, serious or just being lazy...But it happens:-)
Here we're devastated by hot weather, it's sort of Amazonia, unbelievable...
Crowds everywhere to croed beaches, highways, countryside...The hottest day of the year has the postive side that at least tomorrow summertime, the hot, the sweat will be dipping right away:-)
I wish for Autumn, that's it:-)
Take care Jenn, don't go crazy about the bikini stuff as I'm sure in a short time you'll be as slim as before, without any hurry and you'll keep that figure as long as you want:-)
Brown rice and vegetables make miracles!
Add lemon and curry and you'll have tastier meals and also healthier, as curry purify the body and lemon as well:-)


pastrywitch said...

sorry about the body trauma - right there with you. I get a good look at myself every week at Ai Chi - back fat, underarm roll - I think you're right. Time to actually do something.
Remember to stretch your wrists, and Biorin Arnica Gel & pills work really well.

Tabitha Bird said...

glad you are back. That house sounds HUGE! I am glad it is you painting and not me :)

I understand about looking in the mirror and crying. I have so been there. It takes me a good two years of each baby to look like me again. And in truth you never really look the same hey. :) hugs to you.

Audrey said...

WOW! Where to start! LOL
I will check out the book, I'm trying to get some reading in this summer, but there is so much other stuff to do.
Have fun with the painting!! I'm painting the outside of our shop (30' x 40') Got a break this week between the rain and the heat. Will have to get back at it next week.

Chris Stone said...

sorry to hear you have carpel tunnel acting up! take care of that!

and that is a lot of painting. hope matt didn't get painted.

good luck with the getting in shape. i have an elliptical i picked up from the salvation army that i love. and just 15 minutes on there makes me feel better. but the leg things broke. ah, well!

Suldog said...

Well, good luck on the working out and all. MY WIFE and I have recently come to the conclusion that we have reached the age where, no matter what we do, we won't look like 20-year-olds anymore. So, we aren't worrying about the bit of belly anymore.

Joan said...

Hope you had a restful Saturday.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I am a freak, I LOVE TO PAINT. Maybe you should invest in one of those sprayer machines to circumvent the carpel tunnel, (they scare the heck outa me--too technical and hard to clean), but many people I've hired (I'm a designer) use them and they sure do get the job done.

Erma Bombeck wrote some funny stuff. The only other writer that has made me laugh so hard is David Sedaris. What a gift, to be so funny.

Theresa said...

Wow Jenn, you are one busy gal. Don't feel bad, today, I put up my first post in over two weeks. And I didn't even have "the busy" excuse. I just felt uninspired. Oh well. It happens.

My total support on the losing weight thing. It's tough, but you will do it.

I know the paint job is a lot of work, but I bet the place looks totally fantastic. You should post some pics when you're done with it.

Tabitha Bird said...

I have an award for you today on my blog. Stop by and pick it up :)

Rosebud Collection said...

You are working very hard. I bet that book is funny. Bombeck use to write in the paper and she had a great sense of humor.
Now about the weight issue..I am so angry with myself and yet I can't seem to make a move..Good for you guys, going to the gym.
How did your mom/aunt like the craft show? I heard that it was a good show.
Take care of yourself and don't push it..
Have a good week and weekend.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Looks like you're not the only one who's been missing, I hadn't been here to comment in quite a while either.

Hope Fitchburg is done by now and you are raising your heart rate on all those gym machines!

Hope to see you soon.
Love and kisses,

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Forgot one other thing - when you were in kindergarten, I think, for a Christmas gift you picked out an Erma Bombeck book to give your teacher - "If Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries, How Come I'm Always In The Pits". She loved it!
More hugs, Mum