Thursday, July 30, 2009

Broken Thoughts: A Tasty Thursday Treat

Wow what a week, it is spinning by once again but this time I don’t feel as if it’s out of control at all! I wish every week could be like this -- take Friday “off”, go do a ton of research taking notes and video and photos all weekend, come back Monday and share it all with everyone. Ah yes, to be a travel writer. Perhaps that should be a goal of mine; both are certainly in my top five things to do of all time.

So my friends gave me this amazing little video camera for my birthday called a Flip. It comes in a few different versions with storage capacities ranging from this 30 minute one that I have up to 120 minutes and it comes in a handful of different colors too. I love it!

I made a documentary video while we were in PA by editing down twenty-ish minutes of raw video into a little ten minute film including photos and text transition slides. I am now addicted to making videos. I’ll just try not to talk too much because I hate my voice haha. If you haven’t seen it and want to you can check out the YouTube link, it’s about Centralia.

Finally getting caught up on reading blogs, news and all kinds of other wonderful stuff after being away. Geez, that was only 3 days I can not imagine what it will be like when the week long vacation comes up this fall. Guess the laptop goes with. Maybe.

For some reason all I really wanted to do yesterday was curl up on the couch and watch TV. That is very odd because in general I am not a fan of TV at all, just Lost. Other than watching movies or playing Rock Band, our TV is almost never on especially in the summer.

Ugh, so much laundry. By the year 2000 weren’t we all supposed to be flying around in spaceships and wearing stain free, dirt and odor repellant suits? How come they feel the need to invest so much money into male enhancement drugs and nothing into the Future Suit?

My horoscope gets delivered to me everyday in my email. Most days I read it but never truly absorb it. Today it was so nice I really wanted to share.

Your horoscope for July 30, 2009
This is a good day to spend time with your family, Jenn, as you already love to do. Try to get the chores out of the way as quickly as possible and schedule something fun for this afternoon. Maybe you would enjoy an outing to a park or the cinema. Or perhaps it would be fun to stay in and bake chocolate chip cookies. Whatever you decide, may warmth and love permeate the atmosphere and bring you closer together as you create wonderful memories.”

Aw! Now I really want some chocolate chip cookies.

There is something seriously wrong with me I think. I was just out grocery shopping and it is 86 with about 90% humidity and I’m wearing jeans. Not only that but I’m not sweating or uncomfortable at all. Maybe I was meant to live in Hawaii. Or Miami.

I hope some more thunderstorms roll through tonight, the ones this morning were too short lived.

Current love -- Garden of Eatin’ blue corn tortilla chips. How do you spell delicious? Y.U.M. of course!

Well I have about 3 posts to write for over at the other place, so once again I can relax this weekend, so I had better wrap this up now. I am kind of enjoying this front loading blogs & scheduling to post thing, it frees up so much more time than I would have thought!

OK later peeps.

Speaking of peeps, here's the rest of the crew...Read them all. Do it, seriously.
Ginger, Bridgete, KC, Kate, Bree


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I couldn't watch the video for some reason. It kept stopping. I'll try back again later. Am having many technical difficulties today. The universe may be trying to tell me something...

Theresa said...

What a totally enjoyable post. It was really a fun read. I'm off Youtube now to check out your directorial skills.

Theresa said...

Okay Jenn, now I'm hooked. I watched your Youtube video and I spent about an hour Googling Centralia. I never heard about it before and for some reason find is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for turning me on to that.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Elizabeth yikes, hope its working soon! I just read about your technical difficulties at home, bleh.

@Theresa that's exactly how we were! Its been about 2 years since we both first heard about it and it is simply a fascinating story we couldn't stop researching it, still we want to go back & might actually do so in the fall. Makes me wonder if we had gone 2 years ago what would be different - more buildings standing & people still living there, etc. You guys must have a decent # of ghost towns from the 18 & early 1900's out your way though, no?

ginger said...

oh! oh! have you tried the garden of eatin' red hot blues? OMG!! so good! they have a little kick of spice on them and are fantastic with hummus, salsa or guacamole.

travel writer....ahhh. i could travel on a train and do that. so cool.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

@Ginger its funny, I think you are training this young grasshopper well. I turned the bag over to read the ingredients & thought 'huh, Ginger could so eat these' lol. I will look for those, love spicy they sound yummy!

ginger said...


Joan said...

It was fun riding along with you on your trip!