Friday, July 17, 2009

Broken Thoughts Are Handy on Friday

Another week gone. They fly so fast I have no idea what to even do with myself anymore! Last weekend we painted and this weekend will be all about relaxing over some super yummy meals with family. It should be a nice time all around. On top of that we have both decided it is high time to go sit out in our yard so we are both grabbing a book and will be doing just that.

I’m still reading On the Road, Jack Kerouac. It isn’t a very tough read per se but he is so erratic sometimes it is hard to follow along. Considering I have a similar style of writing you would think I could but strangely I like to have an entire land built for me when I read; a place I can “travel” to in my imagination and I don’t want that place to be too broken or I just can’t get into it. His voice is casual though and he isn’t too pretentious from what I can gauge so far so I will definitely finish the book, it just might mean I read the same paragraph three times before moving on so it might take a while.

I’m kind of feeling like Kerouac today; I’m eating pie and ice cream for lunch.

Last night I made the coolest dinner out of fridge scraps; better known as the random stuff left at the end of the week. I baked some salmon steaks in the oven then placed them on top of a killer salad made from baby spinach & basil leaves, seedless red grapes, walnuts and diced apple. Then I cubed some crusty Italian bread, marinated garlic in butter on the stove top, saturated the bread with the liquid then baked until they were crouton crispy. It was sort of Waldorf-y but I drizzled blue cheese across the top. Matt was impressed. More importantly, we were both full. Here is the plate because I told him he was not allowed to eat it until I took a picture haha.

Then after dinner we headed out for our evening walk and this was at the end of the street just as we walked out the door.


Tonight I read about a cool thing going on in Davis Square in Somerville called Art Beat. Apparently there is going to be all kinds of artistic stuff, a wind powered car parade, food and some other randomness. Hopefully Bridgete is still up for meeting us there but Matt and I are planning to go either way. Should at least be interesting enough for a blog post so stay tuned

Man I am totally dying for a cannoli.

Today S and I did a little over two miles going from East Arlington, to Arlington center and back on the bike trail. Because of where they are it added a little extra on. I’m really tired now and downing lots of water. It seems to be starting to work I think. Well my butt feels tighter even if it doesn’t look that way yet. Guess I’ll keep it up and hope for the best. If nothing else it’s a nice way to get out of the house everyday for both of us. And it means I can eat pie for lunch and not feel too bad about it. Of course it is Chocolate Overkill Pie so it’s actually good for me. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

I’m just not feeling it today. I don’t know what “it” is exactly but I’m feeling very fatigued and I fancy crawling back under the bloody covers, turning the fan on and just napping the rest of the day away.

Clearly I’ve turned into a British person; maybe that’s why, the trip from England to get into my skin over here across the pond was far too long and now I’m exhausted.

Maybe it was watching Sense and Sensibility the other day that has me talking like that. Perhaps it is because “Desmond” is back on the season we’re on of Lost. Or it could be from playing Jethro Tull on Rock Band.

Yeah, that’s it. I’ll sod off now. Safe Friday night to all.

The BTP All Stars



There are times when I just want a movie a day, and blanket; no matter what the weather. Be well & enjoy.

Suldog said...

"I’m eating pie and ice cream for lunch."

My Mom taught me to go ahead and have dessert first anytime I wanted to because who knows when you'll die?

whimsicalpam said...

Pie and Ice Cream for lunch with a side of that's interesting:) Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead - Enjoy:)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I hope you have fun at Art Beat.
Lunch sounds great, (although your mother never said to eat dessert first, at least not while you were growing up!)
Hope you are better very soon! Summer is no time to be ill.
Love and Hugs, Mum

Bridgete said...

I'm totally still going! See you tonight! =)

Karen said...

That's one good looking meal! I love to make my own croutons, too... they're so much better!

ginger said...

yeah, i totally justify my pie eating because of all of the protein in it. it's awesome being vegan! heehee

the salad is very creative and i'll take a vegan version please :)


Rosebud Collection said...

Three of our daughters are coming with the kids. I am going to get out and walk with them. I have been so lazy because of the weather.
Cannoli..Oh dear..that would send me to heaven. Hey, good title for some kind of book.."Death from Cannoli".
Wonderful picture. Your meal looks really tasty. Good job.
Have a fun weekend Jenn..